SEXclusive Lil Wayne Threesome Sex Tape Leaked

Lil Wayne Sex Tape Leak

I swear these celebrities want these sex tapes leaked because if they  didn’t want would they allow it to keep happening..   Now you can add Lil Wayne to the line of celebrities that  has had sex tapes leaked. According to Complex magazine there is currently a sex tape being shopped   and it is definitely the rapper. We here at HH.Me got a hold to a clip  of the tape  and Weezy is getting it in with 2 video models. It is currently being shopped to major porn companies and representatives of Lil Wayne has went on record as saying ” if it is being shopped it is without his consent and if they put it out we will sue the hell out of them”  

Karrine Steffans says “lil Wayne comes even before her Marriage” Then Backtracks

Karrine Steffans in an interview stated ” she will never stop seeing Lil Wayne  for anyone. That is something that  current spouses  or boyfriends  just have to accept”  Well her current husband  may not have found that amusing.

First Lil Wayne’s current boo-thang Christina Milian  was tweeted and informed that her boo’s ex girl  was talking about     Wayne  and what did she think  of Karrine .  

Exclusive new Joint L.O. FT Di-Leek All Week


Mr 25-8 is back with yet another ball  of fire to throw at your motherf**king Head.   This new Joint FT Di-Leek  is called All Week.  The Long Island native   never seems to fail to deliver a hard street/club track with a solid and always relevant flow, The number 1 thing you know you’re getting from L Dot O dot Flow hot    is BARS

Hot Off The Blok Celebrity TEA August 10 2014


Sheri Shepard “My ex ripped off 20k from me”  TMZ

Kanye and Kim buying 20 million dollar house with Vineyards  Click Here

Coco shows off those huge cakes in tight spandex       Vlad TV   

Christina Millian responds to Pregnant by Lil Wayne Rumors  Twitter           

Danity Kane break-up starting to turn ugly Bossip

Nicole Murphy  removed from Hotel after making scene  over Strahan’s cheating  Eben Gregory






Wow Look who Puts Celebrity D**k size and sex game on Blast and Kanye West


Urban Model  Jenna Shea was on Vivid radio with Porn star Mary Carey and she was  not biting her tongue.  Jenna was asked about some of the Biggest D***s in the game  and wait until  you here what she had to say about some of the rappers and athletes in the game.. Continue reading

Word On The Blok: Hot Gossip for Wednesday April 10 2013

Magazine.Kate Upton Swimsuit Popsicle

.Is Diddy doing double Diddy?   Rumor his earlier that Diddy and Model Kate Upton were seen up in a New York  restaurant making out and also down at LIV in Miami  Read Here

.. Diddy later denied the rumor and So did a Kate Upton rep. Do you believe them? or do you think Diddy is smashing

MY WORD vs THEIRS    I will not say they are smashing but  Diddy loves grabbing the new ” it” chicks and maybe Kate Upton haven’t smashed a black dude yet  but it’s coming

.Reality star says ‘ yes I made a Porno’   Teen Mom star  Farrah Abraham has finally admitted  ” she has a sex-tape”  well its more like a porn she made it with a professional Porn Star  Read about Porno here

.My Word vs THEIRS      Tell The truth would you  pay to see this porno starring Farrah Abraham?  I would  i bet you she is a freak

Yandy Checks Rashida for saying her man has a small pee pee   Rashida said it on the reunion show and had the nerve to ask Yandy to co sign  which she didn’t Yandy then put Rashida in check

Stacey Dash Criticizes Jay-z and Beyonce for Cuba trip         Check out what Actress Stacey Dash had to say about Jay and Beyonce getting clearance from the US Government to vacation in Cuba

My Word: LMAO You know the “BeyHive” was mad that Stacey referred to Jay and B as ” The Jay-z’s  lmao  I’m sorry Stacey can say whatever she wants   she has a right to her opinion
Chris Brown’s Bodyguard confirms fight started over Rihanna    Big Pat says that Drake did indeed send bottle service and a note over to Chris brown that said ” I’m fuckin the Love of your life’  and Chris went nuts  read  Drake Vs Chris Breezy
My WORD: I fucks with Drizzy hard body  lolll  plus the boys lyrics are unmatched right now
Amber Rose responds to Twitter about the criticism of her baby wearing ” Weed socks”

My Word VS Theirs       A glass of Shutthefuckup    lmao   too much
Pilar Sanders releasing tell all book..  I was hoping this was going to happen   the ex Mrs Prime-Time is releasing a book that will channel her abusive relationship  to  Hall of Fame football player Deion Sanders..

The book will detail what Pilar has described as her abusive marriage to NFL legend, Deion Sanders. While Deion has maintained that he never physically abused Pilar during their time together, the reality TV beauty is sticking by her story.

“I want to be a mentor to other women who have been abused, by sharing my story, my struggles and letting them in, it will not only help heal myself but others experiencing the same trials and struggles as well,

My Word:  I think it is great  we finally get a chance to hear Pilars side of the story Uncut.. It is being co-written by her Publicist and longtime friend  Kali Bowyer ( hey Kali   a friend of Heaven  So I know this book will not only be interesting  but very accurate as welll.. I know I will be one of the first reading it 
Rihanna still coming at Ciara:  I thought this beef was over apparently not  and Rihanna just won’t leave it alone.
My Word:  Oh Lord don’t let the Navy get involved   I’m telling you right now. Rihanna gonna smash future you watch  then it’s gonna really be on.
If your future and Ri RI trying to give you from P..y you ain’t gonna take it? Of course he is   You heard it here first
Drake hits Platinum status with “Started from the bottom’ and “Take care’ goes double-platinum   Read Here
MY WORD: If you don’t know by now I called this takeover a long time ago. Drake is by far the mos versatile artist the most lyrical artist the most intelligent artist  to come into the game since 2pac..  The wordplay is absolutely ridiculous he already has the top spot as far as most number 1 singles on the HipHop charts in less than what? 3 years? This dude got Hip Hop on smash
Gucci Mane indicted on aggravated assault  :Gucci Mane is possibly facing jail time once again after being indicted on an aggravated assault charge yesterday, April 9.The ATL rapper was indicted on one count of aggravated assault, according to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. The rapper, legal name Radric Davis, is accused of smashing a champagne bottle over the head of a soldier at downtown Atlanta’s Harlem Nights club. He was arrested late last month
MY WORD VS THEIRS   I will never understand how a rapper who is a millionaire  does shit like assault another person and a soldier? Oh yeah migga you going to jail. A case of trying to keep it “too real” You got enough money to hire professional security  but no  you gotta be a nigga huh?”  smh
Kat Williams responds to Charlamange The God ” If he died would anyone care?”  Check out the classic response  from Katt Williams
Lil Wayne gets run out of a Miami nightclub  by Trick Daddy?

Celebrity Gossip and Truths March 29th: Rihanna gets at Bey?Porscha says Pay up!Lil Wayne had how many seizures?

beyonce rihanna grammys 2013

Rihanna was names Britain’s most influential Pop Singer  and she let it be known on twitter and seemed to take shots at Beyonce

Check out what she tweeted this afternoon:

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 4.52.12 PM

As in Bowing down because she surely isn’t?  Rih Rih finished 1  ahead of Beyonce One Direction,Katy Perry and Justin Bieber
My Word;  TRUTH  without a doubt RIHANNA was indirectly directing this at King Bey as to say “that new record you have out? psss you wasn’t talking to me”  Hell she may have had a little shade for Katy Perry too
Porsha Stewart says ” pay up to her estranged husband Kordell who dropped a bomb on her on the internet  that he was leaving her (according to Porsha)  Now she wants him to pay up because according to Porsha she left her career and sold hr business  in order to take care of Kordell’s son which is not by her   Now even though Kordell has been on record as saying this was sought of a mutual decision  however WORD ON THE BLOK is  Kordell has sugar in his tank( this has been a rumor forever” and that his lover has giving him an ultimatum  either leave Porsha or he was going to the press
My Word:  I think it’s TRUTH  This is not the first time this rumor has come up  about this dude. Ask anyone in Pittsburgh
Eyewitnesses are now coming forth saying they saw Justin Bieber spit on the neighbor  and now the Sheriff is recommending  prosecution


The Civilized Justin    {Timberlake}  that is, is projected to sell close to One Million albums  in the first week
Lil Wayne’s ” I am not a human being ”  will sell close to 300 k
Son of Wrestling Great Ric Flair  dies at age 25
Lil Wayne reveals he is epileptic that is why he has seizures and he had 3 of them last week prior to being admitted      My Word:  Maybe he is but to me this is RUMORED.SO FUNNY SOON AS RICKY ROSS HAS A SEIZURE all of a sudden everybody got epilepsy. I never heard of this before
Kay Michelle  and Chad Ochoa cinco was flirting hard body on twitter last week  needless to say that didn’t end to pretty