Exclusive” Ray-J’s Girlfriend Threatens Suicide After He breaks Up with her

Ray J Girlfriend Suicide Threat

Ray-J continues  to dick these chicks down  to the point where they just bug out. Princess Love (the girl he stole from Floyd Mayweather  threatened to take her life   after  her reality star boyfriend  dumped her Continue reading

Smashing? Kat Williams Spotted out with Hazel E

 I know most people are going to say Who? Well  if you watch Love&Hip Hop Hollywood  you would know who Hazel is , she is the PYT that is constantly getting dissed by her On again off again  side piece Yung Berg, WELP! looks like  Berg don’t have to worry about Hazel no more because Allegedly comedian/actor /trouble maker Kat Williams was spotted out with her  at the Louisville game 

Teairra Marie & Morgan (LHHH) says ” Ray-J beat All his women”

Wow things exploded on the Breakfast Club  today when Teairra Marie and Morgan Hardman  visited the show today .

Morgan wanted to make it clear that Ray-J put hands on her and said that Ray has put his hands on more people than just her and Princess (his current girl)   She also said that Nikki  had made  a racist comment and that is why she showed the before and after pictures of her..  and  How Ray-J threatened her and got her son kicked off the Basketball Team

Teairra Marie   made it very clear  she was very drained from the Reunion  and the interview became very strange as it went on ..  Watch this interview and check out all that is revealed


MY WORD  I clearly have a lot of respect now  for Teairra Marie  the way she pretty much admitted she still loved Ray-J  I love how she was honest saying she was  embarrassed and admitted she wish she never did the show ..  As far as the hitting  I’m not sure if Ray-j has hit anyone else  but to me   If he did  hit Morgan  they have definitely had sex before


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