Exclusive: Why Kim Kardshian Had every right to go Off on Paparazzi

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Sighting In New York City - September 5, 2012

I wanted one on these haters  but maybe she is doing the right thing by not even responding to them.. I sat and wondered just the other night how does Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (more so Kim) feel? they sit down to watch some TV or go on the internet and all they see   as they approach what should be one of the most beautiful and special times in both of their lives are people  criticizing,insulting,disrespecting  their relationship their families their lives and them as individuals. Look I know when you are a  world known celebrity there are certain things  you sign up for, I also realize Continue reading

What’s going on here? ummmmmmm Drake &Tahiry together in D.R?

You know Drake loves Models we also know Drake loves big booties. Well The hottest big bootie right now  is LoveHip Hop’S TAHIRY

Check out this photo snapped of the 2 playing together in the waters of D.R ummm   new couple alert?


Jay-z and Publicist Prompt Beyonce to take Picture with Rih

We all know Beyonce and Rihanna have never been,are not and never will be friends

We also know that Ring the Alarm was about Rihanna and Jay-z’s alleged affairs

We also know that Jay hired Rihanna’s publicist and I’m sure he prompt Beyonce to end all of the Rihanna/Beyonce so call rivalry

How many pics all this time you seen of Rihanna and B? and how many times they been in the same spot? plenty.. Also during Beyonce’s super bowl performance when it seemed like the entire world  was cheering and biggin up Beyonce  Rihanna was tweeting about her new album and never once mentioned anything about Beyonce..  They hate each other   Think I’m lying? ask Rihanna’s former publicist Jonathan Hay


Did Beyonce’ tell Kelly ” she would not be touring with her on her Birthday and made Kelly Cry?

Kelly Rowland In Tears After Lunch With Beyonce
On such a joyous occasion why would Kelly Rowland be crying? Well  turns out Beyoncé  who was acting as though  Destiny Child would get back together and Kelly would be opening up for her seems to have had a change of heart..  wow  that’s cold    Think I’m lying? Ask Kelly Rowland’s  best friend that was with her Beyonce’s Cousin Angie


Beyonce to perform at Super Bowl



Well it had to happen sooner or later   and it is sooner.King Bey will be performing at the 2013 Super Bowl, Beyoncé confirmed this on her Blogsite


50 cent ” I should have Knicked Diddy out”



Recently Machine Gun Kelly was on the Breakfast Club when he was asked about 50 cent running up on Diddy and he confirmed it was trueLater on 50 All but confirmed that rumor on twitter

“@50cent u should a knocked diddy out lmaoooo,” tweeted a follower.

The rapper retweeted, “I know RT @50cent u shoulda knocked diddy out lmaoooo.”

What do you think? You think 50 would have punked Diddy?

Chad skips court to be with Brick house mistress


Well if you’re gonna skip court let it be a reason like this. I guess Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson has decided to let Evelyn Lozada go.. He skipped divorce court so that he can be with some mistress that sources say he has been seeing for months even while he was married to Evelyn


Via Radaronline reports:

As previously reported, Johnson was spotted in Miami last week wearing a shirt reading “I just want to love you,” a message to his estranged wife, and when that didn’t work, Johnson went so far as to tattoo her face onto his calf.

But it appears that all of his grand romantic gestures were for nothing, and on Thursday Johnson finally threw in the matrimonial towel and officially filed his divorce papers.

So, what changed his mind? Perhaps a passionate sleepover with his mistress!

According to an eyewitness, a red Volkswagen complete with a Miami sticker on it was parked overnight outside the home Johnson shared with Lozada, who has still to remove her clothes and belongings from the property.

The car belongs to Bianca Zuluaga, the woman Radar exclusively reported to be Johnson’s mistress, and is registered in Zuluaga’s mother’s name.

According to Johnson’s own Twitter page, he was due in court Thursday morning, but as it turns out, decided not to show up, choosing instead to spend the morning with Zuluaga first at his home, then headed out for some breakfast at Johnson’s beloved IHOP.

Zuluaga, who refers to Johnson as “Chocolate” confirmed this on her own twitter page, first tweeting “You know you’re a chocolate addict when you ate some last night, and eat some as soon as you wake up in the morning.”

Then later, tweeting “iHop with my lover… yummm fattening.”

People close to Chad say they don’t even recognize this dude anymore. One female close to the Johnson family said ” Chad was always a family guy Mommas boy, real close to his mother and always cared about what his mom thought. Chad used to eat sleep and breathe football  but he stopped caring  to give it up for the life of women and reality tv”


I predict Chad Johnson will be broke by 2013

50 responds to the rumors of Him and Floyd Mayweather having friction



Early this week we reported that 50 cent and Floyd Mayweather  may have had a falling out  over  Floyd’s fiance Ms Jackson. The rumor was that 50 had sex with Floyd’s wifey while Floyd was locked up so 50 spoke on it


Madonna supports Obama in a Bold way

You Know that Madonna Louise  never bites her tongue  or holds anything back  check out what she did to let everyone know that she is behind our president   Find out what she did  right after you click the  READ THE STORY HERE madonna-obama-tattoo-new-york-concert-photo-_n_1864981.html?utm_hp_ref=entertainment

Is 50 smashing Floyd’s Fiance’? Watch this video and you tell me

There has been a lot of talk on the Blok about the rumored affair between 50 Cent and His Best friend Floyd Mayweather’s  fiance  Shantel ” Miss” Jackson.   This rumor actually got started over a year ago when 50, Shantel,Floyd and  a video Model  all went out to Marquee in New York City for 50’s birthday. I believe the woman at the time  was Dolicia Bryant. Well I and a few people caught 50 and Shantel making eye contact all night. Now It is still rumored that 50 hooked up with Miss Jackson  before her and Floyd became involved because 50 actually met her first.  Now just here recently when Floyd did his short jail stint  the rumors of the two hooking up while Floyd was away  started running ramped and  sources were saying that 50 when he went to visit Floyd would stay in Las Vegas and Jackson would meet up with him  out there and the 2 would spend the entire day together at 50’s condo  that he owns out there..  Judging by this video  50 definitely seems uncomfortable about something  and check out Miss Jackson’s face  how happy it is while she is taking pictures next to 50 and then when Floyd notices the 2 are too close and comes and separates them..   I am telling you  the eyes never lie  Maybe 50 isn’t smashing her now  but I would my house on it that they have smashed recently. Even if it was only a one Hitter quit her..

50 does not strike me as the type of dude that would risk a true friendship and a friendship that could potentially be worth a lot of money to him  for some p***y, especially when 50 can basically have anyone  he wants whenever he wants. Maybe I am wrong  but 50 doesn’t seem that grimy.HOWEVER  that being said   there was something about this video that didn’t seem right