Chris Brown Disses Drake Calls Him Corny Says Him and Rihanna Do Not Speak

Chris Brown paid a visit to The Breakfast Club and although he did not want to mention Drake he ended up doing it anyway. The Breakfast Club especially Charlamange  love starting drama, that is what  they are best at so they wanted Chris to say something and he eventually did.

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Exclusive K Michelle Said Soulja Boy Dating A Transgender and Soulja Goes Off

You know we Fucks with Sidney Starr at H.H.M  so We love saying ” We told you so” Sidney Starr told us years ago she used to date Soulja Boy and nobody believed her now K Michelle has  confirmed it  on radio.  Today K Michelle paid a visit to the Breakfast Club and she got raw Continue reading

Keith Murray Shuts Down The Breakfast Club with a Freestyle

Keith Murray At The Breakfast Club: Bullying Rappers, Dragging Prodigy, Fredro Starr (Video)

Maybe one of the realist rappers to ever pick up the mic Keith Murray  stopped by the Breakfast Club  to promote his Battle on Sept 28 vs Fredro Starr.. The Breakfast club actually asked him to drop some bars  and boy did Murray answer the call

Draya speaks on Chris Brown and Karrueche


Everyone in the  blogosphere world want to know  What’s up with Draya,Karrueche and Chris Brown? The first is always “How can she be friends with someone who used to be with her man and the second question is always Do you guys do 3somes? Draya was on The Breakfast Club in New York City on Friday and Draya finally cleared the air and put everyone on  about what goes on when Her,C-Breezy and Karrueche get together

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