My Moment With Britney Spears

Briney Spears #Werk it Bitch

It was 330 Am Eastern Standard Time when My Cell Phone Rang and it was My Buddy who is now  an Assistant to a well-known Pop/Dance Producer in the Industry. Now My friend I will just call Him D for now is also an up and coming songwriter. ” Are you sleep? He says to me  No! I reply just online, He then told me to check this out    He starts to play  funky uptempo pop/dance track with Heavy Bass and Synth . It is  definitely a song I have not heard before . I immediately think Janet Jackson because that is the first person that came to mind but then I heard the vocals start after  8 bars of music and I thought ” wait a minute  that is not Janet. I heard the soft vocals riff though my phone and I quickly said who is this? ” You hear it?  he says  as he lets me hear more  I said hell yeah  he said  ” That’s your girl”   The moment he said that  I knew right away he was talking about  ” GODney aka Goddess Brit aka #ITSBRITNEYBITCH.. I said ” say word”  He quickly switches the track to another mid tempo Hip Hop/pop like track   If i was to Guess who it was without knowing anything  I would have probably said   Will I am or Black Eyed Peas  but Again I heard a Raw/Unfiltered Britney  sounding more amazing  in that quick 40 seconds then I can ever remember her sounding.. My boy said ” Dope huh” and before I can start asking questions  he told me the scoop. He was in the studio earlier that night With Britney the Producer he works for and several other engineers and Producers working on this new project of Britney Spears. Even though he did not have to  he gave me the verbal warning” I am trusting you  do not let this out  do not record this  do not send this out  I could lose my job and be ruined because Pop Artist especially ” White artist spends a great deal of time and money in making sure there projects are not leaked. He assured me I was the only one he was giving a quick teaser to because 1 We have been friends for years and 2 he knew I was the biggest Britney Spears fan he knew. He knew I had seen her in concert over 50 times and even flew out of the country twice to see her  and cried my whole flight because I am petrified of plains. I said to him  she straight singing like this on all of the album? He tells me ” Most of it” then tells me  he has not heard the songs that  this Producer that he works for  was not working on  but from what he can tell  she is singing like never before. He says ” he thinks she has went to a vocal coach and all trying to concentrate more on her vocals than anything on this album. ” She has hired giant songwriters and producers so she can concentrate more on her vocals for this project”  He said that Britney once she heard this track play through with her 1st cut of vocals that she ” was very pleased” and told one of the producers in the studio with her usual sassy “Brit Wit” “um Hold That Applause”  Due to the protection of my friend and the loyalty I have for him I can’t release any vocals or share any lyrics to the songs that I remember. I can however let the entire #BritneyArmy know  that Goddess Britney is back and these MONSTERS,BIRDS and BEY’s need to come up off her throne  because once she drops in Sept  it’s a wrap for these chicks #Werk  IT’s Britney Bitch

YES There is A Major Collaboration coming. You Will be shocked . I didn’t see this coming

MY friend also left me in the dark about the Title of The Album. For some reason I believe it will be called All Eyes On Me  with #Werk as the lead single.. I wish I could say more but just know  BritneyArmy we are so ready for the Queen to return

Drake& Jay-z working on 2 records and One with Beyonce

Jay-z is no fool. He sees who is poppin right now..  Lenny s longtime A&R of Roc-nation posted a photo with the caption ” Be very afraid of the music we working on”  NO word on exactly what the two have in store  but I heard it is 2 tracks  one for Jay-z Album  also one for  Drake‘s..

allegedly Jay-z said ” he is the hottest in the game right now and when we worked together before it was very successful  this is gonna be even crazier”

I am also very close to a person who works for  a producer that is on board with Beyoncé’s new project  and the word is  that Drake& Beyoncé will have a song on Beyoncé’s new Album   


What Drake & Dad tag teaming chicks? Sounds like a lie

Drake & Father Tag Team ATL Stripper

Did  Rapper Drake and his father Dennis Grham has a 3some with a Atlanta Stripper?

I saw this story on Hollywood Street King  and This has to be one of the weirdest Hip Hop story’s ever. I know these rappers love putting they homies on  but they Pops?    I don’t know if I want to believe this one  but here is the video of the Alleged stripper Alanna Kushy. Now No Drake and his father did not have sex with Alanna at the same time but it is said that Drake had Alanna then left her for his pops to indulge. Again judging from the site it’s coming from? I would not believe this one until further proof

DJ Envy exposed Jerking Off still cheating?

DJ Envy still cheating?

DJ Envy Busted Sexting Jump-off

You mean after all that hying and crying D.J Envy is still cheating on his wife? So says this yoing lady who exposed this picture of D.j Envy laying in a bed giving the camera pervert eyes and choking his chicken

DJ Envy Nude Masturbation Photo Leak

Dj Envy tried to say it was photoshopped     That look like a real pic playa   I wonder who leaked these Erica Mena? Maria Money? Cuban Cigarra? Maria Millions?

Check out Envy

De’Ja Vu? Did Chris and Rihanna fight again after the Grammy’s

It would be ironic to think that the very place the most memorable celebrity domestic assault took place  could possibly repeat history.

A valet who was working the Grammy’s said he overheard Chris curse at Rihanna and say ” get in the fuckin car”  “Rihanna who was talking to Chris  just shut her mouth quick  and the 2 got in the car and drove off”  headed to the Supper club for the after party



Video: Chris Brown Drops off Karrueche and then goes and links up with Rihanna



Boy Chris Brown  on some pimp ish. Droppin one chick off  going to link up with the ex  laying up with both of them. Here he is dropping his ex Karrueche off(before he officially dumped her) at one hotel and then going back to the hotel where Rihanna was staying


Exclusive:Did Chris Brown Dump Karrueche or vice versa

Well when the story first broke people had to wait to confirm it  but one thing you should know by now  if people are tweeting live that they see something  before it hits social media  than most of the time it is true. We reported that Chris Brown and Rihanna were seen prancing around New York together  2 nights in a row, well you can make it three as the two ex-lovers were seen together at the Jay-z concert


Chris Brown today released a statement   that he was officially single again

“I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.”

But remember 2 days ago Karrueche had already posted on her twitter page and Facebook  cryptic messages like ” I prefer men not boys”

So done ” for real this time”


so the question is

Did Chris dump Karrueche or did she wise up and Dump Chris


He adds, “I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives.”

Back on then? Rihanna and Chris Brown spent their third consecutive night together as they attended the Jay-Z concert in New York

Exclusive pics Chris and Rihanna huggin and kissing inside Griffin in NYC


I hate to say I told you so but how long have I been telling you all that this thing with Karrueche is nothing more than  a Chris Brown cover up. Well if it isn’t more evident  some pics have surfaced of Chris Brown and Rihanna inside a New York nightclub and then the next morning Chris exiting the same Hotel room that Rihanna is posted up in. They were also rumored to be all over each other at Griffin. This of course takes place just days after Chris was spotted in Atlanta partying with his “Girl’ Karrueche. I am sure now that Chris will take Karrueche on a trip to shut up the non believers or is the Charade finally over?






what do you think? Is this finally it for Chris and Karrueche? Do you people believe me now?



DMX disses Nicki Minaj,speaks on How much money he is getting now and what bitches really want

The one and only DMX is back with a new album entitled  Undisputed and he is excited about his new material. He sat down and talked about Nicki Minaj and her alter egos, Hip Hop today and  the amount of money he is getting now

The Interview

DMX will forever be the man in my eyes, This man took Def Jam on his back along with Redman and Ja Rule and made it Relevant again  then after rule and Red kinda took a little bit of a slide X kept it going. I think he is truly  the Underrated  and Undisputed champion of  90’s Def Jam Solo Artist

Did Chris Brown Tattoo Rihanna on his neck? Is this the start of Chrianna part 2


I have been saying for over a year that Chris Brown an Rihanna are planning on getting back together. I have said in a previous post that if his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran isn’t in on being a decoy than Chris Brown is using her as a decoy and she doesn’t know it, Anyway you slice  it I have predicted that Chris and Karrueche will not make it till Christmas Now this re assures me that I wont be wrong

TMZ reported this story when they first caught wim of the tattoo, so far  C Breezy is denying its Rihanna but TMZ seems to think it is