Female Reality Star Pick em: Melissa Gorga Vs Stassi Schroeder (Poll)

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Something new something  fun.  If you are a horny bastard like me you have watched these reality show with all these sexy and promiscuous women and said  ” damn!  I would love one night with her”  So we will have battles  and face  2 females reality stars off against each other   the winner moves on  to the next round  until we finally have the ” Most wanted reality star in the world. Let’s go  This week ‘s contestants


From Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga Hosts Autograph Signing At Sugar Factory

Sexy bold n,beautiful Melissa Gorga has to be one of the most desired women on reality TV, The sexy Jersey Native continuously have men checking every week to see if she has finally left that Lucky Devil of a husband  Joe Gorga. When the rumor hit that she was a former stripper  all the men in the world  that watches Melissa  said YES! please God  let it be true’    Her sexy body especially when tan  will make any man drool

Age 35

Height 5ft  5 inches

Show  Real Housewives of  New Jersey

 3 Hottest features  Legs,Breast  abs

melissa-and-joe-gorga2012-01-02_07-57-34splash-around-in-south-beach  melissa gorga Melissa+Joe+Gorga+Hit+Beach+Miami+BgL3Gsqnvxjl

Her opponent   From Vanderpump Rules

Stassi Schroeder


Blunt Sassy and take’s no shorts  are the 3 words  that describe Stassi and us men just can’t get enough. No matter how mean she is  it seems like we want more. Her attitude turns us on because she is a challenge. With those bedroom eyes and Barbie Doll beauty  she takes over any room when she walks in. The single soul reason that probably attracts men  to V.R. Men I know you are like me, sitting at home rooting for her to end up with Nobody so you can have her for yourself

Age 26

Height 5Ft 7

Show  Vanderpump rules

3 hottest features

Face, walk, Butt

stassi_wide Stassi7b8618b8d669e760ffeb1e2953a338e76



MY WORD: Go To the Polls and check who is your winner Prettier, sexier, nicest body, better ass   and who do you think  would be better in bed

Men and Women  vote  vote vote




Yung Berg arrested for Beating Girlfriend up

Yung Berg rsz


Right as things seem to be going  good for Yung Berg and he got people like me calling him a  Gee, now something like this happens. TMZ had reported that  Love&Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Yung Berg   was arrested early this week for beating up his girlfriend.    The  article did not say at first  if the girl was Masika (the person he seems to e currently with)


But the ladies  from LHHH were on  The Breakfast Club today and pretty confirmed  it was Masika     Check this out

Click Here


Melyssa Ford Attacked During Taping of reality show

Melyssa Ford  star of Blood sweat and Tears  is in the  was taken to the hospital  after being attacked with a champagne bottle during the filming of Blood Sweat and Tears ..  Here is Melyssa  after ward  being wheeled around in a wheelchair




MY WORD:  These shows are getting a little too dangerous and ridiculous   Do you think this was done for publicity  or NAW?

Did Kendra & Hank fake Affair stories to Save her reality Show?

kendra wilkinson and hank baskett - kendra on top


By now everyone has heard the Hank Baskett cheating with a transgender woman story by now and even though I want it to be true (I hate when men have  my favorites in their bed every night) I can’t lie  I was very skeptical when I heard this story..  We are living in the world of shock tv, shock radio, shock social media  where people say and do things a lot of times for attention Continue reading

Ray-J’s Girl Looking To Get Back With Floyd Mayweather?


Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Main sidekick  may be trying to  re-establish her title. Princess Love was stolen from Floyd by Ray-J who sweet talked her out of her pannies by promising her ” fuck that side chick  shit with me? You would be the only chick  Continue reading

H.H Hot Box Of Rocks Of The Day Draya Michele

The Heaven Hollywood Hot Box Of Rocks for the day is none other than Basketball Wives La star and Model Draya Michele. When I first laid eyes on her 4 years ago  I knew this girl was special. First time I saw her  was when she was dating Chris Brown and then I saw her in a Black Men’s Magazine photo shoot and I was flabbergasted.

Today she is currently dating Orlando Scandrick of The Dallas Cowboys and is without a doubt the most popular cast member of B.B.W.L.A ..  So the Hot Box Of Rocks for Wednesday   is Ms Draya


What Makes her Hot Box Of Rocks Material?

Face (rating 1-10)  10  Exotic look, beautiful skin and that perfectly placed pointy nose

Attitude    I love her take no shit  type of personality  A person who owns up to what she is   and what people perceive her to be.. Her feisty persona  is extremely sexy  

Her status:  Right now  no matter where she is  on social media, on tv , in the clubs  her name and presence  rings bells

Follow her @drayaface



Felon Jeremy Meeks Gets Modeling Contract SMH



And all this time fellas I thought you needed a college Degree, Good credit ,Honesty and Hard work  to make it in this world  well I was clearly wrong. Accused Felon Jeremy Meeks  a man arrested on 11  counts related to fire arm possession, Street gang Membership and Parole Violations is said to have a modeling contract and proposed reality show gigs waiting for him  once he gets out of Jail, His bail is currently set at 1.1 million dollars. Continue reading

Day 26 Talks Why They Broke Up and Dawn Richards Skin Bleaching Rumors

I never thought I would see it but all of Day 26 are back together. The first Boy Band of reality tv  are back together making music and they have some very interesting things to say about  Diddy, the reason they broke up and the Industry being not what it seems


Then the Guys state their opinion on Dawn Richard  and her skin bleaching allegations and Aubrey o’Day butt shot rumors




Kendra Wilkerson and Hank Baskett looks as though they are heading for Break-up





I am sorry but I always thought  he could not handle her, a little too passive. On again off again football player Hank Baskett and his reality show/ former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner  Kendra Wilkerson looks as though they are headed  for splitsville 

Here is the drop

Kendra Wilkinson‘s husband of five years, Hank Baskett, abruptly left their Calabasas, Calif. home on Friday, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

The explosive development comes just one month after Wilkinson gave birth to the couple’s second child, Alijah Mary Baskett.

A reporter for The National ENQUIRER exclusively tells Radar that Baskett was spotted speeding away from the home he shares with Wilkinson in their gated community around 4 p.m. PT in his white Jeep, before landing at a local motel.

“Hank was wearing a royal blue NBA shirt and long khaki shorts. He got out of the Jeep with a woman who appeared to possibly be one of the couples’ baby nurses because she was wearing a medical type uniform,” the eyewitness tells Radar.

“They went into the office of the motel and then pulled the jeep around to the other side where their room was located. Hank appeared disoriented and downtrodden. At one point, he kicked the ground.”




SEXclusive Look who Accidentally Leaked A Nude pic on Instagram

Jackie Christie Whip

Sexy reality Milf Jackie Christie accidentally leaked what a lot of men (let’s keep it real) wanted to see, them tig ol bitties.

Instagram was buzzing when  Jackie accidentally let her girls out for air


My WORD: You guys can say what you want  Any man would want to put their face in them thangs. Jackie still got it going on