What Is Going On with Khloe and Scott?


I always  thought that Scott Disick  was a little strange, I thought he was strange  when we saw pics of him laying in between Rob Kardashian’s legs at an airport, I thought he was strange laying in the bed with Rob , I thought him and Khloe in the bubble bath was strange  and I definitely think this is strange.. 


Are they holding hands?


Scott Wants some of Khloe, I believe  he is tried of boring Kourtney and he wants some of the Koko

Why Kendall Jenner is The Hottest Of Kris’ Daughters

Kris Kardashian Jenner has got to have  the 5 hottest daughters on planet earth. Kim of course is the most famous and the most controversial, Kourtney may be the most normal and Khloe probably the most Likeable. The most rebellious is probably Kylie and I don’t know  the hottest?  While they are all hot  I have to give that title to Kendall.   Kendall combines the tall slender sexy body with out of this world Beauty. She has that ” I don’t care nothing is going to stop me” Attitude and that is so sexy. To top it all off  look How does she responds to all the critics, haters and trolls that she encounters everyday


My WORD: I know I am not the only man who was totally turned on?

Happy 30th Birthday to Khloe Kardashian A look inside her Celebration

Elegant but sexy: Khloe's dress featured a low-cut neckline, cut-out sides and a split up the front


Sexy ass Khloe Kardashian turned 30 today and look what her thick ass had on.   Khloe and her closest family and friends  got together for a yacht party in New York City. All of her sisters, her mom and of course her Boyfriend French Montana was present. Frenchy even balled out a little something on Koko buying her a 50k Truck and guess what else? Continue reading

Exclusive Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Split up!!


Kourtney Kardashian Kicks Scott Disick Out



It was a rough fathers day weekend  for Scott Kardashian   I mean Disick .. Sources say Kourtney  is tired of the constant partying and she has had enough. Over the weekend Kourtney kicked him out of their Hamptons summer rental, ” She has about had it” says the source  We are used to them  fighting  all the time  but then they break up  get back together  break up again’   Of course some of this fighting was caught on camera  so until We see it  for ourselves    I won’t believe that she is serious  Continue reading

Was Erica Mena and Kourtney Kardashian doing the Licky Licky?


Was Erica Mena and Kourtney Kardashian doing the Licky Licky?

Whether you know or do not know Erica Mena’s first stop was not Love& Hip Hop it was The Kardashians reality show Khloe&Kourtney take Miami

Erica was personally hired by Kourtney after Kourtney met her out on South Beach.. The two was said to get involved in a little licky licky action one night that is why it was hard for Kourtney to tell Erica she had to go.   Here is the drop

“Kourtney and Erica were lovers and it’s about time people know.

Kourtney pretends to be so innocent, but she’s a freak. Erica loves to eat pussy, it’s no secret. Kourtney loved Erica’s tongue work so much, she got her a job at the Dash store.”

My WORD: I was not surprised at all  when i  saw this Drop  wasn’t it Kourtney who started messing with a girl down in Miami during that show?

 Kourtney Kardashian

 Kourtney Kardashian

Kim Kardashian covers Cosmo baby bump and all

Kim Kardashian’s baby bump is about to show  and this girl is wearing it well. gracing this months Cosmopolitan magazine  Kim gives a very personal interview in which she talks  Kanye, Kourtney and Marriage

Kanye and Kimmie Mansion Shopping



Must be nice.. I love these 2 together. As usual got to big up Kanye and Kim like we always do here at H.H.W.P

They are in  Miami  house  Mansion shopping. The rain can’t stop The 2012 Hook up of the year  check out some of the pics  of these 2 huge megastars  .. I have never seen Kanye smile so much   you gotta love it


and Of course since Ye’ was in Paris you know he could not return without gifts for his perfect chick


Kim Kardashian covering up the booty in Miami. Oh No!!

Kim was on the beach of Miami in a hot bathing suit  only one problem she was covering the booty. Aww helll no

RR Featured Photo Gallery 1
She is still gorgeous but  I need to see that booty
Do you like Kim better when she shows the booty  or  covers the booty?

Kourtney’s Man Scott Disick has 10 sex tapes?

Kourtney’s Man Scott Disick has 10 sex tapes?


II don’t know how many times people tried to tell Kourtney that her boyfriend and father of her children Scott Disick was no good and even more “not good for her”. Well maybe now after this latest story   she will finally see the light. According to Life&style Ten sex tapes has been discovered with Scott Disick and Multi[ple women. It is no word whether one of those women were Kourtney


if these were made after the 2 of them were together? then she should drop this loser, HOEever it they weren’t?  then he doesn’t deserve to be kicked to the curb,Hell she kept him this long