Stephen A Smith Forced To Apologize to Whites but Not Blacks

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I have went on record in the past in saying that I do enjoy watching and listening to Stephen A. Smith, Most of the time. However,there are a lot of times when I really can’t stomach  the man.  We love the rants  we love the Big words that sound like they are made up on the spot but we hate the rude hanging up on callers, telling them not to listen if they don’t like it and the often times he demonstrates what to a lot of black males come across as self hate. 

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What Is Trey Songz Doing Hugged up with a child?

Kylie Jenner and Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner at Chris Brown's House Party

OK Listen! I am not gonna sit here and be a hypocrite, Kendall Jenner is one sexy ass 18-year-old. She is tall slim incredible face got this gorgeous body,young,rich and famous. Any man would be all over her, However Kendall is 18 legal status. Kylie her 16-year-old sister? that’s another story. Singer Trey Songz had to know he would catch flack for these pics Continue reading

Jay-z n Kanye done as Friends?



Kanye West once made a song called ‘Big Brother” in which he gave tribute to his mentor  but lately it seems as though  the Brotherly love between the 2 long time friends is coming to an end sought of like  Jay’s  marriage has been rumored to be “on the rocks”     I spoke with a source that is close to  a particular PR and the word is that “Kanye and Jay are not speaking”Kanye is kinds doing his own thing and jay is doing his, Kanye was allegedly  very offended that Jay did not attend his wedding to Kim Kardashian” Kanye was not taking any excuse except death in The family he knows that Jay-z did not appear at his wedding because   Beyoncé constantly talks about ” Kim not being good for their brand and Jay did not want Kanye with Kim  he feels as though it is bad for business”  Kanye  feels as though no matter what he feels about Kim  he should have been at his wedding and been his best man  the fact that Jay did not even attempt to show up  really hurt  Kanye and right now they are not on speaking terms.. Allegedly when the entire Solange/Jay-z fight went down according to an insider Kanye said something a long the lines of ” oh so The queen and King aren’t so perfect after all  what do you know'” Continue reading

H.H Exclusive Jay-z Cheating on Beyonce for years with Rihanna?



About A Month ago there was a story all over social media about Jay-z having a mistress for years and the website named RnB Pop singer Mya as the  person that has been involved with Jay-z since the late 90’s. Well being that I know Mya pretty well  I defused those rumors immediately. The story was right on Point,just wrong about the person. Right church wrong Pew . Yes The word around the industry  and has been for years  is that Jay-z has been seeing his protegé and the artist he signed as a 16-year-old  Rihanna   The old stories started around 2006 when Beyoncé put out the song ‘ Ring The Alarm”  most people took it right away as a warning song to Rihanna to “stay away from Jay-z”. Blog sites, websites and media shows all grasped on to the story.. Through the years we have been shown publicly that Rihanna and Beyoncé are not really that close with each other, Strange  since she is Beyoncé’s husband’s main money-maker, yet over the years you have rarely seen them  even in the same aisle together  at any event. the few pics you do find look fake and arranged. Remember the time Jay-z walked up on stage with Rihanna to accept an award and her and jay were walking with Solange’s child hand in hand  with Beyoncé in the audience looking on  Click here if you don’t remember
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Ny Newspaper Backs My Report of Jay-z and Beyonce splitting up


I have told everyone over and over again  that this so-called fairy tale marriage of Jay-z  and Beyoncé Knowles is allegedly  over and has been over for some time. “Barring some sought of miracle this marriage is over” states my source. Now the New York Post has backed my story  a week after the New York Daily news did the same thing Continue reading

H .H Exclusive Nicki Minaj New Thong Pic and Bangs on Iggy Again?



A couple of weeks ago Nicki Minaj  accepted the award for  Best Female rapper   beating out fellow hot female rapper  Iggy Azalea  and at the same time throwing a little shade  Iggy’s way”   Now that Nicki has released the art work for her new single Anaconda  females everywhere  are saying ” Iggy doesn’t have to show her butt  and  calling Nicki Minaj a hoe Continue reading

Robin Thicke Has Given up It’s Over!


Robin Thicke has spent a good portion of 2014 trying to win his wife Paula Patton back since their separation in February. Robin has wrote several songs  begging Paula to come back  has flown out of the country  chasing Paula to try to beg her to come back  but Paula isn’t budging  so now Robin is waving the white flag allegedly. Here is the drop Click Here

Drake says ” He & J Cole “are the only 2 kings in Hip Hop right now”

French Montana says ‘Diddy Hooked him and Khloe up”


I’m sure a lot of people are wondering  HOW? WHY? did Khloe and French Montana hook up? How did it happen out of the blue when it seemed like French was dating Trina and Khloe was trying to work  out her marriage problems with Lamar Odom. A lot of speculation  about if this was a set up? If this is fake  but French Montana  was on the Angie Martinez show today and he let the world know  that him and Khloe are “rocking”

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Diddy and J-Lo reconciliation? H.H Exclusive


“Even Though they have been officially split up  14 years  Sean ” Puffy” Combs has never truly gotten over Jennifer Lopez” Those are the words given to me  by a very reliable source in the industry. Diddy has made  several songs and verses dedicated to Jennifer hinting  for her to “come back  to him  through the years”  Jennifer briefly  revisited the idea after her break up with Ben Affleck in 2004 when she met up with Diddy in Miami without her wedding ring.” While it was never confirmed what actually took place between the Two, a lot of people  who were in Miami  that night says that  they truly believe Diddy and J-Lo got it on that night for the last time” Continue reading