Exclusive: Kimbella and Juelz Santana on the Rocks?

Kimbella and her long time boyfriend and father  of her children   have pretty much been able to fly under the radar, they are actually one of our favorite couples over here at HH.Me  because you always see them together with their kids and they always seem pretty happy. However Word on the blok is that relationship is very close to ending and tonight  it all  got put on front street. K97.5 caught screen shots of the twitter spat between the longtime lovers and then Kimbella took to her Instagram  to keep the fight going. Juelz actually deleted his tweets. Check it out

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Here is what Kimbella put on Instagram

Rihanna Navy Shuts Down Karrueche’s Instagram

What Rihanna navy have to do with this Chris Brown/Karrueche beef ? Well for whatever reason they always seem to feel like ¬†they ¬†need to have something to do with Karrueche and Chris.¬†Allegedly members of Rihanna navy reported Karrueche’s instagram as an imposter(because that is the only other way to get a page shut down ¬†if the person isn’t posting¬†inappropriate¬†pics)¬†. ¬†Karrueche quickly took to social media Continue reading

Chris Brown and Karrueche Break Up over Drake?

Did Drake steal another one of Chris Brown’s Boo Thangs?

If you recall ¬†2 years ago Drake and Chris Brown got into an altercation in ¬†a NY nightclub allegedly over Chris’ ex-girlfriend¬†¬†Rihanna who was seeing both guys at the ¬†time.


Since then the fellas have went on to put things behind them ¬†but now they may be at each others ¬†throat again. Chris reportedly split from his on again off again ¬†boo and we are now finding out that Drake may have been ¬†creeping with ¬†Chris’s Girl. ¬†Chris and Karrueche were both ¬†on their social media sites going back and forth ¬†and look what Chris said¬†

Karrueche then said


wow Drake ¬† is truly the new ” Mr Steal Your girl”

Did Lisa Bonet Come For Bill Cosby On Social Media?


Everyone was sitting around waiting to see ¬†if one of the Cosby Kids would come forth with a statement ¬†especially ¬†Lisa Bonet. Bonet was criticized and fired by Cosby in the late 80’s for her role in the film Angel Heart.

An¬†Alleged¬†tweet that came from Lisa Bonet’s Twitter account @lilakoi_moon ¬† seem to be speaking on Cosby¬†

Of course Lisa’s Spin Doctors have since came forth and said that ” Lisa did not tweet about Bill Cosby she has no Twitter account”



MY WORD: I know for a fact that Lisa Bonet in fact did have a twitter account and that was it. ¬†That Twitter account was very active but not every day. She would come touch base with her fans ¬†and followers and talk about these new projects she is involved in . Now If This was a fake account ¬†wouldn’t this person would have mentioned Bill Cosby all together ¬†by name? ¬† This account has now been suspended. ¬†This was in fact Lisa Bonet however I’m sure her publicist has¬†advised¬†her to not¬†make statements about it in public ¬†that is why she is pulling the old ¬†” I was hacked trick”

@50cent is at it again Promotes New Vodka By Dissing Diddy’s Ciroc

50’s at it again. Hip Hop’s only remaining Bully is back up to his old tricks.50’s latest venture is Effen Vodka and he waste no time ¬†throwing Jab at the #1 Vodka on the market ¬†right now ¬†Ciroc and his ¬†rival P Diddy. ¬† Now in the past we have seen 50 cent constantly mentioning and insulting Diddy. Check out ¬†the Bully of Hip Hop’s Instagram Diss



MY WORD: ¬† This is just 50 being 50. If I was fif I would think about trying another¬†strategy¬†because ever since he bullied Ja’rule¬†pretty much out of a career ( even though Ja was probably ¬†a more talented rapper) that¬†strategy has not worked to well for him in the past few years¬†

Amber Rose Says “I Am Not Seeing Nick Cannon, Wiz Cheated” I believe her


You know How I feel about Amber, I worship the ground she walks on, So to me? I knew it could not be her fault. LoL Yesterday news broke that Amber Rose filed for divorce from Husband Wiz Khalifa ¬†and the speculation began. Most people pointed to ¬†newly single Nick Cannon, Amber’s Now manager who recently got Amber her own Tv Deal.¬†
Continue reading

Twitter Beef Lil Kim & K Michelle beef over Nicki Minaj

K Michelle and Lil Kim


K Michelle and Lil Kim exchanged some twitter words  last night  after Lil Kim fans  took offense to K Michelle saying Nicki Minaj was the queen of  rap. K Michelle tweeted this  after Nicki Minaj  performed her song Anaconda


Queen B did not take to that very well. Check out the entire exchange Necole Bitchie Got the entire tweet exchange Continue reading

What R&B Star is shutting down Gay Rumors


R&B Superstar Ne-Yo  has been faced with suspicions of being gay  from Social Media and Blogs around the world. Recently  his alleged new boo Crystal Renay tweeted some statements from her instagram account  well turns out  Ne-Yo is now denying the authenticity of the tweets Continue reading

Rihanna Vs TLC? The Females involved in Twitter War of tweets


(L-R) T-Boz and Chilli from TLC slam Rihanna for her revealing outfits. Rihanna posted this photo of herself in response. (Photos courtesy of Getty Images/Twitter)

Of course the 2014 way of having an altercation ¬†is Twitter,IG or Facebook. Recently during A interview with Chanel Magazine¬†Click here if You missed It¬† ¬† ¬†Legendary Group TLC took a little shot at Pop’s reigning queen.


‚ÄúWe became the biggest selling girl group of all time with our clothes on, and that says a lot.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúWe could go around too with booby cakes [breasts] out all day long.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs hard for us to say anything, because any time we do, they say, ‚ÄėOh, TLC must be jealous,‚Äô but I call a spade a spade.‚ÄĚ


This was presumed to be in response to Rihanna’s jaw dropping Dress that she wore to the CFDA fashion awards

You think  Ri Ri responded? LMAO now come on! You know how Rihanna gets down Continue reading