Ashanti’s Stalker Gets Two Years.

It’s two years at Rikers Island for Devar Hurd, the Indiana man who sent lurid, masturbatory cell phone pictures of himself to singer Ashanti and her “momager.”

“Mr. Hurd, I realize you don’t want to hear this, but it’s obvious to me that you need to get help,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber said in issuing the maximum sentence for misdemeanor stalking and harassment today.

Hurd, who has been diagnosed with a delusional disorder, sent some 32 disturbing, sex-obsessed texts to the R&B star.

“That’s sex texting, is what it is,” Hurd had explained when he testified in December. “For the ladies!”

But the singer’s mom, Tina Douglas, took the stand to personally tell jurors that the messages left her “terrified” for her daughter’s safety.

“My job is to be her manager,” Douglas told the jury. “But she’s my daughter, first.”

Hurd, who has already been in jail for the past eight months since his arrest, had hoped to be released on time served.

“Yes, I sent some adult text messages. Again, this is something I’ve done in the past,” Hurd told the judge — as if that minimized his crime.

“I’ve always meant the best for her and her career,” he said of Ashanti.

The judge said he’d have rather sent Hurd to some probation-controlled mental health counseling program — but that probation officials in both New York and Illinois, where his family lives, wouldn’t take him.

But lead prosecutor Carol Holderness told the judge that Hurd intended to alarm his victims — and that jail is the best place for him.

“Even if he believed that Ashanti was in love with him, his conduct was not that of a man wooing a woman,” Holderness said.

“It’s not like he was sending her flowers.”

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Ashanti’s Freakish Stalker!

Ashanti seems to have a psycho stalker on her hands and the NYPD Authorities have nabbed that ass! Devar Hurd, of Indiana, has been sending lewd & explicit text messages to the singer & other female members of her family. Hurd, 31, began this sick game of “sexting” when he hit her mom- Tina Douglas- up first. Tina received messages from Hurd describing what he wanted to do to her in a sexual manner. He then began to text photos of his genitalia, and it basically went downhill from there. He also sent her mom a picture of Ashanti’s car, then went on to tell mom how he masturbates as he watches video of her performances. He even went as far as to suggest a group sex session between Ashanti, her mom, & younger sister Kenashia.

Hurd, described as a lower level record producer/engineer, is being held at Riker’s Island in lieu of $50,000 bail.

-“The BklynBandette”. Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant!