SEXclusive Lil Wayne Threesome Sex Tape Leaked

Lil Wayne Sex Tape Leak

I swear these celebrities want these sex tapes leaked because if they  didn’t want would they allow it to keep happening..   Now you can add Lil Wayne to the line of celebrities that  has had sex tapes leaked. According to Complex magazine there is currently a sex tape being shopped   and it is definitely the rapper. We here at HH.Me got a hold to a clip  of the tape  and Weezy is getting it in with 2 video models. It is currently being shopped to major porn companies and representatives of Lil Wayne has went on record as saying ” if it is being shopped it is without his consent and if they put it out we will sue the hell out of them”  

Kim and Kanye Sex-tape Made at GQ Awards?


Well we keep hearing “we are so tired of Kim Kardashian, ” She has no talent her Fifteen minutes are almost up” and all of the insults we here when it comes to Kim, but yet and still she just keeps on getting bigger and more popular  day after day month after month, year after year. Kim was awarded the GQ women of the year award Continue reading

Nude Celeb leaks Here, 100 of celebrities hacked, Kate Upton Sextape

Actress Jennifer Lawrence (Reuters/Eric Thayer)


Maybe up to 100 celebrities are terrified  to find out that nude and risqué’ photos and videos have been leaked online. Jennifer Lawrence,Kate Upton,Ariana Grande and  many other A-list celebrities are all included on the list of Celebrities who’s privacy has been breached and leaked online for the entire world to see. Continue reading

Ray-J “Look What He is giving Kim and Kanye for a Wedding Gift”

Ray J Kim Kardashian Wedding Gift

I tell you I don’t know what Kim Kardashian  got between her legs, but whatever it is Ray-J can’t seem to get over.. Not only does Ray Keep Kim’s name in his mouth but he just can’t seem to leave her  and Kanye Alone. Now Ray-J has allegedly come out and said what he is giving Kim and Kanye for a wedding gift


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Everybody Knows I fucks with Ray-j  TO me he is an underrated talent and every time i ran into him somewhere  he always showed me love never acted to big or too Hollywood for Hollywood  But Broski  I know  that  is a hard woman to replace and you had a chance to keep her but you let ego get in the way. It’s too late now  let it go

SEXclusive Love&Hip Hop star SEXtape hits the internet NSFW



Stevie J  you mad? I am sure We will be seeing a Stevie J and Joseline sex-tape soon but Stevie J’s baby mama Mimi Faust and her fiance Nikko have a sex tape that was sold to vivid and we have the  exclusive trailor. NSFW

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MY WORD: I can’t lie i rewound this about 3 times  Mimi is a freak.  I’d fuck    I can’t lie



Breaking News: tru or Bull? Kanye West sextape with Kim K look alike set to leak


It just seems like  people just will not stop until they come between Kanye and Kim. Kimye has got haters boy i tell you. Ok Radaronline is reporting that there is a Kanye West sex tape being shopped  and Kanye is scared to death about it coming out,from what they say it happened before Kanye and Kim were together but the girl says she is over 18 at the beginning of the tape and she says that she is married   nice and clear on the tape so EVERYONE can see and hear her ( Kanye is the only smart celebrity).. Then it is said to be 18 straight minutes of sex in various positions.

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Do you think this is true? Would you watch the Kanye Sex tape?


Minka Kelly sex tape being shopped


Derek Jeter’s ex fiance Minka Kelly has a sex tape and it is being shopped. Of course it’s another ex boyfriend that now wants to release this tape(these females never learn). The only problem is  Minka may have been underaged when this movie was filmed

Minka Sex Tape