The Heaven Hollywood Experience 09/03 Britney Coming for Gaga

Sept 9th Episode was a episode to remember. It marked the return of Heaven Hollywood to BTR and he brought the entire #britneyarmy with him and the show was crazy. He also interview with Sexy India Morel   wait until you hear this   new exclusive clip from a new Britney song?

The Heaven Hollywood Experience 09/03 by Dollhouse Radio by India Morel | Entertainment Podcasts.

Rihanna Spills Beans About Katy Perry’s Wedding Plans.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand pose in front of the Taj Mahal during  a trip to India last year. The pair will return to the country for  their wedding later this year.

If Katy Perry and Russell Brand were planning on keeping their wedding location a secret, they’re out of luck – close pal Rihanna has spilled the beans.

The “I Kissed a Girl” singer and the British comedian will wed in India later this year, Rihanna told Ryan Seacrest during an appearance on his radio show.

Rihanna, a close friend of Perry's, is planning her bachelorette  party.

Brand, 34, proposed to Perry, 25, while vacationing in India on New Year’s Eve.

As Perry’s BFF, Rihanna is in charge of planning the all-important bachelorette bash, she said.

“She put that on me last week,” Rihanna told Seacrest. “I have to come up with something cool because she’s getting married in India so I’m like ‘Okay, now what do I do to match that?'”

“That’s at the end of the year so we’ve got some time to plan that,” she added.

Perry and Rihanna seem to have cemented their friendship over the past year. The two went on a girls’ trip to Barbados last April, have attended one another’s concerts and have been spotted grabbing dinner together and palling around at awards shows.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.