SEXclusive Lil Wayne Threesome Sex Tape Leaked

Lil Wayne Sex Tape Leak

I swear these celebrities want these sex tapes leaked because if they  didn’t want would they allow it to keep happening..   Now you can add Lil Wayne to the line of celebrities that  has had sex tapes leaked. According to Complex magazine there is currently a sex tape being shopped   and it is definitely the rapper. We here at HH.Me got a hold to a clip  of the tape  and Weezy is getting it in with 2 video models. It is currently being shopped to major porn companies and representatives of Lil Wayne has went on record as saying ” if it is being shopped it is without his consent and if they put it out we will sue the hell out of them”  

SEXclusive Meagan Good Nudes Leaked More Gabby Union, JLaw and Rihanna


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The Hacker has struck again   Megan Goode is reddit    r/celebnsfw More Gabby Union

Scarllet Johanson


Hope solo




SEXclusive Kim Kardashian,Vanessa Hudgens New Leaked Nudes NSFW


The Celebrity hacker continued his wrath on celebrities and reality stars everywhere this week. Everyone says ” They are tired of Kim Kardashian  right? everyone says ” so what we have already seen a sex tape of kim” Yet and still when the news broke that there were Nude leaked pics on Kimmie Cakes  the internet exploded and  Kim Kardashian’s leaked pics  were the most Google topic all day. Look  Below to see NSFW pics Continue reading

SEXclusive Demi Lovato topless


All the females that we could not wait to become of age because we knew they would be hot in the ass little girls? are hot in the ass little girls. The Latest Demi Lovato. These are allegedly cell phone pics that leaked. This is definitely her  the question became is this topless pic real Topless Pic


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check out the rest but for right now  Im saying that is Demo Lovato until I’m proven wrong  and DAYUMMM




Gloria Govan Shoots down “Fake”Pic of her Kissing Another Man


Everytime Gloria and Matt are Good and out of peoples lives somebody wanna bring them back. As You know last week a picture leaked allegedly of Gloria Govan Kissing her Bodyguard   damn I thought  the ni***a was Suge Knight. Amyway  here is the Gorguz Glo  responding to it

Here’s what Gloria Govan had to say:

“I’m not gonna play into it. They want my attention. It’s not happening. Fake ass picture will be dead by the end of the week.”

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MY WORD:  I fucks with Gloria and I know people are telling me ” look at the angle and the tilt of her head she lying she did it”  I’m going to take Gloria’s word for it  if she said she didn’t  do it”  Stop hating on that fine ass women and her Husband


Memphis Bleek Accuses Timbaland of leaking tracks on from Blueprint 3

bleek1Memphis Bleek (Jay-z’s right hand man) had a lot to say  in a interview recently with Hip Hop wired.

In a matter of a week, Jay-Z has sprung a leak problem as three tracks were released titled “Off That” featuring Drake, “Reminder” and most recently “Venus vs. Mars.” Thursday saw the release of a track called “Ghetto Techno,” but luckily this track is not set to be thrown on The Blueprint III. All of the tracks had production handled by Timbaland which could lead speculation to who is responsible for letting the tracks out of the cage so soon. Speaking with Memphis Bleek, HipHopWired was able to get his incite on the current situation and defends his former labelmate from the wrath of bloggers.

“Man , you know where that’s coming from. That’s Timbo’s camp. Somebody is playin’ dirty. It’s cool though. I like to see the people’s opinions. I’ve been reading the comments on Jay’s records saying that the beats don’t sound like this or that. I think they just set the bar too high for my guy.”

As the tracks have all been catching flack from fans and been crucified by bloggers, Bleek states that Jay won’t ever be the way he was when he first came back and has realized that his longtime friend will never take steps back to recreate the magic, but will only move forward and further his musical outreach.

“A couple of years back, I had asked Jay why he doesn’t make another “Big Pimpin.” This was like four years ago when I asked him this and his answer to me was ‘Why would I do that?’ “Big Pimpin” is already made. So then, I didn’t understand what he meant by that and I’m like so what, I would just make six of those and ride it to the end of the wave. But he’s right because if you make four more of those records, then the original won’t be hot anymore. You have to move on to the next wave and I think that people want him to stay Reasonable Doubt, Volume 2, Blueprint Jay. He’s not that guy anymore, he’s outta here.”

Recently, Timbaland spoke on the production that he gave for the album and there are reports saying that he didn’t even give Jay his best material. For an album of such volume, many would come to believe that Tim would bring his best, but he stated that he will save the best for his own album, Shock Value 2. Although early reports said that Jigga was set to be on the upcoming sequel, time will tell if this will still be.

It’s disappointing that 1/3 of the album has already been released as 5 songs have come out from a 15 song track list. The worst part is the fact that the leak has not created further anticipation, but further disappointment. Let’s hope that Kanye West and No I.D. have something in store for fans as 10 tracks remain unheard… for the time being.

blantantly blamed Timbaland haaaa