Stephen A Smith Forced To Apologize to Whites but Not Blacks

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I have went on record in the past in saying that I do enjoy watching and listening to Stephen A. Smith, Most of the time. However,there are a lot of times when I really can’t stomach  the man.  We love the rants  we love the Big words that sound like they are made up on the spot but we hate the rude hanging up on callers, telling them not to listen if they don’t like it and the often times he demonstrates what to a lot of black males come across as self hate. 

Recently Stephen made some comments defending Mark Cuban about 2 months ago when Cuban admitted that he would cross the street if he saw a black man with a hoody  walking towards him.. A lot of African-Americans took offense and let Stephen A know about it , they let ESPN know that they  can’t allow this type of  commentary  on air  yet and still Stephen never once how to apologize .. Now Stephen A has finally bit off a little more than he can chew. He has made white folk mad  with him  and we all know that is a No- No.. S.A.S recently made comments on the Ray Rice situation (The football player seen on surveillance dragging his now wife then fiance out of an elevator after he had reportedly knocked her out cold during a domestic dispute)  Stephen A Smith seemed to come across to  the listeners as if he was blaming women for “provoking men” into hitting them  .  To make a long story short Stephen  in the words of Dr Boyce Watkins ” got his testicles removed on national tv.  To read article Click Here



MY WORD: Everything was all good until Michelle Beadle  disagreed with S.A.S and let him know she was offended at his comments.




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