Sanaa Lathan, was in a Lesbian relationship with Regina Hall? and had Affair With Denzel?



Sanaa Lathan  Was In A Lesbian Relationship With Regina Hall? and Had Affair with Denzel Washington?

 Allegedly Those are the rumors floating around Heavy out cheyah in these skreets. is reporting that Not only did Sanaa have a relationship with Actress Regina Hall but she actually had an affair with Denzel Washington. An Affair that allegedly had Sanaa thinking that D.W was going to leave his wife for her. In the middle of all these rumors is Omar Epps and his Wife  and Oh My God check out the article and I will meet you back here for MY WORD Continue reading

Erica Mena says ” She did not release Private pics of D.J Envy’ but She got some





Erica Mena is sick and tired of being blamed for D.J Envy’s indiscretions. Recently some private pics were released of D.J Envy and Envy as well as a lot of other Urban blog sites blamed Erica. Well Erica has come out and said that it was not her who released these pics but another chick that works at the same station as Envy that he lovingly calls “rich Bitch”      Check out what Ms Mena said

Envy doesn’t care about anyone not even his wife that’s no secret. Smh envy is so lying and becuz his close friends with bossip so they are trying to put it on me to save his weak ass. I fucking hate bossip they love to shit on me only because they are friends with him.” ~Erica Mena

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DJ Envy exposed Jerking Off still cheating?

DJ Envy still cheating?

DJ Envy Busted Sexting Jump-off

You mean after all that hying and crying D.J Envy is still cheating on his wife? So says this yoing lady who exposed this picture of D.j Envy laying in a bed giving the camera pervert eyes and choking his chicken

DJ Envy Nude Masturbation Photo Leak

Dj Envy tried to say it was photoshopped     That look like a real pic playa   I wonder who leaked these Erica Mena? Maria Money? Cuban Cigarra? Maria Millions?

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Erica Mena is the real victim not DJ Envy or his wife

DJ Envy Admits To Affair On-Air, Erica Mena Responds On Twitter

Look  May I first say  that  What I am about to state is strictly my opinion based on what I know,who I know and reliable sources that know both people.

I do not know Erica Mena (i would like to meet her) she actually has me blocked on twitter. I am cool with everyone else from LHH except Erica. I have met D.J Envy in the past an each time I met him he always act as though he was above everyone else. I have also known several people  deep in the industry that has said  he was ” a douche” “stuck up” think he is better than everyone  but let’s just Keep It 100.   First off Erica Mena had no idea  that D.J Envy was married, she was in this thinking that Envy was her man  and that he was  if not single at least available.. When the news broke that D.J Envy was apologizing to his wife on air  this took Erica by surprise  now look  If  you float about this industry and you have friends in the industry  EVERYONE knew that this was not the first time  Envy has been caught or said to be  having extra marital affairs, this is also not the first time he has lied to women about his marriage and is also not the first time his wife has been warned/told about other women.  Erica Mena  was not living in New York she was off trying to make a name for herself  when she was introduced to Envy.  If she is told by this well-known DJ  that he was not married  and he was often at her beck and call  taking her on shopping sprees,spending money on vacations and get aways  and even setting up a condo  would you think a married man would be allowed to do all that? A lot of people are quick to judge Erica but lets keep it real  even if she was to find out  How many of you hypocrites  would stop seeing the playa stop receiving the gifts and the bags and the shoes? Dj Envy owes his wife respect  not Erica Mena  she doesn’t know Envy’s wife, She did not take a vow he did..  I have read some timelines  of other people on twitter who have also said that Envy was at one time  smashing them  and they also was said to have received some sought of gift  at one point. I refuse to believe that more than one woman is lying about Envy it’s not like he is a HUGE star.  So why is Erica getting crucified in the court of public opinion? why is she the bad person? what did she do? what vow did she break? It is easy to pick on the reality star/ the urban model  / the groupie the stripper  these days because celebrities make them out to be  just that. What many people do not know  and I learned this from a female who have been involved with several rappers,singers in the game. These dudes hit these chicks up all the time  they keep tabs on them  like they are their women  they call other rappers and promoters  to keep an eye on them  when they are in the clubs meanwhile  they have women at home  that they are lying to and deceiving. Erica Mena is no angel  but  im sorry this time she is the victim  DJ envy owes not only his wife and apology but Erica Mena,  and whoever else  that he deceived  while he was out to satisfy the only person  he has  been said to ever truly care about, Himself


Claws out as one Tiger Woods mistress reports another to cops over death threat


Devon James Photo

Tiger Woods TextsJoslyn James Texts


Tiger Woods must have that “good good” or should I say that “wood wood” Now he has the ex mistresses fighting over him? lol check this out dudes.

Claws out as one Tiger Woods mistress reports another to cops over death threat.

My Word: Ok so they wasn’t fighting over Tiger but admit it that is what you thought at first. lol

But Damn Tiger now you may have seeded one of these hoes up?  SMH

Tiki Barber’s “Girlfriend” Defends Their Relationship.

Tiki Barber‘s girlfriend, Traci Johnson, insists she and the ex-Giant didn’t get together until he’d split with his wife of 11 years, Ginny, who was then pregnant with twins. She writes on “I knew that Tiki didn’t leave Ginny when she was eight months pregnant for me. I knew that his relationship had deteriorated before my relationship with him was even a thought in his mind.”

Traci said she was shocked to find herself on The Post’s front page when we broke the story in April. She recalls “crying to Tiki . . . begging him to . . . scream it from the top of 30 Rock, to simply tell the world the truth because I thought it was destroying me, him . . . Tiki sat me down . . . and said, “Nothing that I can say will change their perception.” She adds they enjoy watching rented movies “or enjoying an episode of ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’ . . . you can find us at a cozy wine bar with friends or playing in a co-ed softball league.” Tiki and Ginny are still battling over their divorce settlement.
-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Twitter Bicker Tameka Foster goes in on Chilli

Tameka Foster Sad Twitter Face

The battle of The Exes. Usher’s ex wife for some reason felt as though she needed to take shots at former love Chilli.Tameka Foster is known for her thumb thuggin’ moments on Twitter. Just when we thought she was on to the next… one our readers informed us Tameka has been taking shots at Chilli since Usher’s VH1 Behind the Music aired. Tameka is good for hitting the delete button after she tweets some craziness but of course someone always catches it!!!

Tameka Crazy Tweets

Tameka Crazy Tweets

Tameka How old are you? everybody knows that Chilli is Usher’s love of his life. If he could do that all over i almost guarantee you he would pick Chilli even though word is she is a “dead” f..k  I won’t reveal who told me but trust me he is a good friend of mine,in the industry and has been intimate with Chilli

Exclusive The year of the Jumpoff continues now Ja’Rules side piece Airs him out on Twitter then mentions Drake too

We had  Shaq’s sidepiece,Tiger’s jumpoff’s The Basketball wives,Sandra Bullock’s ex husband and the list goes on and on. Of course 2010 will be remembered as the year of the Bootleg Superhead Kat Stacks. Now on Twitter Ja’Rule’s alledged Jumpoff put him on blast yesterday morning

Check out what @missbellared had to say about Ja’Rule and his wife

I kept everything on the Low for years but his Fat ass wife fucked that up yesterday!! Smh Bitch I will see you in NY #BeleiveDat :)) about 14 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry

Relationship I remember he told me he wishes he wasn’t married anymore, She is old News!! about 14 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I’m not @Ruleyork‘s Jumpoff I was his Bitch for two years!! Even thow I know he had other Bitches he told me he was fucking with!! about 14 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

We used to cruise the streets of NY he even used to tell his fans that seen us together that he was married and I was his wife!!

I don’t care what anyone says I know what’s up my bitches know what’s up, Remember the nights we spent together in Manhattan Boo @Ruleyork


But there is more she then went on to notion that Drake and her were also involved in some 3some action sex

Im talking to my girl @RuthSydney she just told me that she just spoke to @Drakkardnoir and told him that i aired out what happened between

The 3 of us and these were his exact words Wtf ,Im just gonna Deny it>> #Typical Lying ass Nigga!! LMFAO @Drakkardnoir Shame on you 😉 about 6 hours ago via web

wowww then i heard she had done a interview with Lil Mo (and we know mo has no love lost for Rule) and she airing it all out between 2-6pm Wed  Of course Ja’rule is responding back via twitter saying that she is lying, he would never touch her blablabla but we all know Rule was dating and fuckin Superhead for years so we know Ja isn’t faithful. Wow we will have more details another Kat Stacks? at least she can talk and look goood. Kat Stacks is tore up and fukks z list rappers

Here is some more from who broke the story

JaRule you are in trouble friend  I already have people confirming that it’s true  lmao pack your bags bud

Uh-Oh Joe Joey Crack In a Little bit of trouble

Fat Joe and his wife Lorena Cartagena

Fat Joe was detained last night for ALLEGEDLY feeling up a woman  on the way from a concert. Now the details are said to be a little SUS (does the Omarion touch dance ) SUS  doom doom doom SUS doom doom doom SUS doom doom doom SUS doom doom doom  Turn the lights on!!

Oh sorry Anyway here are the SUS details according to NBC News

According to NBC reports, an undisclosed female filed a report with the Madison Police Department. She claimed that Fat Joe and his entourage touched her inappropriately while they were on their way to the hotel at 1:00 in the morning.

Hmmm wonder where she thought they were going to do? A round of shuffleboard? scrabble?

Incident Type:
Sexual Assault

Incident Date:
06/21/2010 – 12:46 AM

400 Block North Lake Street

Ongoing Investigation


33-year-old female of Madison

At approximately 12:46 AM, Madison Police were dispatched to the 400 block of N. Lake Street reference allegations of a sexual assault.

After police arrived on scene, allegations by a 33-year-old female involved the entourage of Joseph Cartagena (AKA “Fat Joe”), after a hip hop concert at the Orpheum Theater on 6/20/2010.

The concert started at 7pm at The Orpheum Theater (located at 216 State Street), and shortly after the concert had concluded, a 33-year-old female found herself inside of a Cadillac Limousine with Joseph Cartagena and other male subjects all with the destination of a hotel located on Madison’s west side.

There were allegations of inappropriate touching involving the female, and after some time had elapsed, the female reported this matter to Madison Police.

This investigation is ongoing.

Details are continuing to be developed in this matter.

Cartagena was questioned along with others in his entourage.

SMH…  Joey what will your wife say?

Oh and ladies usually if you’re headed to a hotel with a rapper there is a 99% chance somebody is about to get touched! NEWSFLASH

Ocho Cinco disses the basketball wives

Chad “Ocho Cinco” didn’t take to well to the insults made by the cast of ladies from the new reality show The basketball Wives about his house that they were supposedly attending a party at. The B.B.W made comments like “this party is weak, This isn’t a good look to be here” and insulted the house. Chad took to twitter(of course)  to vent and go back at the ladies. Here are some of the tweets

“Basketball Wives” Evelyn Lozada then came on Twitter to defend herself against Chad

MY Word: Twitter is gonna get somebody slapped one day  or worse. These basketball wives do be talking restless sometimes