Breaking News Lebron to return to Cleaveland to “Finish what they started” or Go to The Bulls to “start a new”

A source very close to (the same source that confirmed that Lebron’s mom rumor to be true) has said that Lebron James will be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The source says James made references  of “Finishing what he started”  and also said that the hiring of former Laker and World champ Byron Scott also helped convince him. Scott DID talk to James briefly and Lebron told Scott that Cleveland was a great place to Coach.  The source also revealed that James never  really considered playing with the Knicks do to their “current situation” The source says they took that as two things Their present head coach and their roster. The source said that James made him believe that if he had won a championship here in Cleveland he may be more prone to leave but he feels like if he left now he would have cheated the city of Cleveland the city that has “been so good to him”It is also believed that Lebron made his mind up before his Nike Basketball Camp yesterday in Akron.    James is still interested in where Dwayne Wade is going to go ..

My NBA sources reveal that Dwayne Wade will make his decision after LeBron James but wade is leaning toward going to Chicago. If the Bulls could sign Wade  they feel that could lure James to Chicago. However LeBron is scheduled to give his decision. It is also a great possibility that James and Wade could have already made this decision last week.” I say it is 80-20 he returns,If LeBron would have went to Miami I believe Pat Riley would have come back and Wade would be a no brainer to stay.Now that it is a definite that James is not going to Miami Wade is about 60-40 that he will leave especially now that Amare,Joe Johnson,and Dirk Nowitzki are all signed.

MY WORD      It is also been reported that Delonte West (the one that was piping Lebron’s mom) will NOT be with the team next year and that Chris Bosh is leaning towards signing with The Miami Heat.  I am going to say he stays with Cleveland

Poprah and Danger Square Off At A Charity Event For Haiti.

Reality star Poprah, from the VH1 Hit I Want To Work For Diddy, was hosting a comedy night in hopes of raising funds for Haiti Relief Efforts. “Stars for Haiti” was supposed to be a comedy celebration of “A Listers” coming out to show love & support, when VH1 “D lister” Danger shows up unknowingly. Things went south as it got a little heated. Watch around 3:54 into the video how Poprah really gets heated and threatens Danger.

MY Take  “Poprah Don’t Take No Mess”

Security in New York Drops The Ball AGAIN

Seeing no evil in Times Sq.

Seeing no evil in Time Square  was the highlight on the cover of The New York Post this morning.A sinister looking fan parked illegally in plain sight for two days in the heart of Times Square (where several hundred of thousands of people will gather tonight)failed to be recognized by NYPD    OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?   The vehicle sat there with  no license plates,in a no parking zone,with plastic bags over the tints and a bogus police placard in the windshield ..It took once again people who worked at 7 Times Square to notify Police.    Fortunately the van only contained bootleg Burberry scarves and some folding tables but the van was big enough to carry hundreds of pounds of explosives.   New Yorker’s are livid stating that “they can’t believe how the city could be so incompetent that this could go unnoticed especially with the recent terrorist attack attempts.

My Take”  U have got to be fucking serious excuse my french but my god. NYC and America  I’m gonna need y’all  to get your shit together”

Mary J. Blige Gets It Poppin’ In The Club!

Mary J. has brought new meaning to the term “Get it Poppin”, as reports are swirling that she allegedly POPPED the hell outta husband/manager Kendu Isaacs, dead up in her cd release party at Mansion night before last. One source is saying that Mary became PISSED off with Kendu after he had her brother removed from the VIP area; only to then allow in some of his favorite video vixens. WORD!!?? At Your Wife’s CD Release Party? WORD!!??? After that, details about what transpired next are rather fuzzy. Some folks say that Mary started biting and wildin’ out on her husband. Others say it was Mary’s brother who was boxing up in the club as she egged him on. THEN, more sources are saying that it was MARY who just cold BUST her husband in his grill! However the cookie crumbles, Kendu got his ass tossed that night. And to add insult to injury, HE then was escorted out of the club. DAMN!

I didn’t have to do much research or confirmation for this story. The night of the party, Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree when everything popped off. People were there tweeting saying it was a mad house in there, and that you shouldn’t “F*CK” with a Yonkers woman. So all I needed to do was just wait on the details to surface.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

MTV Pulls the Punch that the WHOLE WORLD was Waiting to See ..

Well, after they  aired it 1 billion times on all of their upcoming previews, the punch the entire world has been waiting to see- since it was  previewed directly after week 1-  was pulled from being aired  by MTV. This is the same MTV  that has been nothing  but supportive  of  the “Guido” movement from day one. Several organizations have boycotted Jersey Shore saying they portray Italian Americans  in a bad way. They’re saying  Jersey Shore is  a disgrace to  the Italian heritage: depicting Italian Americans  as dumb party girls/ guys that love to get drunk, curse, party and have sex- and that’s all they care about. After several complaints from women organizations against violence, MTV felt as though it was best to remove  the actual punch and just  show  Snooki  laying on the ground.

You know we still  got  it  here.   BTW,  Brad Ferro was the drunk ass  fool  that punched Snooki. Brad is well, um,  WAS  a  gym  teacher  from  Long Island, who  was visiting the shore  for  the weekend.  Brad  says he simply had way too much to drink. He remembers a punch, but  doesn’t  remember whether it  was a man, a woman, a dog, “I  don’t remember.  I  just know  that  I punched somebody.”

MY Take:  Umm Bro, you don’t need to drink then. Put his ass in jail. Oh, they are going too.

Gucci calls out jigga Amber and Kanye to split? Jay z and Beyonce marriage on the rock

Blok tv News reports all the news first and fast.. This episode has Jay-z and beyonce,Shyne,Rihanna, Diddy and Dawn

IS Kim Kardashian The Baddest Chick In The Game?


ok we know her big claim to fame was her Sextape with then boyfriend Ray-J ..However since then Kim Kardashian has landed her own reality show, modeling contract,Co- Owns  Clothing Boutiques DASH,posed for Playboy,became the face of Bongo jeans and released a workout tape.. Kim kardashian is Armenian,Scottish and Dutch she is 29 years old. When Kim hits a red carpet or a photo shoot she totally captivates men and women”My Butt is 100% real” Kim has said over and over but the jealous readers of blog sites in which kim is constantly showing up on beg to differ.  If you look at Kim’s Body,stunning looks and sex appeal it’s easy right now to say she is baddest chick in the game