The ‘White O.J Simpson” Arrested On Assault Charges

George Zimmerman accused of throwing wine bottle at girlfriend

When the world watched O.J Simpson get acquitted of double murder charges in 1995 it divided the world once again into Black VS White. The Blacks happy because OJ had gotten off ,and The Whites upset and saying ” that N….a Got off.”  When George Zimmerman was found not guilty for Murdering Trayvon Martin once again the world was divided.     In Many people’s opinion both Zimmerman and Simpson  got away with murder, and once you “get away with murder” you are supposed to do one thing ,Lay Low!.  O.J did at first moving himself and his 2 children to Kendall Florida and pretty much staying out of trouble. Aside from a few stupid statements and comments O.J stayed out of the limelight  for 13 years until 2008 when he was found guilty on Ten counts of robbery and was sentenced  to 33 years in prison. Many feel as though this would have happened earlier if Simpson would have given any state a reason to arrest him because it was not only the LAPD who screwed up the Simpson case but it was America, The same goes for George Zimmerman. Continue reading

NFL- WE never saw the video until now we swear




Roger Goodell and the fine people over at the NFl swear that thy have never seen the video of Ray Rice punching his Then Fiance with a left hook and knocking her cold. TMZ  released the full video footage  of Rice Slugging his wife inside the Elevator. Continue reading

Hot Off The Blok Ray Rice Full Video surfaces VIA TMZ


Warning  May not be suitable for Children and May be offensive to others

In case we did not know what happen (sarcasm) The full Video of what happen inside the elevator between Ray Rice and his then Fiance and now Wife Janay Palmer here is the full video and believe me Continue reading

Heaven Hollywood Says Porn Star Christy Mack Is Lying about Assault

Dollhouse Radio  Shock Jock  Heaven ” Hollywood” Clark     shares his opinion about Porn star Christie Mack  who got beat to near death by her MMA boyfriend War Machine  . Listen to what Heaven says  and tell me your thoughts. He feels as though there are  a lot of Holes in her story



MY BLOG: Very Good point from Heaven

Lindsay Lohan assaulted in Hotel Room then charges dropped by police

Actress Lindsay Lohan. Photo by Rafael Amado D...



Seems like every week Lindsay Lohan is in the news for all the wrong reasons. I have went on record and reported that a psychic predicted that Lindsay Lohan would be the next big celebrity found dead and she would be found dead in New York, well this is where all these things are happening.. If you Remember Lindsay last week got rushed to the hospital because of a lung infection (huh?) that sounds really serious and of course it has been all the run ins with the law lately,being accused of  theft,hit and runs and still and all Lindsay finds herself out of jail and able to pretty much go and come as she pleases. Now this….

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Ok so you figure after the police sees this and sees that the person she was with has a record and history of run ins with celebrities  you would think they would arrest this guy and press charges after Lindsay says the Guy choked her right? check out what happen

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Lindsay I am trying to warn you  SLOW DOWN!! You are going down the wrong path in life  and if you do not stop  you will be following in the footsteps  of Amy Whinehouse,Anna Nicole Smith  Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson

Chad Johnson officially charged with Battery SMH


Ocho Cinco’s life continues to crumble more and more every day.. He  was officially charged with Misdemeanor battery for head butting his wife Evelyn Lozada during an argument last month.If convicted Chad faces up to a year in Jail


Certainly is sad to see someone who just 5 years ago was on his way to the Hall Of Fame  let it all slip away because of some woman..



Mama Said Knock you Out: LLCoolJ knocks out burglar trying to rob house


This is how the (what them young bwoys call us?) Old heads?  this is how the old heads do it.. LLCoolJ was chillin chillin minding his business(Pepa Voice) when some Intruder decides that he wants to break into LL’s home while he and his family are home.. Well needless to say I bet this idiot never tries this again. LL went down stairs caught the intruder broke his jaw,broke his jaw   and gave him a few more bruises, LL then detained the intruder until the Police came.  LMAO that’s how we do it  Queens N***A

I am still concerned that all of these celebrities are getting intruders  people breaking in  where are these famous people’s security? 2 months ago Usher had some strange woman on his premises people are getting stalkers showing up to their door   I mean Jesus Christ But I am glad LLCoolJ  protected his family like a real man does


Justin Bieber may have to do jail time?

The Word According 2 Heaven Hollywood.

Here we go again with Justin B getting involved with something having to do with the law, sooner or later Justin this sudden Bad boy image your trying to take on  is going to wind you up in jail     click the link for story

Chris Brown will not be attending the Grammy’s



The rumor about Chris Brown trying to get his restraining lifted in order to be able to attend the Grammy awards and be in the same building with Rihanna is false. This according to a C Brown rep.

As part of the Rihanna assault case, Brown’s attorney asked the judge yesterday to reduce the “stay away” order against him to a “do not annoy” order. Doing so would have removed the part about Brown having to stay 50 yards away from RiRi.

Ultimately, while the judge again praised Brown for his progress, the ruling was put off until a later date because an attorney for Rihanna could not be reached.

As for the idea that this hearing has anything to do with Brown going to the Grammys … Tammy Brook, a rep for Brown, tells TMZ, “This court date and the lifting of the restraining order is part of the planned ongoing legal proceedings. The date was scheduled months ago. Chris Brown is very thankful for his Grammy nominations, but due to scheduling conflicts, he will not be attending the Grammys.”