Female Reality Star Pick em: Melissa Gorga Vs Stassi Schroeder (Poll)

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Something new something  fun.  If you are a horny bastard like me you have watched these reality show with all these sexy and promiscuous women and said  ” damn!  I would love one night with her”  So we will have battles  and face  2 females reality stars off against each other   the winner moves on  to the next round  until we finally have the ” Most wanted reality star in the world. Let’s go  This week ‘s contestants


From Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga Hosts Autograph Signing At Sugar Factory

Sexy bold n,beautiful Melissa Gorga has to be one of the most desired women on reality TV, The sexy Jersey Native continuously have men checking every week to see if she has finally left that Lucky Devil of a husband  Joe Gorga. When the rumor hit that she was a former stripper  all the men in the world  that watches Melissa  said YES! please God  let it be true’    Her sexy body especially when tan  will make any man drool

Age 35

Height 5ft  5 inches

Show  Real Housewives of  New Jersey

 3 Hottest features  Legs,Breast  abs

melissa-and-joe-gorga2012-01-02_07-57-34splash-around-in-south-beach  melissa gorga Melissa+Joe+Gorga+Hit+Beach+Miami+BgL3Gsqnvxjl

Her opponent   From Vanderpump Rules

Stassi Schroeder


Blunt Sassy and take’s no shorts  are the 3 words  that describe Stassi and us men just can’t get enough. No matter how mean she is  it seems like we want more. Her attitude turns us on because she is a challenge. With those bedroom eyes and Barbie Doll beauty  she takes over any room when she walks in. The single soul reason that probably attracts men  to V.R. Men I know you are like me, sitting at home rooting for her to end up with Nobody so you can have her for yourself

Age 26

Height 5Ft 7

Show  Vanderpump rules

3 hottest features

Face, walk, Butt

stassi_wide Stassi7b8618b8d669e760ffeb1e2953a338e76



MY WORD: Go To the Polls and check who is your winner Prettier, sexier, nicest body, better ass   and who do you think  would be better in bed

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Joe and Melissa Gorga’s Mansion of Horrors?



I have always felt something about the Gorgas seem very fake. I just can’t for the life of me  and I don’t care how much she tries to convince everyone that this guy is just   this stud older man who just swept her off her feet and who she finds so sexy and have never cheated on him and they live this rich wonderful life.  Don’t say that  to  tenant Kai Patterson who is claiming that Joe Gorga is a slum lord and that his mansion is not all that Click Here




MY WORD:  I always thought to myself ” What is she doing with  him”? I also thought  that their life looked a little too good to be true

Real Housewives NJ Melissa Gorga set up by Teresa? exposes her as a former stripper




You knew it was too good to be true. You knew this little love fest with Melissa and Teresa would not last. Teresa pulled Melissa aside at a fashion show to ask her how she knew a guy name Angelo Vrohidis, who has alleged that Melissa used to dance for him at Lookers Gentleman’s Club in New Jersey. Though Melissa vehemently denied ever dancing there–she says she was briefly a bartender at the venue–things got heated very quickly, with Melissa assuming Teresa was back to her old ways of scheming and trying to break apart a family. Which is tooootally not like her.(sarcastic).




I have heard  that Melissa did dance  but  hey whatever.. I have heard it from more than one source  so it will eventually come out  if it’s true


Read Story Here






is Kim Kardashians ex now chopping down A housewife?

danielle staubray j

Ray-J kissing Danielle Staub

recently Danielle Staub of Real Housewives of New Jersey was at La Hotspot Lemon Basket promoting her new reality venture called ‘Famous Food” and word has it that she got caught kissing  Kim Kardashian’s most famous ex to date Ray-J. The word on the blok is that Danielle and Ray-J has been dating hot and heavy for a little over a month and sources close to Danielle say” it’s seems to be getting serious” Ray-j did not comment with anything other than a big smile when asked ” is he now dating Danielle. Now Ray is no stranger to reality stars as we know it was his sex tape with Kim Kardashian that sprang both his and Kim’s career as reality stars. A person close to Danielle said “she hopes the 30-year-old star isn’t just trying to use Danielle for publicity or to make “Kim Jealous” because the word is that Ray-J has never gotten over Kim.”That is the reason why you see him attracted to women who resemble Kim or have her features”

My WORD: It’s funny because my daughter seems to think that Danielle looks like Kim 15 years from now. I don’t know if that’s accurate but that Danielle Staub I saw her sex tape and she is hot in more ways than 1

Photograph courtesy of Media Takeout