Comedian Spanky Hayes exposes Tyrese as Gay?

Up and Coming comedian Spanky Hayes done opened up a can of worms.

Back on Tuesday He took to You Tube and made comments about Tyrese Gibson being gay and getting Roles because He  sucked d..k for roles  Click Here for that







MY WORD: Man! I don’t know if I believe this  but let me ask you people something. Why is it that black  successful entertainers  always have to be looked upon as gay?

No ‘GURU’ Mention At BET Awards?

One of the BEST shows in the history of it’s running, folks are STILL yammering on about the 2010 BET Awards. And there was plenty to yammer about: Kanye opening the show with his “Moses on the mountain receiving the ten commandments” backdrop; Usher doing what he does best; Alicia Keys “BEAUTIFULLY” with child; Eminem‘s comeback performance; the COMPLETE domination of Drake & Nicki Minaj; Monica & Denise Williams reminding us what REAL vocalists sound like; Kirk Franklin & Fred Hammond bring the Holy Ghost in the midst of all that Hoe-Hoppin’; Diddy showboating as usual w/two backup singers/dancers, which he’s really trying to pass off as a “group”- Dirty Money (also joined by Rick Ross, T.I. & Nicki Minaj); Tyrese Gibson resurrecting Teddy Pendergrass; El Debarge providing us with that “blast from the past”; Trey Songz “prison raping” ‘Purple Rain‘, much to the originator’s displeasure; Chris Brown‘s PHENOMENAL tribute to Michael Jackson, followed by water works on cue; Janelle Monae, Alicia Keys & Ms. Patti La Belle‘s EXCEPTIONAL tribute to the LEGENDARY  BET Lifetime Achievement Recipient Prince; Busta Rhymes Shutting It DOWN w/DJ Khaled; and the mere fact that the show was hosted by Hip-Hop Royalty herself, Queen Latifah.

Indeed it was a memorable night. But what folks are starting to talk about now is what was omitted- GURU! With all the drama that surrounded his illness & passing, that was more than an “Oversight.” That was blatant disrespect, disregard & negligence. In addittion,  Steve McNair, Baatin, Naomi Simms, E. Lynn Harris, & DJ Mr. Magic, were also part of the forgotten. smh.

Maybe they’ll do something for the BET Hip-Hop Awards. We shall see.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.