Be on The Look out ” StakczDaDon#OMFT Live at SOB’s


When I make a call on a certain artist? it’s usually right on point  and I told you about this artist a while back Click here if You Don’t Remember  Here is StakczDaDon live at SOB’s in New York City  performing songs from his latest EP ” The Pre Show”    Go hit up stakcz  @stakczdadon

Kanye Leaving Roc-nation later this year? New Mixtape coming?

kanye west gaze

Everyone has been wondering what to make out of all of Kanye West latest rants, Well according to someone close to the Kanye Camp   “Jay-z is very upset at Kanye and has not spoken to him in over a week”  Kanye has been reportedly working on Brand New Music  he is said to be doing a mix tape that will bring back the essence of hip hop and vintage Kanye West..  The same source said   Ye is going back to  The ASR-10 and drum machine to bring you that hard in the basement hip hop  that the world has been missing.. Another rumor is that he will have a song answering the Illuminati rumors  and the song is said to be possible called  Jesus walks 2   aka  Still walking.  DEVELOPING

Confirmed: 50 cent and Diddy had an altercation that nearly came to blows over a Comment about Floyd Mayweather



50 Cent at the 2009 American Music Awards Red ...


Diddy 13




I swear 50 cent was on one the night of the B.E.T/Hip Hop awards


First he buried the hatchet with Fat Joe so we thought it would be a peaceful night


However inside we hear 2 of the richest most successful  Black businessmen that we have  in the music business  were in each others face  about to come to blows.. According to My man  C  who was in attendance for the awards he also is a good friend of one of the Ciroc Boys  who were rolling with P Diddy that night. According to my source  Diddy and 50 cent were joking  around  and everything was fine but then Diddy made a comment about Floyd Mayweather “leaving” 50  or their bromance being over” and how Floyd punched 50 in the face,  50 did not find that funny   ” You a bitch ass nigga for  that comment’ 50 allegedly said ” you questioning my manhood? why don’t you punch me in the face”?  I was told everyone got real quiet because they did not know whether 50 was kidding or not  because ” they were just getting along”  When Diddy was making comments about 50 doing the same thing Jarule was doing” you can see 50 getting agitated but he brushed it off and came back with his “How does it feel to be Beyonce’? ” comments  referring to Diddy being the lead singer of Dirty Money. I heard Diddy brushed it off and they kept joking but when Diddy came with the Mayweather comments 50 allegedly  got really offended.Eventually Diddy realized where it was going and said  you know what  I got too much money and im much to grown to be out here fighting” Peace!!


They say these are the pictures  from that night  it is from Mediatakeout  so who knows?









Do you think 50 was wrong for overreacting  or was Diddy wrong for the comment





The Official top 10 Greatest rappers ever Dead or alive

Rap Pages probably the most Credible Hip hop magazine ever  has put out the ultimate list. Written by Heaven Clark and  chosen by all the best rappers in the history of the game. This is a real list, the only list you will ever refer to because of the categories it has and what the basis of making it to the top 10 of this list is..> Go from 10 to 1 and then comment on the YouTube channel  and here

Mister Cee Arrested For “Public Lewdness” … With A MAN!!???

dl celebrities dj mister cee mugshot

The rumor mill is spinning outta control about legendary hip-hop DJ/ Hot 97 on air personality DJ Mister Cee being arrested last Wednesday for “Public Lewdness.” And although it is not specified as to what the act is, the allegations are swirling that Cee was in fact busted receiving oral sex from a tranny hooker.

Naturally, Cee is denying it. According to the hip-hop vet- who introduced the world to Big Daddy Kane & Notorious B.I.G. – he was alone in his car when he was detained.“Never was i in a car with anyone when i was detained.. The facts will come out and show what is being reported is totally untrue,” said Cee via his twitter account.

We gonna see …

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.


Bahamadia (Antonia Reed) is a Philadelphia-born hip hop artist born in 1970, and a DJ who later became an MC. As a member of Gang Starr Foundation, she released her critically-acclaimed debut album entitled Kollage in 1996. The album featured production by Guru and DJ Premier of Gang Starr. Kollage was followed in 2001 by BB Queen, an EP release.

Bahamadia is a respected lyricist in hip hop and is known for her silky, subdued monotone delivery. She has expressed a positive attitude toward globalism as an emerging trend in hip hop. For example, in a 2003 collaboration with little-known group the Sisters of the Underground on a track entitled “Global”, she performs lyrics in the chorus which acknowledge Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Thailand, among other countries, for fostering vibrant hip hop communities, and Japan in particular for the dedication of her Japanese fans. She has recorded a number of bootlegs exclusively released in Japan.

Her reputation in North America has been enhanced by a number of highly regarded guest appearances on tracks by artists including Talib Kweli, The Roots, Jedi Mind Tricks and Planet Asia, and through her association with the Philadelphia hip hop collective Army of the Pharaohs.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.


Nonchalant (born Tanya Pointer) was female MC, and songwriter from Washington, D.C., signed to MCA Records.

Nonchalant is best known for her hit single “5 O’clock”, which peaked at #24 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was eventually certified gold by the RIAA, for sales of over 500,000 copies. It peaked at #44 in the UK Singles Chart in June 1996. Her debut album, Until the Day was released on March 26, 1996, and while it received positive reviews, it failed to match the success of its lead single, reaching #94 on the US Billboard 200. After her album ran its course, Nonchalant appeared on the song “Keep on Pushin'” from the Dangerous Minds soundtrack alongside fellow female rappers MC Lyte Yo-Yo and Bahamadia. She released a single entitled “Take It There” in 1998, but after it failed to catch on, she was dropped from MCA. Her last appearance was on the Half Baked soundtrack on the song entitled “Flyin'”.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti.

Shot: Rapper Wyclef Jean canvassing for support in August last year in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The singer was disqualified for running for president but is supporting fellow musician Michel Martelly


Wyclef Jean has been shot in the hand in his native Haiti on the eve of presidential elections on the Caribbean island. The singer has been released from hospital after the shooting just after 11pm local time on Saturday in the city of Delmas, just outside the capital Port-au-Prince, the star’s spokesman said. Details of the shooting remain unclear, but Jean, who lives in the US, is a high profile supporter of presidential candidate and fellow musician Michel Martelly.

The American-Haitian singer’s own bid for president ended with an August disqualification. Haiti’s voters are due to go to the ballot box later today to pick a president to lead their country where anger with the government runs deep and nearly a million people are living on the streets.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.