NFL- WE never saw the video until now we swear




Roger Goodell and the fine people over at the NFl swear that thy have never seen the video of Ray Rice punching his Then Fiance with a left hook and knocking her cold. TMZ  released the full video footage  of Rice Slugging his wife inside the Elevator. Continue reading

Hot Off The Blok Ray Rice Full Video surfaces VIA TMZ


Warning  May not be suitable for Children and May be offensive to others

In case we did not know what happen (sarcasm) The full Video of what happen inside the elevator between Ray Rice and his then Fiance and now Wife Janay Palmer here is the full video and believe me Continue reading

Iggy and J-Lo Drop Teaser for New song “Booty”



Talk about a double treat  My God Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea has teamed up in attempt to drop the new anthem for all the big booty lovers men and female. After watching  Nicki Minaj  having the whole world talking about her Anaconda video, Iggy and J-Lo attempt to double your pleasure with this sexy and suggestive video  Click Here


Today's most popular female rapper: Australian newcomer Iggy ups the ante with her equally curvaceous figure on display, as she playfully touches her collaborator, while they give sultry stares into the camera

Check it out: Iggy looks impressed as she bends down to point out Jennifer's derriere

H.H Exclusive RIhanna Confirms what her next video is while in NYC


rihanna (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)


Shout out to my boy 247 Paps who is always there when I need him  when I want those Rihanna Exclusives. Recently Rih Rih was back in NYC for her Concert at Barclays and she let the cameras know what the Next video was

Video of the Day; Rihanna ‘Stay’

She can  do no wrong right now as far as im concerned   I swear Rihanna could fart on a record right now and it woudl sound good

Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video
Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video 1
Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video 5
Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video 3
Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video 2



New Rihanna Video Diamonds



The highly anticipated video for the new single off Rihanna’s forthcoming CD Unapologetic  has been released. The reigning queen of Pop looks amazing in this new video that features beautiful sexy visuals and of course  a few  things that i’m sure a lot of people will view as symbolism.  what do you think of the latest video of the Pop Diva’s?

New Video Diced Pineapples Rick Ross Ft Wale and Drake Review



Say what you want about Ross,call him fat,ugly,black  call him whatever you want  a ex cop whatever  but this dude got bars and he knows how to make hits.. His latest cut Diced Pineapples has a hot new video that brings you back to the late 90’s feel when they era of Video girls had just began. They bring along 3 of the baddest women they can find to play their girls in the video including Sophia Marie  playing Drake’s girl. Wow!!!   Great Job by the fellas  and the Boss keeps pumping out hits  Whua

Video: Chris Brown Drops off Karrueche and then goes and links up with Rihanna



Boy Chris Brown  on some pimp ish. Droppin one chick off  going to link up with the ex  laying up with both of them. Here he is dropping his ex Karrueche off(before he officially dumped her) at one hotel and then going back to the hotel where Rihanna was staying


Kim Kardashian talks about Kanye West,Her Kimmie Cakes nickname and Chris Lighty caught up with Kim during fashion week  and her meet and greet at Lord and Taylo. They asked about Kanye switching up her wardrobe  her nickname and Chris Lighty. Here is what she said about why she tweeted Chris Lighty