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Elizabeth Edwards FINALLY Speaks Out On John Edwards.

John Edwards's Daughter: Our Lives Were 'Savaged' | Elizabeth  Edwards

For the first time Elizabeth Edwards will be speaking out about the very public collapse of her marriage. And oldest daughter Cate will be right at her side to chime in. “There are the things she taught without words,” Cate writes about her mother in a bonus essay for PEOPLE. Like, “how to continue to live your life on your own terms when it somehow becomes savaged by people you never invited into it.”

A very reserved woman, this will be the first time Elizabeth has spoken out since everything popped off a little more than a year ago. Everyone else has profited from interviews & tell-alls, now its her turn. “It’s my story and I’m writing it from here on out – nobody else,” Elizabeth says in the interview as the paperback edition of her bestselling book Resilience, is released.  The paperback includes a new chapter reflecting on the worst of the fallout from husband John’s infidelity and on their split at the end of last year.

That should be good.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Garcelle Beauvais; Expose’m & Dispose’m!

Garcelle Beavais-Nilon filed for divorce from her husband, Mike  Milon, on May 10.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon is offically kicking her husband of nearly nine years to the curb. Documents uncovered by E! Online reveal that the former “NYPD Blue” star filed for divorce from husband Mike Nilon on May 10, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple, who wed in May 2001, had been separated since April 9, according to the docs.

Back in April, the actress-model accused Nilon of cheating on her in an irate e-mail sent to his colleagues at the CAA agency.  The e-mail, entitled “Tiger Woods/Jesse James/Mike Nilon,” read, “What do they have in common… I found out today that MY husband of almost 9 yrs has been having an affair for 5 yrs with some slut in Chicago. I am devastated!!!! And I have been duped! Our boys don’t deserve this!”

The actress, 43, is now seeking joint custody of the couple’s 2-year-old twin sons, Jax and Jaid.  “My focus at this time is on my kids and healing the pain,” she told soon after her husband’s alleged infidelity became public.  In regards to the scathing e-mail, Beauvais-Nilon told E!, “I was angry…and no, I don’t regret it.”

Nilon has yet to comment on the divorce or cheating scandal.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Up To Five Years In Prison For Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to up to five years in prison Tuesday for violating the terms of his probation stemming from his conviction for lying under oath about an affair with his chief of staff. Kilpatrick, 39, asked Judge David Groner to show him compassion during the hearing, but Groner said “that ship has sailed.” Groner said Kilpatrick would have to serve at least one-and-a-half years in prison. He is still obligated to pay back the remaining balance of his $1 million debt to the city of Detroit. Kilpatrick, the father of three young sons, was led from the courtroom in handcuffs.

Check footage below. Watch it ALL play out …

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Oprah Winfrey Addresses BullSh#t Bio.

Oprah Winfrey made her first public remarks about Kitty Kelly‘s controversial new book about her, deriding it as a “so-called biography.”

Winfrey spoke Monday at The New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards, where she presented an award to pal Gayle King.

Winfrey skipped the red carpet but wasted no time when she took the stage bashing Kelly’s book, which includes reports the daytime diva abused drugs and questions the extent of Winfrey’s longtime claim of being sexually abused as a child.

Winfrey described King as a friend who “sometimes cares about my life more than I do,” and told the audience last week “was a rough one” for King when a “so-called biography came out.”

“Gayle got herself worked out with all my new daddies coming out,” said Winfrey of Kelly’s claims in the book that Vernon Winfrey is not her biological father.

While the audience responded with loud applause, Winfrey smiled and concluded, “This, too, shall pass.”

Praising King before presenting her with her award, Winfrey thanked her longtime confidante for teaching her “what true love really is.” Winfrey described King as “her best friend who always wants the best for me” adding, “She’s never been jealous or envious of me a single moment of my life except when I was on stage singing with Tina Turner.”

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Larry King Divorcing Wife; Accused Of Philandering w/Sister In-Law.

Larry King and his wife Shawn are headed to splitsville after more  than 12 years of marriage.

CNN’s Larry King is splitting from his seventh wife, a willowy blond who reportedly believes the 76-year-old cheated on her – with her kid sister.

The talk show anchor and his wife Shawn Southwick, 50, both filed for divorce Wednesday citing “irreconcilable differences.”

The marriage crumbled after Southwick accused King of having an affair with her younger sister, Shannon Engemann, TMZ reported.

The National Enquirer first reported the creepy inter-family cheating allegation in December, quoting an unnamed friend of Southwick’s.

The tabloid also said Southwick had an affair with her son’s baseball coach in 2008 – a claim she denied.

“This is so ludicrous,” Engemann told TMZ Wednesday. “She’s singling me out, but Larry has been nothing but generous to our entire family, including me.”

She admitted King gave her gifts but wasn’t specific. She said Southwick threatened her over the phone, saying “If you dare sue the Enquirer I will pull out every last receipt that proves you had an affair with Larry.”

She said King was “like a father” to her.

“I’m tired of taking the wrap for things. I did not have an affair with Larry,” she said.

In his filing, King asks for joint custody of the couple’s two sons, Chance, 11, and Cannon, 9.

“Larry’s major concern is the welfare of his children. Beyond that, he’ll have no further comment,” King’s spokesman Howard Rubenstein told the Daily News.

In her dueling paperwork, Southwick asks for primary physical custody of the boys, spousal and child support and the couple’s Beverly Hills mansion.

A singer and TV personality, Southwick bragged on the couple’s 10-year anniversary in 2007 that she was the only one of King’s seven wives “to have lasted into the two digits.”

The 5-foot-10 beauty made headlines when she entered rehab in 2008 for an alleged addiction to prescription painkillers.

At the time, Rubenstein denied speculation that she was depressed or anorexic.

“He’s deeply concerned about her well-being,” Rubenstein said of King.

“She has taken medications because of her migraine headaches that she’s had since she was a young girl. She developed a dependency on painkillers as a result of being prescribed medication for the migraines.”

Brooklyn-born King has been married eight times to seven women. He married his third wife twice

Elin FINALLY Ready To Divorce Tiger!!???

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, is reportedly furious over his  new Nike commercial featuring a voiceover from the scandal-scarred  golfer's father.

Tiger Woods and his angry wife seem bound for Splitsville.

Fed up with the golfer’s serial cheating and doubtful he’s changed his stripes, Elin Nordegren has decided to end their troubled 5-1/2-year marriage, a source close to the couple told the Daily News on Wednesday.

“They’re saying divorce is her next move,” the source said.

The revelation came amid reports that Nordegren left their kids with a nanny and took off from Florida on Sunday – while Woods was wrapping up his big comeback to pro golf by finishing fourth at the Masters.

“She is so over Tiger,” a friend of Nordegren’s told People magazine.

Nordegren took off for “destination unknown,” the magazine reported. But several celebrity Web sites placed the Swedish stunner Scottsdale, Ariz., and said she was visiting her ailing mother.

There is no evidence Nordegren, 30, has filed legal papers, and she has not made a single public statement about her crumbling marriage since the sex scandal broke in November.

Still, Nordegren’s pal told People she has had enough.

“She’s so far beyond hurt now,” the friend said. “If she were angry or if she hated him, they might still have a chance to work it out. But she’s beyond that. She’s numb. She just doesn’t care.”

Nordegren’s pal told People she was also “disgusted and outraged” by the creepy Nike commercial that featured Woods staring into the camera while his dead dad was heard saying, “Did you learn anything?”

“Elin was violently angry over this commercial and thought it was a cheesy thing to do,” the friend said.

When asked about the Nike ad after day one of the Masters, Woods, 34, called it “apropos.”

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Oprah Winfrey: The Promiscuous, Lesbian THIEF! (WTF!!???)

Okay Kids, things are getting worse on the Oprah Winfrey -vs- Kitty Kelley front. Kitty is now alleging that Oprah is a closeted lesbian who is having a “picture book” relationship with long time beau Stedman Graham. I guess the crushing blow of being “dumped” by John Tesh made Oprah “change religions.”  However, determined to become rich and famous, Winfrey was ready to change her story to her advantage, making sure she cultivated her image as an everywoman, the book alleges.  That meant she had to quell rumors about her sexuality.

At one point, the rumors included seamy talk at ABC about a relationship between Winfrey and Diane Sawyer when Oprah worked there.  Employees there described “giggly late-night phone calls” and a series of lavish gifts from Winfrey — including gigantic sprays of orchids and a 1-carat diamond toe ring — to Sawyer. Despite such rumors, Kelley concludes Winfrey is “asexual.”  Still, she quotes sources describing how, in 1989, Winfrey was insistent on paying Tim Watts, an ex-boyfriend, $50,000 to keep quiet about her lesbian affairs and the fact that her brother, who died of AIDS, was gay.  “He said she did not want him to talk about her brother being gay,” said Judy Lee Colteryahn, who also dated Watts.  “It’s no big deal to have a brother who is homosexual, but apparently it was to Oprah. Tim also said he knew about some lesbian affairs.”

As for Winfrey’s very public relationship with Graham, the pair do not even share a bedroom, according to the book.  Landscape architect James van Sweden of Oehme, who spent years working for the couple, said he planned to design a space for a wedding in front of their new estate but knew immediately after watching them together that there would never be a wedding.  “Oprah keeps Stedman around because she wants her audience to accept her as a normal woman with a man in her life, but from what I saw during those four years, I can tell you there’s nothing there with Stedman. Nothing at all,” he said. “He’s simply a fixture in her life,” van Sweden added. “Window-dressing.”  According to her father, Vernon Winfrey, Oprah admitted that she was not in love with Stedman.  “I’m in like . . . not in love,” she told him, according to the book.

But let’s go back for a bit & touch on Oprah’s “humble beginnings” as a Hoe-Hoppin’ THIEF!  As a teen, Winfrey was a wild child, promiscuous to the point of prostitution, her relatives said.  The future star would steal from her mother’s purse, pawn her jewelry and even turn tricks. She was eventually sent to live in Nashville with Vernon Winfrey, who was her mother’s former lover and who is listed on her birth certificate as her father. He has been described as the domineering disciplinarian who set her straight.

I’m just reporting News as we promised, but this is TOO much. I’m done. Going back to bed kids. G’Night.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

With Family Like Oprah’s, Who Needs “HATERZ”!!???

Hey Kids. As much as I LOVE Oprah Winfrey and HATE reporting this story, I must because here at we’ve promised y’all to give the News. All I can say is with “Family” like Oprah’s, who needs HATERS!!??? Kitty Kelley is writing this unauthorized, BullSh#t, tell-all about Oprah. AND, it seems she’s getting help from Oprah’s cousin to do it! Sell-Out B#tch!

Winfrey was born in Kosciusko, Miss., in 1954, and, the way she likes to tell it, she was so impoverished that she never had any new dresses or dolls and had to adopt two cockroaches as pets, naming them Melinda and Sandy.

But her family says that’s nonsense.

She may not have been well off, but Oprah was relatively “spoiled” as a little girl, her cousin said.

“Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches I have no idea,” said the relative, Katherine Carr Esters. “I’ve confronted her and asked, ‘Why do you tell such lies?’ Oprah told me, ‘That’s what people want to hear. The truth is boring.’ ”

A friend of Esters added that the manipulation of her past is a key to her success.

“Every move is calculated to further her brand and lift her image, which is why she does good works,” Jewette Battles said.

As a teen, Winfrey was a wild child, promiscuous to the point of prostitution, her relatives said.

The future star would steal from her mother’s purse, pawn her jewelry and even turn tricks. She was eventually sent to live in Nashville with Vernon Winfrey, who was her mother’s former lover and who is listed on her birth certificate as her father. He has been described as the domineering disciplinarian who set her straight.

Oh, and I Forgot, now DAD wants to chime in. Vernon Winfrey says he’s been dismayed by how Oprah plays fast and loose with the truth.

Getty ImagesCROCK-SHOW HOSTESS: Oprah Winfrey with her  stepfather, Vernon (left), who, according to a salacious new  unauthorized biography, claims the talk-show queen has no love for  so-called boyfriend Stedman Graham and her BFF, Gayle King, whom the dad  calls a

“She may be admired by the world, but I know the truth,” he says. “So does God and so does Oprah. Two of us remain ashamed.”

Vernon reserves his harshest words for Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King, who put the kibosh on a biography he was working on.

Calling her a “dirt hog” and “street heifer,” he blames King for a rift in his relationship with Oprah.

“She’s become too close to that woman Gayle,” he says.

King and others in Oprah’s entourage worked hard to keep a tight grip on employees in order to keep her out of the tabloids.

“I thought I would be working for the warm and fuzzy person I saw on television,” a former employee at Winfrey’s Harpo production company said. “But, God, I was conned. It’s a cult at Harpo. So oppressive it’s frightening.”

Perhaps the biggest secret of the book is left a secret.

Oprah allegedly does not know the true identity of her father.

Esters told Kelley who he is, on the condition she not publish the information until Winfrey’s mother comes clean to her daughter.

“And you’ll know when that happens because Oprah will probably have a show on finding your real father,” Esters said. “As I said, the girl wastes nothing.”

In the words of ‘Atlanta Housewives’ NeNe Leakes; these Mother F#ckers “Ain’t Nothing But A Low Down Dirty Monkey With A Wig On!” When are we gonna stop selling one another out, ALL for the almighty dollar you haven’t received because you haven’t reached YOUR full potential?  Hatin’ on Oprah’s bucks. And I DON’T like using the term “Haters”, but …

Woman #4 Claims Affair With Jesse James.

A Fourth Woman Alleges Affair with Jesse James

A fourth woman is claiming that she had an affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband – and alleges that the relationship only ended after the news of Jesse James’s cheating scandal broke last week.

The woman, who has chosen not to identify herself, is being represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred – the same lawyer who is representing a woman who claims to have had an affair with Tiger Woods.

In a statement, Allred describes the accuser as “a beautiful model and business woman” who was pursued by James. “He had strong feelings for her,” says Allred.

As for any evidence of the supposed relationship, Allred says her client has “hundreds of texts, emails, and photos” documenting the years-long relationship.

Asked whether the woman plans to reveal her identity, Allred tells PEOPLE, “I am sure she will be making that decision shortly.”

James’s rep had no comment.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.