H.H Hot Box Of Rocks Of The Day Draya Michele

The Heaven Hollywood Hot Box Of Rocks for the day is none other than Basketball Wives La star and Model Draya Michele. When I first laid eyes on her 4 years ago  I knew this girl was special. First time I saw her  was when she was dating Chris Brown and then I saw her in a Black Men’s Magazine photo shoot and I was flabbergasted.

Today she is currently dating Orlando Scandrick of The Dallas Cowboys and is without a doubt the most popular cast member of B.B.W.L.A ..  So the Hot Box Of Rocks for Wednesday   is Ms Draya


What Makes her Hot Box Of Rocks Material?

Face (rating 1-10)  10  Exotic look, beautiful skin and that perfectly placed pointy nose

Attitude    I love her take no shit  type of personality  A person who owns up to what she is   and what people perceive her to be.. Her feisty persona  is extremely sexy  

Her status:  Right now  no matter where she is  on social media, on tv , in the clubs  her name and presence  rings bells

Follow her @drayaface



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