Floyd Mayweather Still Sick Over Miss Jackson

Floyd Mayweather Bad Medina Miss Jackson


Floyd may have that Ray-J syndrome. You get rid of somebody, even when they beg  for you to take them back  you try to play fly and keep saying no  until finally they  say ” OK Forget it. I am too fine  to be single I won’t be single  for long then they start to have a change of heart  when they see you with the next man



According to TMZ  Floyd tried his best to get his ex’s attention  even with his new piece present.9 This guy has no shame)

According to  Sources  she wanted nothing to do with him


MY WORD: Floyd just man up  admit it, You want this chick back. You miss that ass, You miss  waking up to something  so  Bad  you miss the attention when you are with her. You miss the girl Say It!!

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