Exclusive K Michelle Said Soulja Boy Dating A Transgender and Soulja Goes Off

You know we Fucks with Sidney Starr at H.H.M  so We love saying ” We told you so” Sidney Starr told us years ago she used to date Soulja Boy and nobody believed her now K Michelle has  confirmed it  on radio.  Today K Michelle paid a visit to the Breakfast Club and she got raw Continue reading

Didn’t Wendy Williams Try 2 tell us about DJ Mr Cee in 2007?

Remember when Wendy Williams was still on WBLS back in 2007 and she told a story about a female telling her that a popular D.J that worked down the dial at one of those ” HipHop stations” Was seen and later heard up in a known “Tranny’s apartment getting it in? I have the audio and if you can listen to the syllables that Wendy uses instead of saying the name and coincidentally it has the same amount of syllables as D J Mister Cee. I am glad i was able to obtain the audio because Wendy was rarely wrong boyyy


Breaking News Mr Cee caught and arrested for lewd acts with a transvestite?

dl celebrities dj mister cee mugshot


I heard this  story way back on thursday but As I have proven before I am more concerned about being accurate than I am being firstMr Cee legendary DJ who is accredited with discovering Notorious B.I.G  was arrested Wednesday for Alleged lewd conduct with a Transvestite  in an automobile around 5pm. According to a story generated by DairyofaHollywoodStreetKing.com blog Mr Cee  who’s real  name is Calvin Labrun  was allegedly arrested for receiving oral  sex in Manhattan’s West Village. He is said to have been booked at the 1st precinct in Manhattan and later released on his own accord.   Developing……

We want to state that at this point in time the only thing that has been confirmed is that Mr Cee was arrested  for  lewd conduct in a public place. We here at HeavenHollywood.com will get to the bottom of this. Ed Lover and Funkmaster Flex has denied  the rumors  saying that they are false

My Word: I don’t know yet if this is true but isn’t Mr Cee the same guy that Allegedly pays strippers to urinate on him? We will  see how this turns out …..