Chris Brown Instagram Stalking Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown does not seem to be ready to forget about  his ex girlfriend Karrueche just yet.  Marques Houston who is in a new movie with Karrueche commented on her nice firm booty on Instagram  and  chris Brown showed and and let Marques know  he was there

My WORD: Maybe if Chris showed this much attention to Karrueche when he had her  maybe he would still have her

Did Karrueche Tran Tweet About Chris Brown’s Baby Momma weeks ago?

So crazy what tweets and instagram post you remember  when your  trying to put the Tea Pieces together.

Did Karrueche try to find out about Chris Brown’s alleged baby momma  before  it even  got out?

Check out this Tweet that Karrueche allegedly tweeted then quickly deleted

Image:  Image #2

That was tweeted on February 27th  and immediately deleted 


If this is true   it’s sad  what this woman went through  with  this dude


Karrueche asked about Chris Brown’s Baby Momma

Karrueche usually doesn’t speak to the media especially about her life with Chris Brown but I guess since it’s already out there  she figured ‘ What The Hell’. Karrueche gets stopped by TMZ and they ask her  what will she do if she bumps into her 


MY WORD  I love Kae’s responses she shut that reporter up  bu simply not giving him anything  to lie about or report 

The Husband Of Chris Brown’s Alleged Baby’s Mother Speaks


This is Terry the Husband of Chris Brown’s alleged Baby Mama Nia Amey.He has reportedly filed for divorce upon finding out that his wife had an affair with Chris Brown. Turns out Terry had believed that he was the father of 9 month old Royalty before learning via paternity test that the child was Chris Brown’s. Nia and Terry have been married 11 years     click here


MY WORD: These hoes ain’t Loyal  Chris was right about that, even to the most loyal man

Chris Brown Finally Responds To New Baby Rumors


as per Bossip

Since TMZ broke the story a few days ago about  a model name NIA who ironically knows Karrueche being the mother of a 9 month old baby who she says belongs to Chris Brown  everyone has commented or threw in  their 2 cents even Karrueche, everyone except Breezy himself. Until now.   Check out Chris Brown’s response to all the fans who want him to speak out


MY WORD:   Welp! fans you see what Chris feels about y’all   mind your damn business   

Now below check out who else Chris Blocked from Twitter

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Chris Brown Disses Drake Calls Him Corny Says Him and Rihanna Do Not Speak

Chris Brown paid a visit to The Breakfast Club and although he did not want to mention Drake he ended up doing it anyway. The Breakfast Club especially Charlamange  love starting drama, that is what  they are best at so they wanted Chris to say something and he eventually did.

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SEXclusive Porn Star/Escort Puts Chris Brown Penis On Blast


I have been watching this timeline since last night. Kagney Linn Karter is claiming that Chris Brown was a client of hers and he became controlling and tried to bully on  the internet. To prove it  she has allegedly put a picture of a penis  on her timeline that she says belongs to Chris Brown

She is going off on Chris Brown too   check out her timeline @kagneytweets

Amber Rose Doesn’t Care If Karrueche Tran’s Mad At Her Over Chris Brown

Amber is basically letting Karrueche know. She does what she wants for whatever reasons she wants to and she is not going to feel sorry about doing what makes her happy

Hollywood Life

Fans went crazy after seeing Amber Rose grind on Chris Brown, but has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Amber doesn’t care what anyone thinks about their relationship — including Karrueche Tran!

Chris Brown, 25, and Amber Rose, 31, have a pretty steamy connection, and Amber doesn’t seem to care how Karrueche Tran feels about it! In Amber’s eyes, she “isn’t doing anything wrong” and she believes that “Karrueche could do more to help Chris”. Get the details below.

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The Saga Continues Chris Brown Apologizes to Karrueche

Chris, you sure are contributing to the ” light-skinned” stereotype. The emotional roller coaster that we know as Chris Brown aka c-Breezy  continues. Saturday night Chris Brown took to Instagram to pretty much confirm that him and his longtime on again off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran had split. Chris then made accusations that the split was over Drake  click here if you don’t remember

Well now Chris  has apologized  to Kae. As you can see from the above post..   Do you think Chris means this apology? Will they get back together?


MY WORD:  Chris   let me find out that Karrueche done  put it on you  homie


Rihanna Navy Shuts Down Karrueche’s Instagram

What Rihanna navy have to do with this Chris Brown/Karrueche beef ? Well for whatever reason they always seem to feel like  they  need to have something to do with Karrueche and Chris. Allegedly members of Rihanna navy reported Karrueche’s instagram as an imposter(because that is the only other way to get a page shut down  if the person isn’t posting inappropriate pics) .  Karrueche quickly took to social media Continue reading