Ray Rice Pulling A Jamie Foxx?




Former Baltimore Raven  Ray Rice is in the middle of the biggest fight  in his life. AS By now you know that Rice has been released from the Ravens once a videotape circulated of him hitting his wife with a left hook in an elevator in  an Atlantic city casino. Well Now we find out Rice didn’t act alone and is playing the blame game Continue reading

NFL- WE never saw the video until now we swear




Roger Goodell and the fine people over at the NFl swear that thy have never seen the video of Ray Rice punching his Then Fiance with a left hook and knocking her cold. TMZ  released the full video footage  of Rice Slugging his wife inside the Elevator. Continue reading

Hot Off The Blok Ray Rice Full Video surfaces VIA TMZ


Warning  May not be suitable for Children and May be offensive to others

In case we did not know what happen (sarcasm) The full Video of what happen inside the elevator between Ray Rice and his then Fiance and now Wife Janay Palmer here is the full video and believe me Continue reading

Exclusive !!Bieber’s Mystery Girl also Has Arrest record



Well by now we know that the female who was the passenger of Justin Bieber when he got arrested is a twitter model name Chantel Jeffries. Well according to www.blacksportsonline.com she also has a rap sheet. She use to date Philadelphia Eagles Wr DeSean Jackson and here is what else she use to do

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MY WORD: Birds of a feather  flock together I guess   smh


Breaking News: NFL Player Led from his house in Handcuffs UPDATED Charged with Murder

After Days of waiting,speculating and expecting  New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez  has been arrested at his home in Massachusetts. This comes just one day after his lawyer Michael K. Fee slammed the media for their  relentless reporting of a false rumor of an arrest warrant issued against the 23- year old when only search warrants were filed in court. It has not yet been revealed exactly what Hernandez is being charged for.  A lot of people are up and arms about the “Aggressive” nature of the police in not letting Hernandez ” turn himself in”  but “grandstanding” in front  several media cameras and neighbors       DEVELOPING
UPDATED 3pm  Aaron Hernandez now former Tight End of the New England Patriots has been charged with the  murder of the 27- year old former Semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd


MY WORD: What is it with NFL Players and violence? Hernandez is the 29th football player who has been arrested for one reason or the other .. Hernandez was resleased by the Patriots earlier today
elentless” reporting of a false rumor of an arrest warrant issued against the 23-year-old, when only search warrants were filed with the courts. – See more at: http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2013/06/aaron_hernandez_attorney_slams_media_on_false_arrest_claim#sthash.adkGnJH0.dpuf
elentless” reporting of a false rumor of an arrest warrant issued against the 23-year-old, when only search warrants were filed with the courts. – See more at: http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2013/06/aaron_hernandez_attorney_slams_media_on_false_arrest_claim#sthash.adkGnJH0.dpuf

Chad skips court to be with Brick house mistress


Well if you’re gonna skip court let it be a reason like this. I guess Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson has decided to let Evelyn Lozada go.. He skipped divorce court so that he can be with some mistress that sources say he has been seeing for months even while he was married to Evelyn


Via Radaronline reports:

As previously reported, Johnson was spotted in Miami last week wearing a shirt reading “I just want to love you,” a message to his estranged wife, and when that didn’t work, Johnson went so far as to tattoo her face onto his calf.

But it appears that all of his grand romantic gestures were for nothing, and on Thursday Johnson finally threw in the matrimonial towel and officially filed his divorce papers.

So, what changed his mind? Perhaps a passionate sleepover with his mistress!

According to an eyewitness, a red Volkswagen complete with a Miami sticker on it was parked overnight outside the home Johnson shared with Lozada, who has still to remove her clothes and belongings from the property.

The car belongs to Bianca Zuluaga, the woman Radar exclusively reported to be Johnson’s mistress, and is registered in Zuluaga’s mother’s name.

According to Johnson’s own Twitter page, he was due in court Thursday morning, but as it turns out, decided not to show up, choosing instead to spend the morning with Zuluaga first at his home, then headed out for some breakfast at Johnson’s beloved IHOP.

Zuluaga, who refers to Johnson as “Chocolate” confirmed this on her own twitter page, first tweeting “You know you’re a chocolate addict when you ate some last night, and eat some as soon as you wake up in the morning.”

Then later, tweeting “iHop with my lover… yummm fattening.”

People close to Chad say they don’t even recognize this dude anymore. One female close to the Johnson family said ” Chad was always a family guy Mommas boy, real close to his mother and always cared about what his mom thought. Chad used to eat sleep and breathe football  but he stopped caring  to give it up for the life of women and reality tv”


I predict Chad Johnson will be broke by 2013

Dolphins Release Chad Johnson , Marvin Lewis to call Rex Ryan about signing Chad to Jets?


The Miami Dolphins officially released Chad Johnson today, The Dolphins simply could not have this lingering over their heads all year and have this as a distraction… The next question will probably be is Chad Johnson done in the game of football? Don’t be so sure .. A few whispers around the locker room the other day  was that when Chad Johnson was available Rex Ryan was on the verge of making a play for him when  it came out that he  had signed with the Dolphins.. Chad Johnson is one of Marvin Lewis  favorite people  and I believe he will  Put  a call in to Rex Ryan head coach of the New York Jets  and ask him to please sign Chad Johnson and give him another chance”….

Chad Johnson Mug Shot released and likely served with Restraining order



Just when you thought Chad Johnson had matured and had made football his top Priority again  he gets himself mixed up in this mess. Ok we will dissect this. Chad Johnson will more than likely be served with a restraining order unless these charges are dropped real quick.. Chad’s career could also be in trouble because if he indeed assaulted Evelyn  I am pretty sure VH1 will not want to deal with  all the  negative attention  he is bringing them (or maybe they like it) Also if this is true that he hit her?  I am expecting the Dolphins to  release Chad

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Terrell Owens Celebrates B’Day 37.

Terrell Owens celebrated his 37th birthday at the 81 Cares Charity Bowl bash, his annual event to feed and gift 81 families in need for Christmas, the other day in Newport, Ky. Owens’ buddy and equally vocal Cincinnati Bengals teammate Chad Ochocinco threw jabs at the birthday boy, wishing him a “happy 50th birthday, TO. Because you are a lifer, you are never leaving the NFL.”

-“The bklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.