She Got Legs She knows How to Use them Kendall Jenner

I usually do not get excited from legs but the way this woman legs look in this picture my GOD. Long,sliky,sleek,sexy.

Kendall Jenner sporting the sexy gear out of the Jenner Kloset

shoot for @esteelauder  double wear makeup to go

#nour Hammour

Erin Studded Leather jacket $1,800

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Word On The Blok: Kendall & Kylie To Leave KUWTK And Get there own reality Show

Click Below  to read full story. Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are discussing KUWTK when there current contract is up

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Word On The Blok: Kendall & Kylie To Leave KUWTK And Get there own reality Show.

Kylie Jenner Calm Down Internet it’s only a push up bra

Kylie Jenner Boob Job

You have seen pictures all over the net of Kylie Jenner and what looked to be a bigger set of Ta Tas, so you know when it’s a Kardashian or a Jenner  the rumors always start flying about some sought of  Plastic surgery or procedure.  After Kylie caught whim of it  she had to respond to all the quick jumping the gun conclusions 

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They refuse to leave this family alone. Who in Hollywood hasn’t had something done? hardly anyone  so why when the Kardashians do it   there is such a problem? The girl said  she has not has surgery  so   why can’t she get the benefit of the doubt?


Exclusive: Is Amber Rose creeping with Khloe’s boo French Montana?


Uh Oh! Is this the revenge of Amber?  As we know the beautiful Amber Rose is divorced from her Husband rapper Wiz Khalifa and as we also know she was engaged to Kim Kardashian’s now husband  Kanye West. Amber is good friends with Black Chyna (Kim’s Bff)  who reportedly   feels as though Kylie Jenner stole her ex  boo  Tyga from her, Now according to my people over at The Shaderoom, There is proof that Amber is creeping with French Montana   who is Khloe Kadashian’s current boo,  My God this is all so confusing  but we got the exclusive Hot Sugar right here Click Here


I ride for amber   she can do no wrong in my eyes  so i am always gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. If Amber wanted to get Kim back she would just go take Kanye back  because everyone knows she could get him if she really wanted him Continue reading

Why Kendall Jenner is The Hottest Of Kris’ Daughters

Kris Kardashian Jenner has got to have  the 5 hottest daughters on planet earth. Kim of course is the most famous and the most controversial, Kourtney may be the most normal and Khloe probably the most Likeable. The most rebellious is probably Kylie and I don’t know  the hottest?  While they are all hot  I have to give that title to Kendall.   Kendall combines the tall slender sexy body with out of this world Beauty. She has that ” I don’t care nothing is going to stop me” Attitude and that is so sexy. To top it all off  look How does she responds to all the critics, haters and trolls that she encounters everyday


My WORD: I know I am not the only man who was totally turned on?

Chris Brown Got Himself A Kardashian? Karrueche Responds


I told everybody last week  that it was not Kim or Khloe who were still the hottest and most wanted Kardashian sisters, It’s their younger half sisters Kendall and Kylie who seem to be on everyone’s list lately, especially the 18 year-old  Kendall Jenner .. We showed everyone last week a picture with Trey Songz and Chris Brown all over the 2 siblings and it seems like Breezy is taking it to the next level with Kendall Continue reading

What Is Trey Songz Doing Hugged up with a child?

Kylie Jenner and Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner at Chris Brown's House Party

OK Listen! I am not gonna sit here and be a hypocrite, Kendall Jenner is one sexy ass 18-year-old. She is tall slim incredible face got this gorgeous body,young,rich and famous. Any man would be all over her, However Kendall is 18 legal status. Kylie her 16-year-old sister? that’s another story. Singer Trey Songz had to know he would catch flack for these pics Continue reading