Diddy and J-Lo reconciliation? H.H Exclusive


“Even Though they have been officially split up  14 years  Sean ” Puffy” Combs has never truly gotten over Jennifer Lopez” Those are the words given to me  by a very reliable source in the industry. Diddy has made  several songs and verses dedicated to Jennifer hinting  for her to “come back  to him  through the years”  Jennifer briefly  revisited the idea after her break up with Ben Affleck in 2004 when she met up with Diddy in Miami without her wedding ring.” While it was never confirmed what actually took place between the Two, a lot of people  who were in Miami  that night says that  they truly believe Diddy and J-Lo got it on that night for the last time” Continue reading

Danity Kane is Back !! set to Appear at VMA’s Signing with Roc Nation or Young Money?

Danity Kane to reunite at the VMA’s and may sign with Roc Nation or Young Money

Danity Kane is back

So when they were spotted in the summer time  together  they were most definitely talking about a come back and now it’s official. Danity Kane is back. and yes they are still called Danity Kane (Dawn owns the name not Diddy) Aubrey,Shannon,Dawn and Aundrea (minus  D Woods  who says “She is too busy doing her own thing)  to come back. From The early looks of the promo pics looks as though they will be pushing Aubrey O Day as the lead. If they are not thinking this  they should. She is the most marketable she is arguably the best singer and she has a fake ass. Let’s keep it real  with all of the craze of white girls “twerking now” what would go over better than seeing a Whootie that actually has talent and actually has a booty twerking and singing on stage. No news yet on who or if anyone has signed DK to a deal  but I will be willing to bet they will not go unsigned like Day 26. DK had international appeal and to me they were on their way to being the American SPice Girls  if Sean “Puffy” Combs did not disband that group nearly 5 years ago..  Can’t you see Jay-z tweaking Diddy and signing DanityKane to Roc-nation? Jay-z has no Groups  signed to Roc Nation and i have heard rumors of Richard contacting Jay.  Let’s wait and see  but Wow! what big news that would be. Can Danity Kane still be the American version of the Spice Girls? well Maybe Diddy ruined that  but I believe they can recover they are still young enough and they are definitely talented enough and are ironically still very popular. That’s one thing that Puffy would not take From Danity Kane

Dawn Richard Danity Kane MTV Video Music Awards

MY WORD: I am hearing Roc Nation or a big deal with Sony   are in the works For DK   Another Sleeper to join the Bidding war is Young Money.. They already have international appeal with Nicki Minaj and Drake D.K would most definitely corner the market for YMCB      I am going to say  in the end  they go with Jay-z

Word On The Blok: Hot Gossip for Wednesday April 10 2013

Magazine.Kate Upton Swimsuit Popsicle

.Is Diddy doing double Diddy?   Rumor his earlier that Diddy and Model Kate Upton were seen up in a New York  restaurant making out and also down at LIV in Miami  Read Here

.. Diddy later denied the rumor and So did a Kate Upton rep. Do you believe them? or do you think Diddy is smashing

MY WORD vs THEIRS    I will not say they are smashing but  Diddy loves grabbing the new ” it” chicks and maybe Kate Upton haven’t smashed a black dude yet  but it’s coming

.Reality star says ‘ yes I made a Porno’   Teen Mom star  Farrah Abraham has finally admitted  ” she has a sex-tape”  well its more like a porn she made it with a professional Porn Star  Read about Porno here

.My Word vs THEIRS      Tell The truth would you  pay to see this porno starring Farrah Abraham?  I would  i bet you she is a freak

Yandy Checks Rashida for saying her man has a small pee pee   Rashida said it on the reunion show and had the nerve to ask Yandy to co sign  which she didn’t Yandy then put Rashida in check

Stacey Dash Criticizes Jay-z and Beyonce for Cuba trip         Check out what Actress Stacey Dash had to say about Jay and Beyonce getting clearance from the US Government to vacation in Cuba

My Word: LMAO You know the “BeyHive” was mad that Stacey referred to Jay and B as ” The Jay-z’s  lmao  I’m sorry Stacey can say whatever she wants   she has a right to her opinion
Chris Brown’s Bodyguard confirms fight started over Rihanna    Big Pat says that Drake did indeed send bottle service and a note over to Chris brown that said ” I’m fuckin the Love of your life’  and Chris went nuts  read  Drake Vs Chris Breezy
My WORD: I fucks with Drizzy hard body  lolll  plus the boys lyrics are unmatched right now
Amber Rose responds to Twitter about the criticism of her baby wearing ” Weed socks”

My Word VS Theirs       A glass of Shutthefuckup    lmao   too much
Pilar Sanders releasing tell all book..  I was hoping this was going to happen   the ex Mrs Prime-Time is releasing a book that will channel her abusive relationship  to  Hall of Fame football player Deion Sanders..

The book will detail what Pilar has described as her abusive marriage to NFL legend, Deion Sanders. While Deion has maintained that he never physically abused Pilar during their time together, the reality TV beauty is sticking by her story.

“I want to be a mentor to other women who have been abused, by sharing my story, my struggles and letting them in, it will not only help heal myself but others experiencing the same trials and struggles as well,

My Word:  I think it is great  we finally get a chance to hear Pilars side of the story Uncut.. It is being co-written by her Publicist and longtime friend  Kali Bowyer ( hey Kali   a friend of Heaven Hollywood.com)  So I know this book will not only be interesting  but very accurate as welll.. I know I will be one of the first reading it 
Rihanna still coming at Ciara:  I thought this beef was over apparently not  and Rihanna just won’t leave it alone.
My Word:  Oh Lord don’t let the Navy get involved   I’m telling you right now. Rihanna gonna smash future you watch  then it’s gonna really be on.
If your future and Ri RI trying to give you from P..y you ain’t gonna take it? Of course he is   You heard it here first
Drake hits Platinum status with “Started from the bottom’ and “Take care’ goes double-platinum   Read Here
MY WORD: If you don’t know by now I called this takeover a long time ago. Drake is by far the mos versatile artist the most lyrical artist the most intelligent artist  to come into the game since 2pac..  The wordplay is absolutely ridiculous he already has the top spot as far as most number 1 singles on the HipHop charts in less than what? 3 years? This dude got Hip Hop on smash
Gucci Mane indicted on aggravated assault  :Gucci Mane is possibly facing jail time once again after being indicted on an aggravated assault charge yesterday, April 9.The ATL rapper was indicted on one count of aggravated assault, according to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. The rapper, legal name Radric Davis, is accused of smashing a champagne bottle over the head of a soldier at downtown Atlanta’s Harlem Nights club. He was arrested late last month
MY WORD VS THEIRS   I will never understand how a rapper who is a millionaire  does shit like assault another person and a soldier? Oh yeah migga you going to jail. A case of trying to keep it “too real” You got enough money to hire professional security  but no  you gotta be a nigga huh?”  smh
Kat Williams responds to Charlamange The God ” If he died would anyone care?”  Check out the classic response  from Katt Williams
Lil Wayne gets run out of a Miami nightclub  by Trick Daddy?

Breaking News: Diddy in car accident Multiple injuries



Sean P Diddy Combs was involved in a car accident today in LA

Diddy‘s rep has just released a statement describing the injuries the rap mogul suffered in yesterday’s car accident in front of the Beverly Hills hotel.

Here’s the statement:

“Sean Combs sustained multiple injuries in yesterday’s car accident including to his neck, ribs and collarbone. He is currently receiving treatment for these injuries from his physicians and would like to thank all of his fans for the outpouring of support that he has received since the accident.”

As we previously reported, Diddy was a passenger in an SUV that collided with another vehicle. After the crash, Diddy was seen lying out on the grass.

Hold your head Diddy  I am glad no one was seriously hurt.. Here comes the conspiracy theorist in 3.2.1..


50 cent ” I should have Knicked Diddy out”



Recently Machine Gun Kelly was on the Breakfast Club when he was asked about 50 cent running up on Diddy and he confirmed it was trueLater on 50 All but confirmed that rumor on twitter

“@50cent u should a knocked diddy out lmaoooo,” tweeted a follower.

The rapper retweeted, “I know RT @50cent u shoulda knocked diddy out lmaoooo.”

What do you think? You think 50 would have punked Diddy?

Confirmed: 50 cent and Diddy had an altercation that nearly came to blows over a Comment about Floyd Mayweather



50 Cent at the 2009 American Music Awards Red ...


Diddy 13




I swear 50 cent was on one the night of the B.E.T/Hip Hop awards


First he buried the hatchet with Fat Joe so we thought it would be a peaceful night


However inside we hear 2 of the richest most successful  Black businessmen that we have  in the music business  were in each others face  about to come to blows.. According to My man  C  who was in attendance for the awards he also is a good friend of one of the Ciroc Boys  who were rolling with P Diddy that night. According to my source  Diddy and 50 cent were joking  around  and everything was fine but then Diddy made a comment about Floyd Mayweather “leaving” 50  or their bromance being over” and how Floyd punched 50 in the face,  50 did not find that funny   ” You a bitch ass nigga for  that comment’ 50 allegedly said ” you questioning my manhood? why don’t you punch me in the face”?  I was told everyone got real quiet because they did not know whether 50 was kidding or not  because ” they were just getting along”  When Diddy was making comments about 50 doing the same thing Jarule was doing” you can see 50 getting agitated but he brushed it off and came back with his “How does it feel to be Beyonce’? ” comments  referring to Diddy being the lead singer of Dirty Money. I heard Diddy brushed it off and they kept joking but when Diddy came with the Mayweather comments 50 allegedly  got really offended.Eventually Diddy realized where it was going and said  you know what  I got too much money and im much to grown to be out here fighting” Peace!!


They say these are the pictures  from that night  it is from Mediatakeout  so who knows?









Do you think 50 was wrong for overreacting  or was Diddy wrong for the comment





Who are Really The richest Rappers? No more rumors let’s find out

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 04:  Sean 'Diddy' Combs ta...


If you ask anyone they will all say “they are making  the most money in HipHop. When you ask the question who is the richest artist in Hip Hop we get 4 or 5 different answers. Well now we have proof. Here are the top 5 Richest HipHop Artist

5(tie) Curtis (50 cent) Jackson

Bryan “Birdman” Williams 100 million

3 Dr Dre 125 million Dr. Dre ranks third with $125 million, fueled by past earnings generated from his own career and by helping to launch those of Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

2 Jay-Z 450 milion dollarsJay-Z has had quite a career thus far. Since 1996 he’s sold over 50 million records worldwide and parlayed his musical success into lucrative businesses in the realms of fashion, cuisine and advertising (for more, check out my new Jay-Z book). When it comes to the size of his fortune, however, Jay-Z is number two among hip-hop artists.



1 Sean P Diddy Combs

Fueled by his interests in Sean John clothing, his Bad Boy Worldwide record label and, most significantly, his Diageo joint-venture vodka brand Ciroc, Diddy has a amassed a fortune of $475 million.


so no more speculation  Diddy got this


Shyne Apologizes To L.A. Reid.


“A great leader has the unique ability to admit when he’s wrong. Without this ability you suffer the fate of Napoleon and end up dead on your way to Russia.

I was wrong about my assessment of Chairman Reid. After I stopped being all Carl Thomas emotional and things like that, I thought about the facts. Fact is L.A Reid was there when I was locked, a few feet away from death row and the Black Panthers. L.A. was on the visit floor on Rikers Island looking at me through them blinding bars, showing me he believed in that gang boy revolutionary music I make. A bond forged at the nadir of suffering [that’s] unbreakable. That’s why I chose L.A. Reid over all the other distributors. We already went through it. I’ll never forget what L.A. did for me behind that b-wall. Caged like an animal, stripped of all my rights; he gave me freedom— freedom to follow my vision. Freedom to make my momma smile after so many tears and sleepless nights weeping for her baby boy like Rachel the matriarch weeps for the Israelites.

We have to have perspective on the legend [that] L.A. Reid is. 100 million records sold!!! Some of the biggest artists and musicians in the history of popular music have been discovered, mentored or produced by L.A.! Sean Combs and Jermaine Dupri made the biggest hits in music under L.A.’s tutelage. Shyne Po sold almost a million copies from Clinton Maximum Facility with the help of Chairman Reid. Son is one of the best in music—period. More than that, he was the dude that got on the PJ and paid homage to the chief when I was in that cell in them state greens dodging informants and banging on anything that opposed.

I’m loyal to a fault! F#ck it!!! I’m rolling with L.A. “100 Million Sold” Reid ‘til Supreme comes home and runs the rodents outta Queens, N.Y. I’m in it ‘til Sherm “Jonathan Jackson” Worm wins appeal and sits on the throne in Queensbridge. ‘Til Hasan Miller walks out the feds and hops in that four-door Bugatti.

Along with Berry [Gordy], Quincy [Jones] and Russell [Simmons], L.A. Reid opened the door and paved the way for Africans and Latinos to become music moguls and pop culture juggernauts instead of inmates on death row. I pray one day I could discover the next Usher, Toni Braxton, TLC and OutKast; grow the careers of Bon Jovi, The Killers, Pink and legends like Mariah. L.A. Reid has accomplished what most in music never will. Transcending racial barriers before Obama and making music that moves the planet! Put the horse in the bag! If you with me, partner, scream Gangland!!!

“I’m dope boy fresh, Geronimo Pratt. Statue of Liberty sittin’ on my lap, pedal to the floor engine in the back, somebody gotta do it! Mr. Cee light a match!!!”

All I can really say on this one is it’s amazing how one back peddles when so much money is involved. (smh)

“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Woman Sues Diddy For Age Discrimination.

Okay, check this out: a woman who claims to be instrumental in the building of the Bad Boy Entertainment label- including jump starting Diddy‘s career- is now suing the Hip-Hop mogul for discrimination. Francesca Spero says that it is because she is “old & disabled” that she was let go from the label.

In a lawsuit filed in the federal court, the 51- year-old woman says she’s been with Bad Boy since 1998. She also claims she and Diddy butted heads after she informed him that she needed major hip surgery in 2008 … and then later “suffered a relapse” to an addiction to prescription medication and alcohol. She also added that Diddy was “unsympathetic to her condition” — and ultimately tried to freeze her out of the company. Spero says she continued to do her work — signing new artists — but was eventually fired in March
2010 … and replaced by a woman 10-15 years younger who “lacked the skill set and experience Spero brought to the position.”

Spero now claims Diddy — along with his publishing and management companies — owe her $12 mil in damages for age and disability discrimination. A spokesperson for Sean Combs fires back, “This is a grab for money by someone who concedes in her complaint to having had a drug relapse while on the job and an employer who was not satisfied with her work. There are many reasons why Ms. Spero is no longer employed by Bad Boy, but age discrimination is not one of them.”

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

‘Sean John’ Inks An Exclusive Distribution Deal w/Macy’s.

Sean John – the clothing label founded by hip-hop entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs – has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Macy’s.

The nation’s biggest department-store chain – which lately has scored exclusives with brands including Tommy Hilfiger and Martha Stewart — will begin selling Sean John sportswear exclusively in spring 2011.

“I got my start at Macy’s when I was 16, selling shirts and ties,” Combs told The Post in an interview today. “To come full circle like this is a dream come true.”

Combs and Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren declined to specifically discuss the terms of the agreement. But in response to a question from The Post, Combs said Sean John has “done more than $1 billion of business at Macy’s, and we plan to do a couple billion more.”

Macy’s initially will begin selling Sean John exclusively at 400 stores – or about half of its nationwide chain. But the line will eventually be rolled out to all stores, said Macy’s Chief Merchandising Officer Jeff Gennette.

“Frankly, we turn down 95 percent of the invitations we get to sell these brands exclusively,” Lundgren said, noting that commitments to exclusive distribution deals carry greater risks. “We are committed to make this the most successful launch we’ve had.”

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.