Guess What Female Singer Was hating On Ariana Grande At An AMA AFter Party?




So A lot of reaction to which female singer was hating on Ariana Grande.  According to Blind Gossip” A female singer who had a little too much to drink started mouthing off about Ariana Grande  ” Why Do people  think she can sing? She can’t Sing. She can hit most of the notes most of the time but her diction sucks,her phrasing is bad and she can’t control her breathing Plus { Anonymous} told me  that most of her runs  get Autotuned in the studio”

I am still waiting on the confirmation  I believe  I know who it is  but here are the choices



MY WORD:  Who is the female and who was she talking too? hmmm

wow! 50 Cent Says Eminem Would Eat Jay-z And Every Rapper alive


There is always talk about ” Who’s the greatest Rapper ever? The Older heads May say Krs 1 Rakim or LL Cool J , The Newer Heads may say Jay-z  Biggie or Tupac, But   50 says it’s Eminem. In this portion of the 50 Chronicles  he explains the difference between Eminem and Jay-z and says Jay-z would get chewed by Em

Rihanna Vs TLC? The Females involved in Twitter War of tweets


(L-R) T-Boz and Chilli from TLC slam Rihanna for her revealing outfits. Rihanna posted this photo of herself in response. (Photos courtesy of Getty Images/Twitter)

Of course the 2014 way of having an altercation  is Twitter,IG or Facebook. Recently during A interview with Chanel Magazine Click here if You missed It     Legendary Group TLC took a little shot at Pop’s reigning queen.


“We became the biggest selling girl group of all time with our clothes on, and that says a lot.”

“We could go around too with booby cakes [breasts] out all day long.”

“It’s hard for us to say anything, because any time we do, they say, ‘Oh, TLC must be jealous,’ but I call a spade a spade.”


This was presumed to be in response to Rihanna’s jaw dropping Dress that she wore to the CFDA fashion awards

You think  Ri Ri responded? LMAO now come on! You know how Rihanna gets down Continue reading

Rapper Lil Debbie says Chief Keef tried to get at her talks Iggy

Lil Debbie Says Chief Keef Hit Her Up, Accuses Iggy Azaelea Of Having Butt Implants

Former White Girl Mob  member Lil Debbie sounded off on what she thought about Iggy Azalea’s body and whether she thinks it’s real or not. Deb also was asked what rappers tried to  get at her  and you may be surprised which  names she drops

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MY WORD: LMAO I love it! Basically Chief Keef to her is nobody special   the dudes back home are on the same level as him. Tell em Debbie bring these old low budget rappers  crashing back to earth.  I got hard when she said ” The sugar”

Nicki Minaj New Song Lookin Ass N****a Hits black men where it hurts

Nicki Minaj’s latest song has got men in  an uproar Black Men..  Seems as though Black Men have taking offense to the song, but why? It seems as though Nicki Has hit home and a lot of these ” Looking ass N****s  is in their feelings.  Oh fronting like they got a plan   Boost Mobile ass Ni***s     #dead


Hot Tea Wednesday: Khloe cheating with Game?Keyshia disses Beyonce Rihanna busted with drugs?

khloe kardashian maybe cheating on lamar odom with the game

Hot Tea for the 20th day of March   As we go all around the celebrity  world and dish all the TruthsKhloe Kardashian accused of  cheating on Lamar Odom with The Game?   Game later denied it and Im sorry  doesn’t sound like Khloe but this wouldn’t be the first time The Game smashed one of his home boys wifey’s ( see Matt Barnes)   Read this story here

Rihanna’s tour buses were stopped at the Border that separates Detroit and Windsor  Canada and authorities said that they smelled Marijuana coming from the bus. They them got out the sniff dogs and they found Weed on the bus. NO RIHANNA WAS NOT on any of the buses



So Bobby Brown has to turn himself into jail  after 3  DUI’s  but Lindsay Lohan has YET to see any jail time  Cough Race card   cough cough
Ap.9 Celebrates Coco’s Birthday   Seems like  Rapper Ap.9 is a little sore that Coco Stayed with her husband Ice-T    People had been whispering that Ap.9 was kinda falling  for Coco  and people around the Vegas scene co signed and said “they sure did not just seem like a one night stand  they seemed very into each other”   read Story Here
R Kelly has lost his Chicago Mansion to Foreclosure        God I sure hope R Kelly isn’t do that bad with all the money he has generated and pocketed… They say he lost his Mansion  that he spent 3.5 million dollars on  for only $925.000 Read The Story Here

Lil Wayne has been warned to stay away from Sizzurp and Mollie, it is said to be those 2 drugs combined that has been throwing him into multiple seizures..   Wayne better fall back Potna
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in 2011
Selena Gomez brags about  making Justin Bieber cry   .. Selena appeared on David Letterman and basically played The Biebs in front of the entire world
The Justin Bieber fans did not take to well  to the diss
Keyshia Cole did not love the new Beyonce song and she let it be known   Read Tweets Here

Lil Wayne says he f****d Chris Bosh wife and says the fuck The NBA and Miami Heat

English: Black & White photograph of Lil Wayne...

English: Black & White photograph of Lil Wayne taken by RJ Shaughnessy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                Lil Wayne says  he f****d Chris Bosh wife  and says  the fuck The NBA and Miami Heat

AS We all know Lil Wayne was banned from NBA games and he blames the Miami Heat  so this weekend  Lil Wayne dropped a bomb  he said fuck Lebron  fuck She Wade( Dwayne Wade) and Chris Bosh  then he said this

I spoke with a former friend of Chris Wife  and she confirmed this story  she says ” this is definitely true however she is not sure whether Chris and Adrienne were married at the time but they were  definitely  together”  END Quote

Phone Calls to Chris Bosh ‘s Publicist has not been returned

Wale Didn’t appreciate Kelly Clarkson’s remark about Miguel

Apparently Wale’ did not find Kelly Clarkson’s comments to be funny