More Patriots Cheating!!! Time Keeper Should be Investigated

The NFL found that 11 of the 12 Footballs used in Last week’s Patriots win over the Indianapolis Colts   were deflated by 2 lbs each, Meaning that the Patriots once again were cheating.  Now take a look at this  and keep your eye  on the Play clock    



Bottom line is  until  the NFL starts forcing the Patriots to forfeit these games in which some foul play is found? Nothing is going to  happen to them.  This is a joke

Ray Rice Pulling A Jamie Foxx?




Former Baltimore Raven  Ray Rice is in the middle of the biggest fight  in his life. AS By now you know that Rice has been released from the Ravens once a videotape circulated of him hitting his wife with a left hook in an elevator in  an Atlantic city casino. Well Now we find out Rice didn’t act alone and is playing the blame game Continue reading

NFL- WE never saw the video until now we swear




Roger Goodell and the fine people over at the NFl swear that thy have never seen the video of Ray Rice punching his Then Fiance with a left hook and knocking her cold. TMZ  released the full video footage  of Rice Slugging his wife inside the Elevator. Continue reading

Hot Off The Blok Ray Rice Full Video surfaces VIA TMZ


Warning  May not be suitable for Children and May be offensive to others

In case we did not know what happen (sarcasm) The full Video of what happen inside the elevator between Ray Rice and his then Fiance and now Wife Janay Palmer here is the full video and believe me Continue reading

Heaven Hollywood Says Porn Star Christy Mack Is Lying about Assault

Dollhouse Radio  Shock Jock  Heaven ” Hollywood” Clark     shares his opinion about Porn star Christie Mack  who got beat to near death by her MMA boyfriend War Machine  . Listen to what Heaven says  and tell me your thoughts. He feels as though there are  a lot of Holes in her story



MY BLOG: Very Good point from Heaven

Breaking News: What!!! Which couple has announced their Break-up

draya and orlando break up 1


I mean did you really think it would last this long?  I am actually shocked that they made it this far. athletes and Reality tv stars just don’t seem to mix.  It was asked 2 months ago when the rumors started  about Draya being sick of her Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick’s cheating ways. Well Draya has now confirmed what we already knew 2 months ago

Necole Bitchie


Michael Strahan Dumped By Nicole Murphy On The Day of His H.O.F induction




One of Hollywood’s favorite couples have split up. Nicole Murphy called off her 5 year engagement to Michael Strahan  and the news broke right before Michael was to get inducted into the Football Hall Of Fame.  Allegedly the 2 had broken off their engagement months ago but “was not going to announce it just yet” says friends of the former couple, however the new hit the internet world and spread to Michael right before the ceremony  TMZ



MY WORD: Wow I have heard stories about Mike being very controlling and putting tracking devices in Nicole’s cars but I did not see this coming.  I wish Michael the best and to Nicole? If you are looking for someone? I am available 

Stephen A Smith Forced To Apologize to Whites but Not Blacks

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.08.48 PM


I have went on record in the past in saying that I do enjoy watching and listening to Stephen A. Smith, Most of the time. However,there are a lot of times when I really can’t stomach  the man.  We love the rants  we love the Big words that sound like they are made up on the spot but we hate the rude hanging up on callers, telling them not to listen if they don’t like it and the often times he demonstrates what to a lot of black males come across as self hate. 

Continue reading

The Espy’s Who Killed The Red Carpet

ESPY Awards Red Carpet


The 2014 Espy awards took place last night in Los Angeles  and  of course there was beauty everywhere.. Stars such as Cameron Diaz,Jessica Alba and sexy Tennis star Maria Sharapova were stand outs on the carpet. Who else looked amazing and who bombed out? Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Still Sick Over Miss Jackson

Floyd Mayweather Bad Medina Miss Jackson


Floyd may have that Ray-J syndrome. You get rid of somebody, even when they beg  for you to take them back  you try to play fly and keep saying no  until finally they  say ” OK Forget it. I am too fine  to be single I won’t be single  for long then they start to have a change of heart  when they see you with the next man Continue reading