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Join the Heaven Hollywood Experience Tonight 8:30 PM  The one and only  Adult Film Star Veronica Rodriguez founder and owner of VRod Productions will be live.

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Exclusive! Beyonce New Booty Poppin Video

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.35.48 PM


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.40.11 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.42.06 PM

Beyoncé again without warning drops a video to one of her new songs 7-11. This is a video equipped with Booty popping, red cup sipping, gyrating girl on girl action.. I wonder if we will hear the “Beyoncé  you’re a mother  why are you doing this?” Probably not because the world  is filled with hypocritical haters  that only seem to find nothing wrong with someone showing featuring their ass if it is ” there fave”   Continue reading

What!!! K-Michelle and That Big Booty Putting Hits out on Folks?


As we all know by now. I am in love with K-Michelle’s ass. THat is one of the most fabulous pieces of Ass I have seen in a long time but what is this K Michelle  fighting over a nigga? This can’t be true


MY WORD:  That ass is the phattest right in the game  by now, This story? I don’t even care if it’s true  give me some more of that Black Ass



Exclusive: Kim& Amber went at it!!!


As Everyone Knows Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian do not like each other. It was Amber who told everyone back when her and Kanye were just splitting up that ” they split up because Kim slept with her man and she is a home wrecker”  Nobody wanted to believe Amber. The Betrayal prompt Amber to go the ESPY’s with Kim’s ex Reggie Bush. What you don’t know is that Kim and Amber squared off  before. Did you know that? Continue reading

Shocker Beyonce Has Some Of The Biggest Boobs in Hollywood?


Wow! When you think of Beyonce you think of Booty. Remember she is the original Bootylicious  so when I got the drop on this I was somewhat Shocked. I got a list of the Biggest breast in Hollywood and found MRS Carter on it. So How big are those Knockers? Click Here

Iggy and J-Lo Drop Teaser for New song “Booty”



Talk about a double treat  My God Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea has teamed up in attempt to drop the new anthem for all the big booty lovers men and female. After watching  Nicki Minaj  having the whole world talking about her Anaconda video, Iggy and J-Lo attempt to double your pleasure with this sexy and suggestive video  Click Here


Today's most popular female rapper: Australian newcomer Iggy ups the ante with her equally curvaceous figure on display, as she playfully touches her collaborator, while they give sultry stares into the camera

Check it out: Iggy looks impressed as she bends down to point out Jennifer's derriere

Why Kim Kardashian is The Hottest Woman In The World Right Now

Every time Amber Rose drops an amazing Twerk Video,or Rihanna puts on a bikini and tweets a pic of her on vacation, or Beyonce walks the red carpet looking stunning we tend to forget, that the hottest female in the game right now  when you combine looks, sex appeal and Body  is still Kim Kardashian

Click Here for Proof


MY WORD:  That Proves it

H.H Hot Box Of Rocks Of The Day Draya Michele

The Heaven Hollywood Hot Box Of Rocks for the day is none other than Basketball Wives La star and Model Draya Michele. When I first laid eyes on her 4 years ago  I knew this girl was special. First time I saw her  was when she was dating Chris Brown and then I saw her in a Black Men’s Magazine photo shoot and I was flabbergasted.

Today she is currently dating Orlando Scandrick of The Dallas Cowboys and is without a doubt the most popular cast member of B.B.W.L.A ..  So the Hot Box Of Rocks for Wednesday   is Ms Draya


What Makes her Hot Box Of Rocks Material?

Face (rating 1-10)  10  Exotic look, beautiful skin and that perfectly placed pointy nose

Attitude    I love her take no shit  type of personality  A person who owns up to what she is   and what people perceive her to be.. Her feisty persona  is extremely sexy  

Her status:  Right now  no matter where she is  on social media, on tv , in the clubs  her name and presence  rings bells

Follow her @drayaface