Exclusive! Beyonce New Booty Poppin Video

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Beyoncé again without warning drops a video to one of her new songs 7-11. This is a video equipped with Booty popping, red cup sipping, gyrating girl on girl action.. I wonder if we will hear the “Beyoncé  you’re a mother  why are you doing this?” Probably not because the world  is filled with hypocritical haters  that only seem to find nothing wrong with someone showing featuring their ass if it is ” there fave”   Continue reading

Boob Fight Jwoww vs Nicki Minaj

2 of the best racks in the game Nicki Minaj and J Woww  had the internet buzzing this week. J Woww and her 2 big friends  were front and center on the red carpet during one of her hosting gigs  and man oh man she left nothing to the imagination

Then Nicki on the set of video shoot with French Montana ” freaks” was walking around with only pastries covering them big ass titties     sheesh

  • Topless Nicki Minaj Heats Up French Montana's "Freaks" Video
Topless Nicki Minaj Heats Up French Montana's "Freaks" Video

Who’s Titties are bestest  J Woww or Nicki

Video of the Day; Rihanna ‘Stay’

She can  do no wrong right now as far as im concerned   I swear Rihanna could fart on a record right now and it woudl sound good

Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video
Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video 1
Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video 5
Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video 3
Rihanna - 'Stay' Music Video 2



New Rihanna Video Diamonds



The highly anticipated video for the new single off Rihanna’s forthcoming CD Unapologetic  has been released. The reigning queen of Pop looks amazing in this new video that features beautiful sexy visuals and of course  a few  things that i’m sure a lot of people will view as symbolism.  what do you think of the latest video of the Pop Diva’s?

Beyonce Sued By Neighbor Over Video Disturbance.

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Beyonce is being sued by a guy who claims his daily routine was turned upside down by a film crew shooting a Beyonce music video for “Why Don’t You Love Me.” Philip Markowitz alleges in a lawsuit obtained by TMZ …his peace and quiet was shattered the morning of March 26, 2010, when the film crew “invaded his neighborhood” … waking him out of a peaceful sleep at 7 AM.  That nightmare was followed by a series of intrusions, Markowitz claims.  Markowitz says during the morning … every time he tried leaving his house the crew was blocking his driveway.  He went in and out and in and out …. and each time, he says, there was some obstacle in his way.

Now it gets really good.  Markowitz says he “missed several business calls while arguing calmly in his driveway.”  By 11:30 AM, “He demanded compensation for the trespass on his property and the inconvenience and delay he had already suffered.”  In fact, Markowitz says he told someone from the crew that he’s gotten upwards of $10,000 for the use of his property, but says he was told he couldn’t be paid this time because it was a “low budget film shoot.”   But Markowitz doesn’t buy it.  He’s suing Beyonce and the production company for unspecified damages … including the dreaded punitive damages.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.