Chris Brown Disses Drake Calls Him Corny Says Him and Rihanna Do Not Speak

Chris Brown paid a visit to The Breakfast Club and although he did not want to mention Drake he ended up doing it anyway. The Breakfast Club especially Charlamange  love starting drama, that is what  they are best at so they wanted Chris to say something and he eventually did.

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Teairra Marie & Morgan (LHHH) says ” Ray-J beat All his women”

Wow things exploded on the Breakfast Club  today when Teairra Marie and Morgan Hardman  visited the show today .

Morgan wanted to make it clear that Ray-J put hands on her and said that Ray has put his hands on more people than just her and Princess (his current girl)   She also said that Nikki  had made  a racist comment and that is why she showed the before and after pictures of her..  and  How Ray-J threatened her and got her son kicked off the Basketball Team

Teairra Marie   made it very clear  she was very drained from the Reunion  and the interview became very strange as it went on ..  Watch this interview and check out all that is revealed


MY WORD  I clearly have a lot of respect now  for Teairra Marie  the way she pretty much admitted she still loved Ray-J  I love how she was honest saying she was  embarrassed and admitted she wish she never did the show ..  As far as the hitting  I’m not sure if Ray-j has hit anyone else  but to me   If he did  hit Morgan  they have definitely had sex before


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Exclusive K Michelle Said Soulja Boy Dating A Transgender and Soulja Goes Off

You know we Fucks with Sidney Starr at H.H.M  so We love saying ” We told you so” Sidney Starr told us years ago she used to date Soulja Boy and nobody believed her now K Michelle has  confirmed it  on radio.  Today K Michelle paid a visit to the Breakfast Club and she got raw Continue reading

Keith Murray Shuts Down The Breakfast Club with a Freestyle

Keith Murray At The Breakfast Club: Bullying Rappers, Dragging Prodigy, Fredro Starr (Video)

Maybe one of the realist rappers to ever pick up the mic Keith Murray  stopped by the Breakfast Club  to promote his Battle on Sept 28 vs Fredro Starr.. The Breakfast club actually asked him to drop some bars  and boy did Murray answer the call

Exclusive: Erica Mena Involved with Dj Envy for 3 years? Until Envy’s wife Found out

IFWT_Envy 13

Remember about a Month ago Dj Envy The Breakfast Club Morning show D.J came on  air and was apologizing to his wife about “Taking her for granted” and not doing the things that a husband should do? Remember Envy sounded Like a man who was on the brink of losing his marriage? Well if this is true this probably explains why he was doing that.

IFWT_Envy monica
IFWT_Envy Erica 2
IFWT_Envy 12
IFWT_Envy 13
adrienne-bosh-lil-wayne-IFWT FEAT
IFWT_Envy Erica
IFWT_Envy wife

IFWT_Envy Erica

Funkmaster Flex of Hot 97 New York and Long time rival of Power 105 in particular the Breakfast Club and D.J Envy  released an exclusive report yesterday  that Claims that Erica Mena from Love and HiP Hop had been sleeping with D.J for 3 years up until recently when D.j Envy’s wife Allegedly  Found out. Well here is the story   check it out below. If this story is true (which a lot of people in the industry have been saying this  for a while some even said the baby Erica is carrying was Envy’s)  Then this completely clears Erica from being a Homewrecker  and Even if she did know That Envy was married   She does not know Dj Envy’s wife  don’t check the chick  check the Playa

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Draya speaks on Chris Brown and Karrueche


Everyone in the  blogosphere world want to know  What’s up with Draya,Karrueche and Chris Brown? The first is always “How can she be friends with someone who used to be with her man and the second question is always Do you guys do 3somes? Draya was on The Breakfast Club in New York City on Friday and Draya finally cleared the air and put everyone on  about what goes on when Her,C-Breezy and Karrueche get together

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Funkmaster Flex blacks out on 105.1 “Breakfast Club”

Fagmaster Flex is at it again showing everyone exactly how much of a b…h he is.As we all know by now D.J MrCee was arrested last wed for Lewd conduct with  a Male transvestite. Allegedly Mr Cee got caught around 5pm receiving oral sex from the transgender. Now Flex  who is Cee’s friend and co-worker at New York Radio station Hot 97 felt a need to Threaten people over at rival station 105.1 forsimply reporting what is all over the news. Watch Flex (who was just in an altercation for  domestic violence 2 months ago) explode with anger at the “breakfast club morning show” Even though he did not mention names.

shaunie shady

“Shady” Shaunie o Neal was on a New York City radio show today  and declared to the world that she had nothing to do with causing the fight between Castmembers Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman. Shaunie said it was the”other producers” when I have heard several times from Producers on that team that Shaunie makes the fina decision of all scenes. Wether she is in the scene or not. Check out how Shaunie tries to play the innocent role for Power 105


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NYC Welcomes ‘The Breakfast Club.’

Initially, she wouldn’t confirm or deny on twitter, but the news dropped a few weeks ago & I was overjoyed. Angela Yee, Charlamange The God and DJ Envy have taken over the airwaves starting today from 6a-10am. I’m not mad, I’m not mad. Angela- friend to our show WBLOK-Radio– had been at Shade 45 on SIRIUS Satellite Radio for six years prior to this power move. Charlamagne The God was the co-host to the “Queen Of ALL Radio,” Wendy Williams a few years back on WBLS, & DJ Envy is a pre-existing, established personality on the Power 105.1 station.
Also added to Power’s line up is DJ Prostyle who will be on air from 2pm-6pm.
We here at WBLOK-Radio are proud of everyone & wish them all much continue success. NY Radio is about to get LIVE & troublesome again. And I CAN’T wait. But, Uhmm …. DAYUM Angela, could’ve told us you were vacating that spot. Heaven & I would have been more than happy to take over the reign & continue the f*ckery! Awww ….. lol.
-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.