Comedian Spanky Hayes exposes Tyrese as Gay?

Up and Coming comedian Spanky Hayes done opened up a can of worms.

Back on Tuesday He took to You Tube and made comments about Tyrese Gibson being gay and getting Roles because He  sucked d..k for roles  Click Here for that







MY WORD: Man! I don’t know if I believe this  but let me ask you people something. Why is it that black  successful entertainers  always have to be looked upon as gay?

What Is Trey Songz Doing Hugged up with a child?

Kylie Jenner and Chris Brown and Kendall Jenner at Chris Brown's House Party

OK Listen! I am not gonna sit here and be a hypocrite, Kendall Jenner is one sexy ass 18-year-old. She is tall slim incredible face got this gorgeous body,young,rich and famous. Any man would be all over her, However Kendall is 18 legal status. Kylie her 16-year-old sister? that’s another story. Singer Trey Songz had to know he would catch flack for these pics Continue reading

Hot Off The Blok Celebrity Truths Dec 31 2013



I’m Heaven Hollywood and This is What I am hearing.

NBA star caught  sleeping with Coaches White wife Click Here

Dwyane Wade has a newborn baby with someone else? Click Here


New Nicki Minaj Heat ” Boss azz B***h    Click Here

Robin Roberts  comes out ( No surprise)       Click here

Love&HipHop star Arrested                     Click Here

Evelyn Lozada latches another Athlete      Click Here

Beyonce heading for 3rd straight week at #1? Click Here

Beyonce blasted for Challenger sample              Click Here

Karrueche catches flack for AAliyah Airplane Joke Click Here

Kris Jenner told Khloe she needed a nose job at age 9? Click Here



The Heaven Hollywood Experience 09/03 Britney Coming for Gaga

Sept 9th Episode was a episode to remember. It marked the return of Heaven Hollywood to BTR and he brought the entire #britneyarmy with him and the show was crazy. He also interview with Sexy India Morel   wait until you hear this   new exclusive clip from a new Britney song?

The Heaven Hollywood Experience 09/03 by Dollhouse Radio by India Morel | Entertainment Podcasts.

Told U So ! Breaking News: Beyonce Pregnant with Baby #2

Breaking News


Y’all going to continue to doubt Hollywood? I remember when I  saw  Beyoncé  a few weeks ago walking in New York I said   She Been eating good,  then I said hold up she look pregnant, I then decided to put it put there  remembering an interview she did recently where she spoke about having babies very close together’  All of the blogs picked up  on the story and printed it as their own. Beyoncé stans didn’t want to believe it saying it was a ” fake story”  and  ” im just hating on Bey’ (Huh)?  WELLL GUESS WHAT? IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED  BEYONCE IS REPORTEDLY PREGNANT …The Daily News  who gets their news from   TMZ  has confirmed this story   Read Here


Rihanna & Chris Brown continue to attack each other in Social Media


We reported about a week ago That Chris and Rihanna were threw when Rihanna was seen partying in Greenhouse with her Alleged ex boo J.R Smith and Chris spent his Birthday with his ex boo Karrueche Tran out in L.A..  Then Chris went on Radio and confirmed that he and Rihanna were no longer together.. The 2 then went back and forth on twitter  sub tweeting at each other   now Rihanna continues to throw shots at Breezy

First the Tweets  right after the rumors about Chris and Rihanna splitting  hit the blogsphere

Then Chris went on a radio interview and said that “he wasn’t ready to wife someone “that young”  Rihanna went off… With a series of Tweets and I.g pics and quotes like this
Of course Chris was not going to be outdone
Now Rihanna takes to Instagram  to continue the rock throwing

Toni Braxton angry With Shemar Moore for Braggin about Smashing

Toni Braxton is Upset with Shemar Moore

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 5.32.00 PM

Shemar Moore Last month was going around bragging about who he smashed in Hollywood  when he mentioned Toni Braxton‘s name ( Click  here if you don’t remember)  Well MS Braxton was not feeling it.. Here is what she said allegedly to the National Enquirer(believe at your own risk)

Read Story

MY WORD: I don’t know why Toni is Mad now Shoot if it was me  I would have been   told the Hood.Toni Braxton?  Yasss  I would have been bragging from then  until now

What Drake & Dad tag teaming chicks? Sounds like a lie

Drake & Father Tag Team ATL Stripper

Did  Rapper Drake and his father Dennis Grham has a 3some with a Atlanta Stripper?

I saw this story on Hollywood Street King  and This has to be one of the weirdest Hip Hop story’s ever. I know these rappers love putting they homies on  but they Pops?    I don’t know if I want to believe this one  but here is the video of the Alleged stripper Alanna Kushy. Now No Drake and his father did not have sex with Alanna at the same time but it is said that Drake had Alanna then left her for his pops to indulge. Again judging from the site it’s coming from? I would not believe this one until further proof

Amanda Bynes begging Drake to smash her cooch to Smitherines

Backstage at The Heart Truth's Red Dress Colle...

Backstage at The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week. February 13, 2009 at Bryant Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breaking News

TMZ   Reports0322_drake_bynes_TMZ_twitter_2

If you’ve ever wondered what an Amanda Bynes mating call sounds like … wonder no more — because she is begging Drake to slay her genitals … to put it delicately.

What Amanda said in a tweet last night was … “I want Drake to murder my vagina.”

I want @drake to murder my vagina

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) March 22, 2013

Let that soak in.

Amanda has been exhibiting strange behavior since last year when she was charged in a couple of hit-and-run accidents, had her driver’s license suspended, and fled Hollywood for NYC.

My Word: if i was Drake? I would get on that ASAP  Mandy is one HOT BOX Of Rocks     Can you imagine what it is like to Be Drake right now? 25 years old  Rich and the world at his feet     Get em Drizzy