SEXclusive Lil Wayne Threesome Sex Tape Leaked

Lil Wayne Sex Tape Leak

I swear these celebrities want these sex tapes leaked because if they  didn’t want would they allow it to keep happening..   Now you can add Lil Wayne to the line of celebrities that  has had sex tapes leaked. According to Complex magazine there is currently a sex tape being shopped   and it is definitely the rapper. We here at HH.Me got a hold to a clip  of the tape  and Weezy is getting it in with 2 video models. It is currently being shopped to major porn companies and representatives of Lil Wayne has went on record as saying ” if it is being shopped it is without his consent and if they put it out we will sue the hell out of them”  

Iggy Azalea : My ex is selling tape for revenge So there is a sex tape Afterall



Iggy Azalea Porn


OK so almost every single time someone does not want a sex-tape to come  out they say ” it’s not true it does not exist” Well now it seems as though Iggy’s legal team is talking a different story . Now they are saying that an ex boyfriend of Iggy is threatening to release the tape because he is trying to get revenge on Iggy for leaving him. He is reportedly shopping it  to Vivid  to see what he can get Continue reading

Kim and Kanye Sex-tape Made at GQ Awards?


Well we keep hearing “we are so tired of Kim Kardashian, ” She has no talent her Fifteen minutes are almost up” and all of the insults we here when it comes to Kim, but yet and still she just keeps on getting bigger and more popular  day after day month after month, year after year. Kim was awarded the GQ women of the year award Continue reading

SEXclusive Love&Hip Hop star SEXtape hits the internet NSFW



Stevie J  you mad? I am sure We will be seeing a Stevie J and Joseline sex-tape soon but Stevie J’s baby mama Mimi Faust and her fiance Nikko have a sex tape that was sold to vivid and we have the  exclusive trailor. NSFW

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MY WORD: I can’t lie i rewound this about 3 times  Mimi is a freak.  I’d fuck    I can’t lie



SEXclusive Farrah (teen Mom) Abraham preview of sex tape NSFW 18 and over


WE have a preview of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s sex tape with Porn star James Dean  and Let me tell you  This tape is legit. This is by far the best celebrity sex tape of all time


WOW   This girl is my new  Bitch 

Did Ice-T threaten to Kill Coco if her pics and alleged Sex-tape came out?


This whole thing is  a mess. As recently read it was confirmed by Marketing/Pr Guru Pam Nikki Baker  that nude pictures and a video does exist of rapper Ap-9 and Ice t’s wife Coco. It is also being said that Ap sent Ice-t a pic of his wife in the bed titties out for valentines day.  That is the day  that Ice-t  was said to have almost flew off the deep edge. According to a source Ice-t’s frame od mind was ” I’m a just Kill this bitch and do my time”  the sources say that Ice-t was devastated and said  if these pictures ever hit the public  his reputation would be ruined and would never recover.. The source says that Ice thought about it for a while and thought better of it  However  the once seemingly perfect  marriage between the 2 are ” just about over”

Is this the girl that is really in the Kanye West sex tape

A New Sex Tape Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West (Video)

Remember a couple of months ago there was a pic that was said to be tweeted by Kanye West and people said it was Kim Kardashian naked eating breakfast in a hotel room? Well remember how quickly Kanye rep came and said “no Kanye did not tweet that pic? Well that is allegedly a pic from a sex tape made by Kanye West and Porn star Amia Miley. Yes she is the Adult film star (makes sense) that is in the sex tapes with Kanye West..  A secret source close to the adult film star has spilled the beans ” Amia is known for very athletic sex scenes  Kanye is a big porn fan and he saw a scene with Amia and saw that she did bare a striking resemblance to Kim (who he admittingly was in love with years ago) Kanye  had his people contact Amia and arranged a  session for the both of them   Kanye told  Amia  he sees that the guys in her scenes could not keep up with her  but he believes he can (that may explain why the tapes are so long).  When that pic leaked  they had to quickly clean that up  because Amia is seeing The guy from Jersey Shore”       A call to Kanye’s PR and Lawyer was not returned

Amia Miley

Take a look at Amia in action  and my oh my  if he did No wonder Kanye contacted her   wow!    So maybe  Mony Mon was not lying  it was not her

and for the  NSFW  video     Click Here

This Story although told to H.H  by a source is Alleged  However  you got to admit  it makes more sense now


Confirmed: Kanye West has not one but 2 sex tapes


Kanye West performing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.





Credit to http://www.radaronline for coming out with this story first not TMZ. It seem like TMZ was scared to pull the trigger on this story but it has been confirmed that Kanye West does have not one but two sex-tapes. It was rumored early last week that Kanye West had a sex tape with a Kim Kardashian look-alike  that woman later revealed to be Mony Mon an aspiring model from California, although later the gorgeous Mony went to twitter to tell the world she was not in the video. Now Kanye is reported to have 2 sex tapes and they are both pretty long 40 Minutes and Twenty Minuets respectively. Sources say tape is being shopped by a third-party to the highest bidder. It is also said that Kanye is willing to pay millions for the tape not to come out. How did this tape get out? from what we hear Kanye says that these tapes were stolen off his computer


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Breaking News: tru or Bull? Kanye West sextape with Kim K look alike set to leak


It just seems like  people just will not stop until they come between Kanye and Kim. Kimye has got haters boy i tell you. Ok Radaronline is reporting that there is a Kanye West sex tape being shopped  and Kanye is scared to death about it coming out,from what they say it happened before Kanye and Kim were together but the girl says she is over 18 at the beginning of the tape and she says that she is married   nice and clear on the tape so EVERYONE can see and hear her ( Kanye is the only smart celebrity).. Then it is said to be 18 straight minutes of sex in various positions.

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Do you think this is true? Would you watch the Kanye Sex tape?