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4 thoughts on “Contact US

  1. u need to talk about how Kenya miss usa on atlanta housewive asked her man on the show to play her boyfriend these shows r some cut !

  2. I like ur style HH. I am a regular on HSK, and I found you as a result of ur beef with JJ. What I cannot fathom is why you don’t have a bigger name along with the attendant traffic. I will be keeping up with you, and I may begin to send more folk your way. I’m not dirty dealing my man Jacky, but I think there is enough space for some honest genuine competition, yes?

    • Thanks for reaching out its much appreciated. I don’t have a bigger name in the media blogging business because I really don’t have the tine to make it my number one priority I am a writer for abc /espn I just happen to know a lot of ppl I’n the industry from parties porn events and interviewing I can find out these stories easy cause I’m friends with all the major publicist but I am also not a ass kisser I do drama I just do dirty. Of course competition is good. Thanks for reaching out

    • Def send more this way blog about to get good I also write for

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