DeSean Jackson tries to bag Rihanna and gets curved





You can’t blame a guy for trying. Washington Redskins newly signed WR DeSean Jackson I guess is feeling mighty confident these days. The other night he was hanging out with rapper “Game” (bad sign) when Rih Rih puled up, seemed like Rih was laughing because DeSean was dressed like a pirate almost . He knocked on Rihanna’s car window she rolled it half way down for a half a minute  then pulled off. Seems like Desean tried to  passed her  his number but Rihanna sped off





MY WORD  I aint mad at Desean  except next time  maybe regular clothes  and not trying to act hard when he was just on national Tv saying ” that’s not the way he acts”  could help

Joseline Mad that Mimi beat her to the sex tape idea


joseline-hernandez-LAHH-sex-tape (1)

According to my sources  Joseline Hernandez  went off on Mimi Faust  when word hit the internet world that she was coming out with a sex tape because she was mad at Mimi. WHUT!!  yes Joseline was mad because allegedly her and Mimi’s baby daddy Stevie J has recorded several sex-tapes  dating back from as late as 2 years ago up until as early as last December. People tend to think that Joseline is sore and envious that Mimi beat her to the punch.  The source says ” Joseline was completely blind sinded she never thought in a million years especially after putting on that front that  she is a mother she would never stoop so low speech    that Mimi would put out a sex tape. Joseline and Stevie were calculating when to put the sex tape out, word has it they were going to fake a nasty break up and then have Joseline put the sex tape out  to expose Stevie  but in actuality giving Stevie more press and attention and pulling off  a major publicity stunt. Now that Mimi has done it  anything that comes out now  is going to seem like they are copying Mimi and Nikko when “their sex tape was recorded long before”




MY WORD: You slow you blow baby girl. Whoever came out with it first is who will be looked upon as who did it first. SORRRY 

Did Prince Snatch Rita Ora from Jay-z?

prince rita-ora-music-villain


Rita Ora according to a lot of people in the business is set to put out what may be one of the best albums of 2014. She is rumored to have the likes of Gwen Stefani ,Calvin Harris and Macklemore on this album and of course PRINCE.  Now to the juicy stuff.  Sources tell me  that Prince put in a phone call to Rita Ora’s people saying he wanted to speak with and work with Rita after seeing her at an award show looking stunning. ” Prince admits he did not know who she was but then found out that Rita was signed under Jay’z’s Roc-Nation.  The source says that Prince spoke with Rita and flew her down to Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis  and she stayed there nearly 2 weeks.  From what we hear there is a lot more going on than music and Jay-z from what we hear is not too happy.   Developing…..



MY WORD: Since Beyonce stepped in and allegedly gave Jay- z ultimatums to either “stopped the extra marital affairs with his  “side pieces” Jay has had to give up Rihanna and now Rita  .. Jay wants to do something  but in order to keep his wife off his case he doesn’t want to step in when it comes to these women that Beyonce allegedly has found him to be cheating with

Exclusive!! Beyonce’ will be a bridesmaid at Kim Kardashian’s wedding


beyonce is apparently one of kim kardashians bridesmaids

word is out that after all the speculation and rumors about Beyonce and Jay-z not wanting to even attend Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s wedding  to ” they do not want to be filmed  to Beyonce does not want to be associated with Kim K  that Beyonce is not only going to  attend Kim and Kanye’s wedding but she will be a Bridesmaid..   Sources close to the Kardashian wedding planner  says that ” Jay-z is the best man  and no matter if he agrees to the way Kanye is exploiting his wedding Kanye is his little brother  and there is no way he will miss this day”   Beyonce is said to be on board with Being a Bridesmaid but is not to keen on signing a release form to be filmed for reality tv   



MY WORD: we will see what happens  I just can’t see Jay- missing the most important day of Kanye’s life     we will see

SEXclusive Love&Hip Hop star SEXtape hits the internet NSFW



Stevie J  you mad? I am sure We will be seeing a Stevie J and Joseline sex-tape soon but Stevie J’s baby mama Mimi Faust and her fiance Nikko have a sex tape that was sold to vivid and we have the  exclusive trailor. NSFW

Click here for Uncut Trailer



MY WORD: I can’t lie i rewound this about 3 times  Mimi is a freak.  I’d fuck    I can’t lie



H.H Exclusive Was It Teyanna Taylor who accused Colin Kaepernik of Rape?


Teyana Taylor Colin Kaepernick Rape Victim


OK I would hate to think this story is true  bit i can’t let it pass by and take a chance of it being true  and us missing a huge story. Teyana Taylor Good Music artist was  allegedly last week spending time with  San Francisco 49ers qb  Colin Kaepernick in Miami , the woman said she hooked up with Kaepernik and even got undressed and woke up in  a hospital bed. A rape kit was then administered     Continue reading

SEXclusive Demi Lovato topless


All the females that we could not wait to become of age because we knew they would be hot in the ass little girls? are hot in the ass little girls. The Latest Demi Lovato. These are allegedly cell phone pics that leaked. This is definitely her  the question became is this topless pic real Topless Pic


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check out the rest but for right now  Im saying that is Demo Lovato until I’m proven wrong  and DAYUMMM