Arrest Warrant For Eddy Curry.

A Chicago judge issued an arrest warrant for hobbled Knicks center Eddy Curry after the financially-strapped athlete failed to pay up on a civil suit settlement. The warrant was issued June 16 by the Cook County Sheriff after Curry missed the last payment in a sealed personal injury suit, authorities said.  Curry owes Christina White $200,000 – including interest – on the missed 2008 payment, her lawyer, Larry Rogers, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The 27-year-old Illinois native has endured an assortment of off-court woes since arriving in New York, many of them related to his disastrous finances.He’s already unable to pay back a $750,000 loan because of staggering personal expenses that include the $40,000-a-month mortgage on his mansion, $17,000 a month on rent and $30,000 more on monthly “household expenses.” Curry earned $10.5 million last year from the Knicks. An assortment of injuries limited him to just four games in the last two seasons.

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NY Knick’s Eddy Curry $1.2 Million In Debt.

Eddy Curry was to visit his son in Chicago after slays of  ex-girlfriend Nova Henry and her baby daughter, Ava (below).

Knicks center Eddy Curry defaulted on a $570,000 personal loan while keeping up a lifestyle that included a $17,000-a-month suburban New York home, a $6,000-a-month personal chef, and a dozen cars he’d bought for himself and relatives, a judge said.

Friday, a Manhattan court ordered Curry to pay $75,000 a month to lender Allstar Capital Inc. to resolve a debt that swelled to $1.2 million with interest. The court also has issued an order letting Las Vegas-based Allstar seize three of the cars: a Rolls Royce Phantom convertible and two Land Rover SUVs, all 2009 models.

Lawyers for both Curry and Allstar said Monday they were headed toward a settlement that would make the order moot. They wouldn’t disclose terms.

Curry’s lawyer, Mercedes Colvin, would say only that she believed the two sides had reached “a mutually satisfactory resolution of the matter.”

Curry earned $10.5 million this season and is scheduled to make $11.3 million next season in the final year of his contract. But the former No. 4 pick in the NBA Draft has been dogged by financial and legal problems in recent years.

He took out the $570,000 personal loan in February 2008, promising to pay it back in five months at a nearly 85 percent annual interest rate — legal in Nevada, according to Allstar lawyer Donald N. David.

Curry argued he couldn’t pay off the debt at $75,000 a month because of his existing bills, which include $30,000 a month in household expenses at his family’s White Plains home, nearly $17,000 a month in payments to various other relatives, and more than $1,000 a month in cable and satellite TV service, according to the court order. It said his wages already are garnished for more than $207,000; the order didn’t explain why, and lawyers wouldn’t elaborate.

Curry also suggested the vagaries of his basketball career should keep him from paying, noting his ending contract. State Supreme Court Justice Jane S. Solomon pronounced those concerns “irrelevant.”

Curry has played 10 games over the past two seasons, sidelined by injuries, illness and ineffectiveness.

Much of his time off has been spent fighting legal problems. He was sued by his former limo driver, who alleged verbal abuse and sexual harassment; that case is headed for court-ordered arbitration. He also was drawn into a custody battle over his then 3-year-old son, Noah Henry, after the murder of his former girlfriend last year.

Curry also sued his former agent and business manager after a bank moved to foreclose on Curry’s $3.7 million home near Chicago.

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Talk Of Lebron Coming To NYC Increases Over ALL- STAR WeekEnd.

The team owners and network honchos at today’s NBA All-Star Technology Summit at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas are supposed to talk about the implications of iPads and Twitter on sports. But they’ll also discuss whether LeBron James will bolt Cleveland for New York. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, a huge hoops fan and the moderator of the summit’s first panel, was expected to broach the subject with panelist, and Knicks owner, Jim Dolan. Wisely, NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver scheduled Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert on the last panel of the day to avoid any trash talk between them.

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David Lee; NYC ALL-STAR!

The Knicks have their All-Star after all. David Lee will replace Allen Iverson on the Eastern Conference team after Iverson dropped out for personal reasons.

When Lee was not named to the original team, he said, “Plenty of motivation has been handed to me the rest of the season.”

With the Knicks at 19-32, Lee will be the lone player on the Eastern Conference from a losing club, and the Knicks will have as many All-Stars as the league-best Cavaliers.

Lee was chosen instead of Shaquille O’Neal of the Cavaliers.

“He’s playing at an All-Star level right now,” Mike D’Antoni said of Lee when the original team was named. “If we’re third in the league, he’s there in a heartbeat.”

Lee, in his fifth NBA season, will be making his first, and his stock may have just gone up this summer. He also was named Wednesday as one of the 27 members of Team USA.