Exclusive: Kim& Amber went at it!!!


As Everyone Knows Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian do not like each other. It was Amber who told everyone back when her and Kanye were just splitting up that ” they split up because Kim slept with her man and she is a home wrecker”  Nobody wanted to believe Amber. The Betrayal prompt Amber to go the ESPY’s with Kim’s ex Reggie Bush. What you don’t know is that Kim and Amber squared off  before. Did you know that?

The first time at a Mara Hoffman Gala where they both wore the same dress

I heard that time Kim got the best of Amber even though sources reported it to be close

The next time  they   got in each others face  was on the Beach

This time  Amber got the best of Kim in another close battle


Then about a month later the ladies came eye to eye  once again

This one I was there for  they just looked each other up and down   Both of their looks were to kill each other. That had to be a tie

The final time  they were both Pregnant  So they were really only concerned about the Health of their Babies


AND Rightfully so

You got the Exclusives  right from my mouth to your eyes  Who do you think  wins  If Amber Meets Kim again?



Amber Rose Re-Creates Kim Kardashian's Infamous Butt Selfie article-2464108-18CD217400000578-790_634x979

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