What The Game Done Did? Interview Could Land Him In Jail?

The Game’s Recent Radio Appearance Could Land Him In Jail

Sometimes you just gotta hush your mouth 

After his beef with Young Thug reared its ugly head once again, things got a bit more serious when The Game issued threats to an NYC DJ during his interview with the Breakfast Club. Game threatened to “break [DJ Star’s] jaw when [I] see him” and now faces potential arrest the next time he touches down in New York City.

Apparently, after Star heard the threat on the radio show, he contacted the NYPD according to Page Six. It’s unclear what Game would officially be charged with, but I’m pretty sure he’s not eager to find out.

The Game’s Documentary 2 album drops next week.

My Word: Who is this snitching? Dj Star? That can’t be the infamous Star  From Star and Bucwild could it? Nahh  not snitching  could it?

Raz B’s Brother Threatens Chris Brown.

This B.S. Chris Brown/Raz B. twitter beef is getting REE-DAMN-DICULOUS! Now Raz’s brother- Ricky Romance– has stepped into the fray, posting a video message saying, “If I see you in L.A. my dude, I’m gonna put my mother fu**ing pistol in your mouth.” Ouch!

Ricky added, “Step your game up homeboy … when I see you my n**ga, I will smack you in the mouth, beat you, drag you down the street and treat you like a little b**ch my n**ga. This ain’t no mother f**king game homeboy.  You ain’t welcome in L.A. and if I catch you alone, watch what I’ma do to you.

Last night, Chris tweeted, “Ill be in LA REAL SOON!!!!!!”

This is all Sad & Pathetic.

“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Times Square Evacuated … AGAIN!!!

Parts of New York City’s Times Square were shut down Friday over reports of a suspicious package, Fox News Channel reported, citing the NYPD.

The package was reportedly near the intersection of 45th St. and Broadway near the Marriott Marquis hotel.

That is the same corner where an SUV was parked Saturday in a failed attempt to detonate the vehicle in Times Square. The Nissan Pathfinder was loaded with propane, gasoline and fireworks.

Police were directing traffic and pedestrians out of the area encompassing 44th St. to 48th St. between 7th Ave. and Broadway.

Britney Spears recieves Death Threats


what the hell is going on? Britney Spears recieves death threatning emails while traveling through europe with her 2 sons sean and jayden as she was performing her circus tour.she refused to bring her sons with her as she played her first ever show in Russia, leaving them in the safe hands of family members in London.
Spears also decided against staying in the country herself, spending the night in Finland and jetting in to St Petersburg

on Friday(17Jul09).

That was according to Contactmusic..

MY Take: people are sick in this world why in the world would anyone wanna kill britney spears when you still got Beyonce walking around who is much more relevant? haaaa  (Just kidding B with your jacking ass)