Wow BOMBSHELL Foxy Brown says Jay-z took her virginity when she was 15 and he was 27″

According to a very accurate source Foxy Brown the popular female rapper in the 90’s and probably one of the 5 greatest female Emcees of all time has come out and made some shocking allegations about Jay-z.  Now I must say before you read this story this has not been proven but I can’t lie I have heard stories very similiar to this about Jay in the past. Read this ish

beyonce foxy brown calls out jay z

Remember Foxy Brown? Well she’s made some shocking allegations about Jay Z that will blow your mind! Now, many music insiders are calling the 90′s female rapper crazy…but we’re leaving it to you to decide.

Buss this…

Foxy Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, has revealed that her ticket to rap success came at a price — and that it all happened while she was underage. She says the man who put her on to the rap game, Jay Z (then 27-years-old), took her virginity when she was just 15-years-old — adding Hova (who she says has a ‘horse dick’) funded her shopping trips and pampering at hair and nail salons while she was still in high school…all to get into her panties!

But that’s not all!!! Foxy claims Jay Z is an undercover tranny chaser. She says she learned that after a tranny began calling and harassing her, not long after Jay Z gave her gonorrhea. WTF?!?! Foxy says one of her sex sessions with Jay Z was all caught on tape. That’s when Foxy says she and Jay weren’t alone. Their company was the real “Wanda” from In Living Color…Mr. Jamie Foxx. According to Foxy, Jay Z signed her to “multiple gag orders for where she, Jamie and Jay engaged in a threesome” and that not long after the incident the tape was ironically robbed from her home. Foxy insists Jay Z had everything to do with that robbery.

Wait…there’s more!!!

Besides alleging that Jay Z chases tranny’s, Foxy says there was one constant man in Hova’s life. According to Foxy, Jay Z and Larry Johnson were ‘fuck buddies.’ This doesn’t seem so far-fetched given the fact that Jay once shared an apartment with the NBA baller who once repped Rocawear.

During her no holds barred account of her experience with Jay Z, Foxy was reported to clearly display a strong disliking for Jay’s wife, Beyonce.

Here’s what Foxy had to say about Mrs. Hova:

“Now he is with Beyonce…Fuck that halitosis-infected heffa.”

If true, this is beyond sad. Know why? Because we’re talking about a victim here…not just a victim of an STD, but a then teen who fell victim to statutory rape. If you recall Jay Z blacklisted R Kelly after the singer was accused of child molestation. If Foxy’s allegations are true, how is Hova any different?

Story from  Jacky Jasper

MY Word:  “Foxy got you hot cause you kept your face in her puss” Remember that quote from Nas in the diss song “Ether” Nas would know wouldn’t he?  There were rumors about this circulating back when none other than Wendy Williams brought it up way back in the 90’s when MrsWilliams also  reported to the world that Jay-Z and Rocafella Records were down with an underground Gay Hip Hop movement called “Blacktino” Remember that? and remember how Wendy was removed off of New York radio shortly after when she made the same allegations about Diddy? We also have heard the same allegations pop up about Jaime Foxx most recently from One Howard Stern?  wow  what are your thoughts on this? You know the old saying ” If the same rumor that has been circulating for years continues to pop up? maybe it’s more than just a rumor.  Just saying

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  1. This is NOT TRUE. this story has no MERIT WHATSOEVER..

    there is no audio of video claims of this.. this story started at and made it’s way over to

    at this point, it’s just he say / she say NONSENSE.

    before ppl print article’s say “foxy said this” .. they should clarify anything. I hope foxy legally sues mediatakeout for false claims/defamation ! Becuase it was no “interview” .. this shit is a BLATANT lie.


      • do you have audio or video claims of everything you beleive? You say it’s not true only because your brainswashed by Jay-z and witch beyonce if this was a story about Kim kardashian or Rihanna you guys would be agreeing. You don’t have to believe it but it’s 100% true. Your not always going to have audio or video proof sweetheart Do you have audio or video proof that Jay-z and Beyonce ever slept together? no but you believe they did right? you got video proof of her having that baby? no thats my point.. Just because you have no audio or video proof these days means absolutely nothing your talking about something that happened before social networks and instagram took off mah.. thanks for the comment

      • Ok. First of all, i just wana say that while people do need entertainment , i hope everybody thats on here worried about who jay z is fucking, is gona get off the computer/phone soon…real soon…and take a class, or read some real literature. There are starving children out there and people dying in civil wars…we live in a country where we have the luxury of wasting our time on this bullshit and other people are just trying to eat. Like we need to be lookin out into the world at something besides BET and see how we can elevate ourselves and our brethren who are suffering. Because this is what distracted ignorant disenfranchised people do, and have always done. Make up rumors about people who are sucessful, whose lives they wish they had. Poor people talk a lot of shit about queen elizabeth. But shes still the queen of england and theyre still poor and she doesnt have to care. And if ur not educated and important u cant even like speak to her. I swear jayz and Beyoncé are on a big ass yacht in the mediterranean somewhere with their baby rollin around between them. And their grandkids kids will be set. Foxy brown is mad and needs to learn some class. I dont run around talkin all the shit i know about my exs…im busy improving myself. The guy who took my virginity was way older (15-23) who the fuck cares that was 10 years ago. last i heard he has a wife n kid i wish him well. All she’s doing is giving black people more useless shit to b distracted by. Meanwhile the US is 14th in the world in math17th in science and 25th in reading. Smh.

      • AND what’s your point? lmao

    • Every lie has some truth in it

    • Why cause u worship these fools? I’ve been int the industry for 15 years and a lot of the entertainers you guys adore are straight up fag niggas.

    • Jay Z is 43. Foxy Brown is 33. This makes Jay Z ten years older than Foxy Brown. How is he ten years older than Foxy today, yet he was twelve years older than Foxy when she was fifteen? Something doesn’t smell right.

      • THIS IS what your 4th comment? There are plenty of things that go on in this industry that has been going on well before you were born young man you believe everything these celebrities tell you. I worked at roc-a-fella than at wbls then at all that’s fab the same blog nicole bitchie started at so i have been in this industry much longer than you.. Things that you have no idea about happen on a daily basis. If you don’t want to believe it don’t believe it

      • He’s 43 and she’s 34

      • Is it her pussy ?

      • star said jay-z is almost 50 he said they are around the same age just like beyonce is 35 been lying about her age from day 1

  2. Who are u?@notruth. Jay z’s bodyguard? I’m sure I been following hip hop n music and been a writer probably longer than you have been alive. Wendy williams brought this up years. YEARS ago Nas made ellegations about it in Ether. There has been ramblings about this forever underground until jay became a mason and had the money to make it “go away” just like he did his un case. His alleged baby and his affair with Free. Jaime foxx has been exposed by superhead by sveral groupies and by Howard stern also wendy williams back in the day and wendy williams say you want was hardly ever wrong. That’s why they had to get her off radio. Trust me blacktino was supported heavy by jay z and rocafella and that us fact. So go ahead and don’t believe it. Truth is truth. Money won’t hide the truth forever

    • I’m from Brooklyn, I have heard about these events over the years, down to the robbery and Wendy losing her job about talking homo Puffy, just because J is a wealthy, he dogged a lot of people to get what he got no loyalty!
      Foxy is telling the truth she ain’t crazy!!!

    • I also remember a few years ago there was some kind of documentary on Trannys and they were saying that a bunch of rappers always come through and mess with them and that they LOVE it…. They asked them about Jay-z and a few others specifically but they said they couldnt say, But all we had to know is that we would be SHOCKED…. Im sure if they spoke theyd be murdered or something.

    • You’re a writer?? Clean it up

    • I don’t know if this is true or not, BUT I agree that Wendy Williams has been correct and 1st to speak on quite a few things over the years. I don’t think she is a dirt journalist and is wise enough to check her facts to the best of her ability. I would hate to think a story like this is just one of those things from some po’d people, I mean it’s too sick to make up. Underage is under age…wrong is wrong…and this is the type of story I’ll be a LOT of young women (perhaps boys too), could tell if they hadn’t been paid off or fear for their safety.

    • You’re a writer? You can’t spell for shit and your connotation sucks!

  3. Listen!!! The music the god mc hova makes is amazing… I love it … Know it…. Been a listener (not worshiper) for years! I’ll say this fox was about 14 or 15 when she was running around with jay! This is a fact! He brought her to the studio out of the blue while recording this record… That’s a fact as well! Now use some commons here! She wasn’t from the neighborhood or just hanging around 2-he wrote the verse for her with their first collab on aint no nigga nd from what I understand she came in and layed it down with jay at the same time back then….. So… What 27 year old dope dealer / rapper runs around with a 15 chic for the fun of it? Not where I was raisedf… Just dosen’t happen unless viewed as a lil sis and it was clear they were in that type of situation! Do your research folks! As far as jfoxx! Smh mannn I’ve heard this several times and about puffy and those parties.. Swinging and all that… So! Idk time will tell I guess! oh and yeah beyonce’ her breath might stink hell she deserves a few flaws! I can ask a couple people I know that could tell me for sureeeee what stinks on b! Yup!

    • I dont know about The God part of your comment but everything else I agree with.

      • there is only 1 god and the only god in hiphop is rakim allah .. Jay-z used to make great music now he makes average music but he has done a lot of dirt

      • I agree with everything, including the god part. Long as we recognize the small ‘g’. #falsegod

  4. Wt Eva.u cant believe eveything u hear

    • this is 100% true however people in the industry have vouged for her in the past

      • You need to learn how to spell if you want to be considered as a serious writer. As far as this story, I don’t doubt anything about any celebrity, they’re human too. Don’t put them on a pedestal, and you’re never surprised.

  5. I am a true hip hop follower! And i MOST DEFINETLY BELIEVE THIS! Yall betta do yall research! Yeah i like his music too but i dont worship these ppl!

  6. wow… wow… WOW!!! Not a fan of Foxy’s but I believe this story!! This ain’t the first time I heard it… smh

  7. Who cares! Everybody’s fucking everybody these days

    • Exactly!!!!this is America they whatever the fuck they wanna do!!! PERIOD!

    • my son has a gps on for a year and a 6 year probation stint for messing with a 16 year old and he was 21…

    • Everyone may be fucking everyone, but not everybody is selling dreams to and sleeping with little girls! I don’t care about the bisexual thing, but NO ONE, not even the almighty Jay Z, should get away with statutory rape!

  8. OOOOO~ That’salot! #BELIEVE

  9. I completely believe this, it is well known that there is an underground culture of Black men on the down low? Meaning ; having sex with other men, quite regularly!!! I have friends that have come home to find their african american male partner, husband, boyfriend having sex with another man!!! Jay, Jamie doesn’t surprised me they have money, a lot of it, it is so clear that Jay would do whatever is necessary to get it!! Money is the root of all evil they could buy any male just to have sex with them at anytime!! As far as the statutory rape with Foxy, Jay should have to pay the price for that mistake IF it can be proven!!! Shame on her @ 15 yrs old I believe you can consent to sex as well as have sex and be well aware of what you are doing, it is so sad that for fame she would give up her virginity and or have sex. Shame on her, shame on Jay & Jamie!!

    • absolutely true they jaime is a butt bandit too howard stern aired him out

    • I think ur wrong. U can’t blame the 15 yr old ever! That’s saying a rape victim asked to b raped… nonsense! A child is a child is a child! No matter how u try to flip it or however fast that child wants to grow up. N an adult should kno better period

    • Maybe your friends are attracted to gay men??

      • BLACktino the underground movement of undercover gay black and latino men that dress in tim boots doorags and saggin jeans( the fashion that originated in prison to let inmates know you wanted to get f…d) #fact


  11. Oh well! 😀 we are who we are and shouldn’t be
    Looked at any less as humans.lve all 3 of the, and I believe foxy unfortunately but it’s ok we’re human. Well… Except the whole sleeping with a 15 yr old. That’s nasty…

  12. Foxy a hoe was a hoe and will always be!!! Hatin cuz u broke bitch

  13. Well we will see when the cases,start to circulate wont we?

  14. Anybody “shocked” by this does not listen to hip hop and lived under a rock from the mid-late 90s.

    • I don’t put nothing pass anyone, but I heard the allegations in earlier years also, but even if you have to question all participants involved, foxy did not come out like she should have because she wanted fame and (most girls would jump at opportunity ) but no Grown ass man should be touching a young girl period, I mean heyy the same allegations was with Teairra Marie, they closed her mouth and black balled her, I really believe those allegations she explained some in her song “you said” Im not getting paid to cover up stars, they are human too


  16. Mind blowing .it’s believable. Don’t they call themselves the newmennotties thats not the correct spelling but you know what i mean.Lill

  17. “I rock broads, y’all rock fellas”- Nas.

    • Exactlyyyy!!! ” Foxy got you hot cause you kept your face in her puss” “rocafella died of aids that was the end of his chapter and that’s the one you chose to name your company after?” listen to the words of the Gawd nas years ago

  18. Larry Johnson played football not basketball. Smdh. If your going to do a story do it right!

  19. If its TRUE just the Publicity alone will kill him. Now you know the REPUBS can’t stand him and they would hire her Attorneys to fight his ass if its indeed true. His best bet is to settle this shit NOW..

  20. this is a bunch of old rumors strung together to make a “story”. Do better.

    • If that is what you want to believe that is your right but this has been around long before this blog I just did the legwork and Foxy was asked about it recently and she told everyone to Google the story

  21. That sh¡t cray… Lol… Nawll,,,,all this shit is rediculis….don’t know whether to believe it or not,,I don’t know”em personally…but hey,,it is whut it”is…

  22. Foxxy is now 34 and Jay is 43….if she was 15, that would make him 24…still not right but if the writer of this article didn’t take the time to do that little bit of simple math, i don’t know how much of anything else is actually true and not just gossip.

    • Same thing I said!!!!

    • Because Foxy was always told by people inside the industry that Jay-z was 12 years older or more then her not 9.. The rumor about Jay-z really being 45 has been confirmed by people who grew up with Jay-z but then again you can believe who you must remember Nas” ( who would know) said “ill still whoop yo ass you 36 in a karate class”? remember that? Jay-z then went on the radio and said ” im not 36 By the way you a couple of years off. That was in 2001 12 years ago

  23. Foxxy is now 34 and Jay is 43….if she was 15, that would make him 24…still not right but if the writer of this article didn’t take the time to do that little bit of simple math, i don’t know how much of anything else is actually true and not just gossip.

  24. wow I had know idea Jay-Z and Larry Johnson had an apartment together…either way, Why is she waiting till now to spill all of this…she must have an album on the way lol

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  26. These allegations coming from Foxy Brown could be true. I don’t put anything past anyone, no matter if they’re famous or not. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Jaimee Fox, and Foxy Brown are all fabulous artists who have recorded great music, and I am a fan of them all. If what Foxy says is true, why is she just now revealing these things? I guess she’s the only one who truly know her motive. What’s done in the dark definitely comes to the light. I don’t think Foxy Brown is crazy AT ALL, and I don’t think she’s lying…

    • i can assume that in order to become rich & famous, you have to join the ILLUMINATI & perform their pagan rites of homosexuality & murder. with that being said, the ones that were introduced to the circle that declined, look where they’re at now (i.e. Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill, Nas). makes me say…”Hmmm”.

  27. Y’all fall for anything. Clearly all y’all dumb because a smart b:tch would have checked and found out that foxy is 33 which means she isn’t 12 yrs younger then him. If he was 27, she was 17 going on 18. Dumb b:tches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • even if she was 17, that would still make her a minor you’re not an adult til your 18, which means this is still considered stagetory rape…. whose dumb now???

  28. I believe foxy Brown!!Wendy Williams know the truth too about jay z.The 90’s was “deep”…underground rapper,sex,lies,money…down low brothers.smdh

  29. “Get ya Independent ass Outta Here! Question…?” He got Beyonce as a Teenie Bopper too…


  31. What was once hush hush bcuz I got something over you so you don’t tell the real secrets, is no more bcuz it’s all out, illuminati….so sad. I can’t wait until God comes and cleans the world. I just pray I’m found ready and not asleep

  32. This is sad…. Stay out of this Bullshit…..People kill me smh

  33. Kanye said it best, “A girl will run her mouth only out of spite” Jay-Z fucked a lot of people over yeah that’s true but we’re talking about rape here. All this dirt was done early 90/00 so if everyone was fucked over and throwing shade then, why wait to put in your 2 cent if you’re not worried about fame. The tranny talk may be true, but the rape is a little overboard. That man pushing 50, let him live or physically put a bullet in his head!!

  34. you just hate to see this kind of thing happen

  35. Tupac and biggie was DL as well! I’m just saying.

  36. All I can say,is anything is possible…Many people in the music industry do some shady and perverted dealings.. All this does is fuel the ‘Illuminati’ believers,who think he(Jay-Z( made a pact with the devil! All I know is Foxy Brown is a bit late to come out with this… Why now?… Or is it because he discarded her like a used piece of tissue??

  37. And shorty is NOT a BOMBSHELL…that deaf bitch black as hell…move

  38. One things for sure…Beyounce has been looking allot like a man in many of her recent pics… I like women 100% …so everytime I see Beyounce looking like an man in the face, I’m like why.

  39. Soooooo Where is the source again? ….. lmfaooooo black people are so Gullible smdh

  40. She broke and how can she prove that? Hummmm

  41. I’m not saying I am psychic or have any, but there are people and even celebrity’s whose whole disposition doesn’t sit right with me. I have never liked Jay Z, and for years I would say that to people and they would look at me as if I was crazy or hating on him, especially since I don’t know him. There was always something about him that made me feel like he was just existing without a soul.
    I am not surprised at all! I feel like him and Beyonce’s union is more of business deal. I hope its not true, because I don’t look to see anyone dogged out like that. I’m just going by my sense of what I feel is going on with them. And goodGod

    • I agree with you. I never felt Jay as well. He seems shady to me. Foxy had to be around 17, but she still was not an adult to be running around with a 27 years old man. I have heard over the years as well that Jay Z, Jamie Foxx, and Diddy was gay. “Video Vixen” put them on blasted. All of these people can not be lying. I heard that Beyonce had stink breath as well from a lot of different articles and it was some celebrity can not remember who, but she said that Beyonce breath smells bad! I’m never surprised nowadays about anybody…I think Beyonce and Jay’s marriage is more of a business deal than love as well. It’s sad if he was having sex with Foxxy when she was underage because he did blacklisted R. Kelly after those videos came out. Jay Z and his whole new crew are nothing, but the devil with their throwing up the diamond a**es!!!,,,smh

  42. I’m not saying I am psychic or have any, but there are people and even celebrity’s whose whole disposition doesn’t sit right with me. I have never liked Jay Z, and for years I would say that to people and they would look at me as if I was crazy or hating on him, especially since I don’t know him. There was always something about him that made me feel like he was just existing without a soul.
    I am not surprised at all! I feel like him and Beyonce’s union is more of business deal. I hope its not true, because I don’t look to see anyone dogged out like that. I’m just going by my sense of what I feel is going on with them. And good God, Beyonce’s breath is always an issue…lol.

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  44. O…M….G! Smh….this is too much.

  45. You guys lost me at “probably one of the 5 greatest female Emcees of all time.”

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  47. Come on stop it foxy brown wit ur crazy ass. every body n BK knows she is crazy broke and looking for a check right about now. She must can afford those med prescriptions anymore that she takes for her mental issues, now she’s looking for sum coins. Trust me i’m from BK and i know she’s still n the same brownstone in BK since the beginning of her career and takes all kinds of mental medications. Fu#$%&*@ a jail bird broke brother from the PJ’s at 1 time and he didn’t even want 2 be with her ass. Sad part about it is she still has that voice and talent 2 do something but nobody really wants 2 mess with her bcuz of her issues. I personally always thought she was better than Lil Kim. #imjustsaying

  48. I believe every word of it…I also believe they are illuminati…or being used by the illuminati in someway. I don’t even listen to Jay Z music anymore or wear their lines (Dereon). Its not abt being gay its abt what/who he representing

  49. I believe the part about the 15 year old virginity and threesome thing without a question. He was dating Aaliyah and she was a teenager. He also quoted “I saw here when she was only 16 and I knew then she would be my lady” Speaking about Beyonce. Karrin Stephens says in her book “I will never mention the top record label exec I walked in on with their male lover”….

  50. well………….. not that I’m into rumor or conjecture… but back in the day didn’t everyone say that the rumor about Mr. Cee was a blatant lie???? LMAO I’ve seen some of the most hard core looking dudes standing around gay clubs in my lifetime. First time I saw it, well, let’s just say that I most certainly would NOT be surprised if this was true! For now, it is just an entertaining rumor. Its not making me any money! PEACE!! lol

  51. In the words of beanie on that average cat joint….i was that fly on the wall the type of shit I witness I can say things that me B look at you you do the knowledge…

  52. I believe Beyonce has halitosis…

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  54. Jay-z fucked Rhianna so she cud get fame and I no this for a fact!!! because she told her cousin… That’s a true fact…. Fuck no if he done the 15 year old thing cuz Iv never Hrd anything before

  55. Jay-z fucked Rhianna so she cud get fame and I no this for a fact!!! because she told her cousin… That’s a true fact…. Fuck no if he done the 15 year old thing cuz Iv never Hrd anything before

  56. Nevr liked Js music. Hate the diamond sign bullshit. I think he is definately a turd burgler though. Think he is draggin alot of the younger artists out their into his circle of “friends” also. Drake, Chris Brown, Rhianna……….Dude is evil

  57. wow. ok. smdh. despite the fact this maybe true or lie, still 1 question remains, why is she coming out w? this now? there is no excuse 2 blaspheme some!s name like that

    • thanks for the comment subscribe and tell your friends. 1 she came out with this over a year ago she was recently asked about this again and she told people to google the story .. and yes she is probably doing it out of spite because she ask for help from Jay and he act as though he never knew her

    • she was 15 then who was going to believe her then. and their was talk about him in the 90’s sleeping with young girls back then.

  58. yeah, and you should know about T.I. and Tiny’s freaky asses bringing in strippers from Miami, taking Molly’s eating them out and T.I. rubbing on Nelly’s dick while rolling on Molly’s and Nelly eating Tiny out in front of T.I. SMH – These MF’s is LOOSE! Family show – LOL, Shit is crazy!

    • Wow, I read on a blog about them and their wild 3-somes, but NELLY??? That’s a bit of a shocker, but I’m not putting it past anyone now-a-days SMFH

      The part about Jay taking Foxy’s virginity is true.

  59. I been knwing jayz was gay

  60. I believe it is a possibility. Was I there? No, however i wouldn’t put it past any of them. With all that money they have to be bored and with that comes experimentation. There have been all kinds of wierd kinky sex accusations against famous people with endless money forever. It is definitely nothing new. I know this is no church forum but, I think Jay-Z is an evil godless man having his fun but he will be judged by the one man he needs a relationship with in the end.

    • your opinion is always welcome here i happen to agree with you subscribe tell a friend and come back anytime i happen to agree

    • I like jay z even his music, but I believe all this accusations can’t all be lies, and I understand his influence has something extra to it. There must be some conscious pact with the occults that he has. He needs Christ, but so does all of us.

  61. This is a LIE..I don’t give a crap about Wendy Williams because everything that comes out of her mouth about beyonce is nothing but hateful lies, from beyonce recently getting her drivers liscense to her baby being fake….beyonce has been driving since she was a teenager, and her pregnancy was obviously real. Foxy Brown seems really ghetto and really dumb. She’s had so much trouble with the law, so much jail time and bs that I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth is true. she’s obviously a snake that has something strong against Jay-Z and needs to work things out whatever evil way she can. Beyoncé and Jayz are happily in love and have a baby, she has no right to try and ruin that for them. It does sound believable though, but I know a lie when I see one.

    • this is 100% true sorry to tell you Bey stans Jay-z been doing dirt a longgg time he just has enough power to keep it quiet so nothing sticks but hey if you choose not to believe it thats fine I have been in the hiphop industry from record companies to media for almost 15 years. thanks for the comment

    • this is 100% true sorry to tell you Bey stans Jay-z been doing dirt a longgg time he just has enough power to keep it quiet so nothing sticks but hey if you choose not to believe it thats fine I have been in the hiphop industry from record companies to media for almost 15 years. thanks for the comment

      • Okay so you copy and paste this same story verbatim from other websites and then act as though you heard it yourself from the horses mouth. Then you argue with anyone that questions the he said- she said story. Better yet you act like you were there to video tape the threesomes. I personally don’t put anything past anyone. But I don’t see how a credible person can claim something they heard from someone else to be 100% true. Internet blog foolishness travels fast, so please people don’t think searching google makes your information credible. That is not research. Then you are begging people to come back to your blog for Internet hits. What is your motive?

      • I have been blogging for years I blog because I can I don’t beg Im just considerate I ask. If this site is not for you than that’s fine it’s not for everyone. Like i said i did not copy the story word for word but that is what Blogging is. Necole Bitchie is one of the biggest sites as far as celebrity news/gossip you think her stories are exclusive? Thats what blogging is. Again I am not asking you to believe me I know what is true. Thanks again

    • Beyoncey is just getting her license wgen jay z brought her that bad ass car she did a innerview abd said she dont drive and that was years ago

    • please jay-z is not that clean trust theirs things he has done that are wrong in his world. foxy brown is not gaining anything from this. she just telling the truth people forget about the things they do back in life time it always have a way of catching up with you.

  62. For people to just jump on this shit and believe it is just straight retarded. First of all, there’s no confirmation that Foxy even said this. Second, from “a very accurate source”??? Who the fuck would that be, your grandmother’s cousin’s neighbor? Going on that logic, I can make up a bunch of gay rumors about YOU and they’ll be true! Going on that logic, anyone at anytime can be accused of anything and be arrested or killed, because a bunch of ignorant sheep are gonna blindly believe what may be a story created by your random, everyday hater? I like Jay and Be, I hate the KKK, but if a story was gonna just pop up about the leader of the KKK having sex with some black tranny, I’m not just gonna blindly believe that shit either. Who the hell are you people, is it really so blissful to be so ignorant? DAYUM?!?!

    • You have a right to believe what you want. Again We report you decide that is why they are called rumors. If you knew me which you do not you would know how i knew but unfortunately you don’t. Hell these days even pictures don’t have to be real they can be photoshopped. I can very easily in 15 minutes make a fake picture of anyone but i chose not to so pictures these days with today’s technology means nothing. if you chose not to believe this because you “like the artist” that is strictly up to you. Thanks for the comment

      • I didn’t see the disclaimer or the heading that said this covers rumors before I wrote the above. Sorry, thank you and I respect your reply.

      • no thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and comment blessings

  63. I’ve been in the industry for this long, that long, blah blah blah. So fuckin’ what? I’m not in the industry, but know plenty of people who are, and compered to them, you seem REAL professional. And you’re a writer? What kind of professional writer writes articles that are basically defamation of character without citing some solid sources? I dunno, maybe you were in the room during the filming of that video, is that why you know so much about the situation?

    • Again In the disclaimer of this blogsite it clearly states that this is a site that covers entertainment news and gossip. As i stated do you have proof for everything you believe? No you do not. It is not always possible to present written or visual proof if the person is not willing to give it or if the person who is involved wants to remain anonymous. That is why they call it anonymous. As i stated it is up to you if you want to believe it or not but i can guarantee you that you have believed things in the past that you just heard and not saw yourself. I print stories that I believe or know to be true. That’s all

  64. I was just want to know what demon conjured this up and spread it all over the net and twitter. I really really wish black people find some other shit do with our lives. First of all Jay Z fan or not, this is foolishness. Why in the hell do you care? And why do people read these “tell all” stories/books. People come up from their graves 25 years later and want to gossip about people that are doing MUCH better than them. Like whats the point. Every week another person is mad at Jay Z and Beyonce. And at this point its become annoying. Like if you want attention attack a bigger star and a black one at that. At the end of the day Foxy looks bitter (if this is even true). And this is all about playing to the “crabs in a barrel” audience, that loves to hear so juicy gossip about this couple. And then as a culture it makes us looks so bad. And its all for the money, because she or whoever surely isnt doing it for free. I just do not know. I guess I have too much conviction or a conscience. There are other ways to make money and pay bills besides trying to bring people down.

  65. First off, idc bout the story cuz niggas dont never tell it when they need to say something. But how is everybody coming up with a 12 years age difference when theyre only 9 years apart. & who knows she probably couldve lied about her age back then like most people did when they wanted to b grown. Something aint rite but I know more bullshit is to follow as usual.

  66. Fuck the dirty smut foxy that bitch is a hater made cause she a broke dirty bitch stay in ya lane bitch

  67. This was funny too read. However everyone knows that Wendy Williams and Howard Stern are characters. They become characters behind the mic. And they talk about whatever is gonna cause the most buzz. The fact that they’re your only true source’s is laughable.

    • Oh and why is that because I’m not mto or bossip ? Lol yeah real credible

      Sent from my iPhone

      • It’s ok girl. You can say whatever you want. Can we go on a date. I’m a girl who loves girls!!

    • why because i am not bossip or media takeout? lol yeah reall credible well if you do your research a lot of sites re blogged my story as well as media takeout and diary of a hollywood street kings fagggot ass

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  69. The falsity in this article is when Jay Z was 27 Foxy was 18 so that right there makes your article null n void it was cute tho.

    • again yall think jay-z is 9 years older again thats you guys opinion lmao smh

      • Girl bye! You have nothing to back up your claims. If you can’t prove shit then stfu. Until you have proof of his real age then keep quiet. We have plenty to back up birthdate and ages and you have nothing. (Waits for you to go in your corner)

    • Yes. That bitch sure tried it with her half ass facts!!

  70. in 88 you was gettin chased through your buildin also a line from ether if nas knew jay that long i wud believe the other line foxy got u hot cause u kept ur face in her puss also wouldnt put it past none of the ppl in the buisness to try to cover this up if its true money make ppl do dumb shit

  71. Why does it matter if he gay? And we can all say she was 15 and all this and that but she gapped her legs open to get them clothes, nails, hair dos and to get put on the map. I do not worship anyone but the good lord above however jay-z got more money, power and #1’s the nas ever had nas was just pissed that Jay-z was fucking his girl. and Foxxy is an opportunist who just wants to be relevant again for a few seconds, and the fact she had to diss bey who aint never did anything to her shows you were her mind is. Jay-z and beyonce still the best selling, riches and most powerful couple period even if he breathe smell like shit her shitty breathe ass sale out concerts every time and even if jay a gay, tranny chasing whatever he still got the money, power and fame… so we all need to mind or business and worry about who we fucking.

  72. Foxxy Brown was born on September 6, 1978 and Jay-Z was born on December 4, 1969 that’s nine years that’s just the facts

    • This bitch on this blog is dumb. She believe anything. Hoe check yo facts!!!

      • you have their birth certificate?

      • I’m sure that the person is probably taking their word for it (hearing them say it in an interview or song, or reading a piece of credible journalism that they approved). However, by your standards, do you have their birth certificates? If not, then by that very same logic, how can you argue that Jay slept with Foxy when she was 15, if you had no way of knowing when she (or Jay) was born, outside of THEIR OWN WORDS??? Face it, this article is he said, she said, masquerading as the truth. Your only arguments for it are speculative rhetoric, and meaningless banter. Your ignorant, target audience may get off on it, however most people with any measure of intelligence would conclude that it’s pure BS!

  73. And no I don’t have his birth certificate, However you can lookup the property records for the 40/40 club which shows his name and date of birth

  74. Idk man Ive been hearing the same dam rumors for years now the industry niggas are not going to bluntly say there fucking niggas but I believe they are

  75. This is a crock of shit…Foxy Brown is over done and gone. This is some “I don’t have anything to write so let’s see if i can put the flames in this OLD ASS LIE” One of these days and i see it comin soon,one you bloggers,reporters smut writers is going to be found floating in the east river because you wrote about the wrong one in a huge attempt to get on. One rappers is going to reach out and touch you via your I.P. address and thats going to make T.M.Z …careful what you spread..IJS

  76. As a journalist, I am inclined to regard this blog as nothing more than gossip. In the subtitle, it alleges that this information was received from a “very accurate source.” Yet, the source is never named throughout the blog. Furthermore, there is no concrete evidence (on hand) that would corroborate the claims made therein. I was taught that when a journalist (a blogger also classifies as this) fails to provide his or her sources, then it is safe to assume that either they themselves are the source, or someone who won’t be considered by the target audience as credible is the source. In reading many of the replies, it’s amazing how naive so many people are. The anonymous person who challenged this blog was dead on, when he or she said “there is no audio of video claims of this.. this story started at and made it’s way over to at this point, it’s just he say / she say NONSENSE.” Heaven Hollywood’s reply was considerably weak, and amounted to a bunch of rhetoric and red-herrings. There was also a personal attack in there, when he asserted “You say it’s not true only because your brainswashed by Jay-z and witch beyonce.” This is a very speculative and accusatory argument, in the face of a soundly logical argument. However, this is typical of one who would post gossip and masquerade it as the gospel truth.

    • I never once said or claimed anything to be the gospel truth. What is a blog site? A blog site also consist of stories heard or seen on other blog sites as well. As far as my sources” let me ask you a question? Does every single person want to be identified? especially when they are telling a incriminating story? No they do not. So just because there are no pictures or audio means absolutely nothing. You have your right to believe what you want to believe. I have had this story up for almost 3 years i did not ask any of you to come comment on a story 3 years old. That was your own doing. read the disclaimer it says this is a celebrity Gossip site and just like every other gossip site some rumors are true some aren’t you decide which ones you care to believe. If this story started elsewhere in your opinion why are you coming over here 3 years later?

  77. When She Was 15 He Was 24 … Somebody Lying!

  78. the writer of this piece is a retard

  79. Just wanted to know there is also a rumor that J is fucking Rita Ora too….I wouldnt be surprise if he did. Also there is something fake about she really in love with bey or is she an oppurtinist..I mean she did this song of Ring the Alarm when Jay was fucking Rhianna on Ring the Alarm…I mean does this woman have some sense of who her “husband” really is and what he is capable of doing…She just seems sooo fake…Like money over sense smh

    • co sign ring the alarm was for rihanna as well as shade towards rihanna with bow down ri ri isnt thinking about beyonce because her and jay’z marriage is just a business arrangment

  80. foxy was a child and at the same time jay z was an adult and well aware of the crime he was committing each and every time he slept with her. I remember watchinv them and the chemistry they had I suspected they were sleeping around way before it hit the airways. he’s a chester molester and needs to be locked up for child molestation just as any man would that sleep with children. in due time he will be fondling blue ivy. a pedophile is a pedophile. they dont care who they touch on. that is an illnes. and u can believe there are plenty more kids he has stuck his dick in over the years. it aint no cure for that type of sickness trust me. old dick in the booty lil boy fucking ass dude. I dont like him

  81. I believe it’s true because I live here in Calif and I see a lot of them doing things you would never believe these Black men do. More men and woman need to expose these celebrities, problem is they have PR that are paid millions of dollars to clean up there mess. Most of the time you lose your life telling on these EVIL to the core celebrities. A lot of the black men in Hollywood ARE GAY, has been that way for over 50 years along with the White, Asian and Hispanic men.

  82. Since most ethnic ppl can’t be Brain Washed anymore by Rock music who has been dominated by whites! Its simple a black is recruited to continue the wicked work of the devil !! How many young ethnic kids are in Rikers Island who praise the GARBAGE HIP HOP is feeding into their tiny brains !
    Thr female artist always sing about prostitution the male artist sing about selling narcotics, being proud they are in and out of jail , Please they a Bunch of Clowns and I Pray
    GOD GIVES THE YOUTH PARENTS WHO DO GIVE A CRAP, CAUSE NONE OF THOSE BAFOONS RAP ARTIST OR POP STARS ARE GONNA PAY YOUR BILLS!!! ITS SAD Foxy Brown & other girls & boys feel the need to do what ever to get $$$ Karma gets all of us sooner or Later, Blacks were used as puppets to entertain whites long ago, now the whites use black and Latinos to kill one another, no need for them to dirty their hands Anymore !
    We are our own worst enemies !
    World Stop Allowing these Rapist & Child Molesters Walk Free!!!!!!!
    ALL THESE WOMEN HAVE BEEN USED & Become disposable!!!

  83. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something
    that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for
    me. I am looking forward for your next post,
    I will try to get the hang of it!

  84. It’s not Larry Johnson the basketball player. It’s Larry Johnson the football player. He played for the Chiefs (NFL)

  85. With the way the industry is, I could believe he would take her virginity but they are 9 years apart so he would have been 24 not 27 when she was 15. Doesn’t make it better but..

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