Kim Kardashian Breaks The Internet with Nude Pics


Well  we know whenever Kim Kardashian poses  people watch,People read,people comment and this time  may be the most reaction she has gotten since the Sex Tape.  Paper magazine came out with the Cover of their new magazine and it has Kim Kardashian  showing off that Million dollar booty.  It’s on! Nicki,Iggy,Amber  and Jennifer   Look at the Queen of the booty


Then once the internet  went nuts over that while they were in the middle of going nuts over these 2 pictures   Paper Mag hit them with the BIG SURPRISE 



Oh My God can I get the side view please



And the Internet is still trying to repair itself     Get Em Kim  The M.D.M (Modern Day Marilyn)  is arguably the hottest woman Hollywood has seen  since Marilyn Monroe

SEXClusive New Uncut JLO and Iggy VIdeo OH MY GOD

I thought  that Anaconda  would be the video of the summer. I have watched that video at least 50 times. Well guess what? I have watched “Booty” at least 100 times already.  Jennifer Lopez even in her Fourties  strutting around with that Big All Natural ass  going booty to booty  with Iggy Azalea  another Phat ass.  Get your vaseline if you’re a lonely man and women get ready to hate if your insecure

Shocker Beyonce Has Some Of The Biggest Boobs in Hollywood?


Wow! When you think of Beyonce you think of Booty. Remember she is the original Bootylicious  so when I got the drop on this I was somewhat Shocked. I got a list of the Biggest breast in Hollywood and found MRS Carter on it. So How big are those Knockers? Click Here

Iggy and J-Lo Drop Teaser for New song “Booty”



Talk about a double treat  My God Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea has teamed up in attempt to drop the new anthem for all the big booty lovers men and female. After watching  Nicki Minaj  having the whole world talking about her Anaconda video, Iggy and J-Lo attempt to double your pleasure with this sexy and suggestive video  Click Here


Today's most popular female rapper: Australian newcomer Iggy ups the ante with her equally curvaceous figure on display, as she playfully touches her collaborator, while they give sultry stares into the camera

Check it out: Iggy looks impressed as she bends down to point out Jennifer's derriere

Serena Williams lets us know she still has the baddest body in the game


All Natural boobs and ass, never been questioned about anything being fake,any butt shots any push up bras. Serena Williams has the best ass,boobs and legs in the game there is NO WOMAN  not Kimmie,Not Beyoncé not Amber Rose not J-Lo  who can f**k with this woman’s body. Re tweeted some pics of her Badoonka doonk and the thing that turns me on is Serena knows she got a phat ass and she loves showing it off

Click here for all that booty