Amber Rose Breaks The Internet With More Pics

Amber Rose is not that girl to be outdone  especially when it comes to Kim Kardashian. Unless you have been living on planet mars  we all  know a month ago  Kim attempted to “break the Internet” with Pictures of her Phat bare ass  for a small Magazine called Paper Magazine. After Kim showed Frontal and Back nudity the entire internet crowned her  the “Internet queen”  Up until now Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian Breaks The Internet with Nude Pics


Well  we know whenever Kim Kardashian poses  people watch,People read,people comment and this time  may be the most reaction she has gotten since the Sex Tape.  Paper magazine came out with the Cover of their new magazine and it has Kim Kardashian  showing off that Million dollar booty.  It’s on! Nicki,Iggy,Amber  and Jennifer   Look at the Queen of the booty


Then once the internet  went nuts over that while they were in the middle of going nuts over these 2 pictures   Paper Mag hit them with the BIG SURPRISE 



Oh My God can I get the side view please



And the Internet is still trying to repair itself     Get Em Kim  The M.D.M (Modern Day Marilyn)  is arguably the hottest woman Hollywood has seen  since Marilyn Monroe

Exclusive Meagan Good Releases Statement About Nude Pics Were They Her?

The Internet is still buzzing after seeing nude selfies of Meagan Good yesterday, as she was the latest to get hit by the celebrity hacker.  The big question everyone wanted to know  is where they real or photoshopped? Meagan put out a statement today answering that question Continue reading

Breaking News:Gabby Union Latest Celeb To Get Nude Picks Hacked NSFW


Ok Now we are talking. We heard a couple of weeks ago when the initial list of celebrities got exposed that there would be more. Well  here is more. Gabrielle Union  who was named on an upcoming” list that the celebrity phone hacker  named last time has now been exposed. This must have been one of those days Dwayne was out-of-town Continue reading

Nude Celeb leaks Here, 100 of celebrities hacked, Kate Upton Sextape

Actress Jennifer Lawrence (Reuters/Eric Thayer)


Maybe up to 100 celebrities are terrified  to find out that nude and risqué’ photos and videos have been leaked online. Jennifer Lawrence,Kate Upton,Ariana Grande and  many other A-list celebrities are all included on the list of Celebrities who’s privacy has been breached and leaked online for the entire world to see. Continue reading

Kate nude pics spreading through several countries


Hey i can’t lie she does  have some nice little titties  But this story and pics are now hitting countries like Italy and Ireland  ahh man Kate’s boobs gonna be every where. Here is everything you want to know about the nude pics and Close magazine


Kate Middleton topless in Closer Magazine.