What The Game Done Did? Interview Could Land Him In Jail?

The Game’s Recent Radio Appearance Could Land Him In Jail

Sometimes you just gotta hush your mouth 

After his beef with Young Thug reared its ugly head once again, things got a bit more serious when The Game issued threats to an NYC DJ during his interview with the Breakfast Club. Game threatened to “break [DJ Star’s] jaw when [I] see him” and now faces potential arrest the next time he touches down in New York City.

Apparently, after Star heard the threat on the radio show, he contacted the NYPD according to Page Six. It’s unclear what Game would officially be charged with, but I’m pretty sure he’s not eager to find out.

The Game’s Documentary 2 album drops next week.

My Word: Who is this snitching? Dj Star? That can’t be the infamous Star  From Star and Bucwild could it? Nahh  not snitching  could it?

DeSean Jackson tries to bag Rihanna and gets curved





You can’t blame a guy for trying. Washington Redskins newly signed WR DeSean Jackson I guess is feeling mighty confident these days. The other night he was hanging out with rapper “Game” (bad sign) when Rih Rih puled up, seemed like Rih was laughing because DeSean was dressed like a pirate almost . He knocked on Rihanna’s car window she rolled it half way down for a half a minute  then pulled off. Seems like Desean tried to  passed her  his number but Rihanna sped off





MY WORD  I aint mad at Desean  except next time  maybe regular clothes  and not trying to act hard when he was just on national Tv saying ” that’s not the way he acts”  could help

Hot Tea Wednesday: Khloe cheating with Game?Keyshia disses Beyonce Rihanna busted with drugs?

khloe kardashian maybe cheating on lamar odom with the game

Hot Tea for the 20th day of March   As we go all around the celebrity  world and dish all the TruthsKhloe Kardashian accused of  cheating on Lamar Odom with The Game?   Game later denied it and Im sorry  doesn’t sound like Khloe but this wouldn’t be the first time The Game smashed one of his home boys wifey’s ( see Matt Barnes)   Read this story here

Rihanna’s tour buses were stopped at the Border that separates Detroit and Windsor  Canada and authorities said that they smelled Marijuana coming from the bus. They them got out the sniff dogs and they found Weed on the bus. NO RIHANNA WAS NOT on any of the buses



So Bobby Brown has to turn himself into jail  after 3  DUI’s  but Lindsay Lohan has YET to see any jail time  Cough Race card   cough cough
Ap.9 Celebrates Coco’s Birthday   Seems like  Rapper Ap.9 is a little sore that Coco Stayed with her husband Ice-T    People had been whispering that Ap.9 was kinda falling  for Coco  and people around the Vegas scene co signed and said “they sure did not just seem like a one night stand  they seemed very into each other”   read Story Here
R Kelly has lost his Chicago Mansion to Foreclosure        God I sure hope R Kelly isn’t do that bad with all the money he has generated and pocketed… They say he lost his Mansion  that he spent 3.5 million dollars on  for only $925.000 Read The Story Here

Lil Wayne has been warned to stay away from Sizzurp and Mollie, it is said to be those 2 drugs combined that has been throwing him into multiple seizures..   Wayne better fall back Potna
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in 2011
Selena Gomez brags about  making Justin Bieber cry   .. Selena appeared on David Letterman and basically played The Biebs in front of the entire world
The Justin Bieber fans did not take to well  to the diss
Keyshia Cole did not love the new Beyonce song and she let it be known   Read Tweets Here

Game & Chad Ochocinco get at each other on Twitter

I guess Twitter fights is the new slap boxing. I still have trouble believing this is real but Game and Ochocinco was going at it on Twitter. I still don’t know where this stems from  but if you didn’t know any better you would think this is real. I have a hard time believing it is Continue reading

Does America show Racism towards Serena Williams? yet something else of Serena’s band

OK I can sit here and watch Kim Kardashian have a sexy commercial for sketchers right in the middle of the Superbowl and I can watch M&M’s talking about having  giant things shoved inside of them yet and still every time Serena Williams tries to do anything to show she is still “getting her sexy on” either the W.T.A  or in this case 2k sports  has deemed her commercial for her new video game “too sexy for tv”   I have seen  soo much worse. You have to start wondering is it White America hating  on Serena? Why can networks like MTV have girls kissing girls and  other athletes like Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova  be able to do commercials and photo shoots in lingerie?  I think there is a tad bit racism and jealousy involved .. Here is the commercial it really isn’t that bad in my mind

Coupled up Ciara and Lebron?


More like creeping up. If they are out together it has to be creeping because Lebron has been with his Baby Mother Savannah for the longest and Ciara has been rumored to be dating Another ball player but. I know Carlton Jordan and he is probably the most accurate out of all the blog sites and this is how he is reporting it



If this is true all i can say to King James is….   what a upgrade  wow

BET’s Top 10 Rappers Of The 21st Century.

After much debate & deliberating  BET released it’s list of The” Top 10 Rappers of The 21st Century.” Comprised of Rappers who have made their debut on the music scene as of 1999, the “Supreme Court” deciding panel consisted of: Jermaine Dupri (Producer – ATL); Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (AllHipHop.com); Boy 1da (Producer); DJ Diamond Kuts (Power 99 FM – Philadelphia); DJ Greg Street (V103 – ATL); Tony Neal (CEO, Core DJs);  DJ Timbuck2 (107.5 WGCI – Chicago); Chloe Hilliard (Managing Editor/Social Media Manager, Vibe Magazine – NYC); and DJ Vlad (VladTV.com – NYC).

Personally, I’m wondering why Game, Fabolous, Nelly weren’t included. Not too mention not a female MC on the list, i.e. Eve. At any rate, here is the list:

1)  Eminem
2)  Lil’ Wayne
3)  Kanye West
4)  50 Cent
5)  T.I.
6)  Ludacris
7)  Drake
8)  Young Jeezy
9)  Jadakiss
10) Rick Ross

And might I add that Drake has ONLY been around for all of 30 Seconds, therefore making him undeserving to be on this list, but …

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Game Confirms He’s Still Alive & Well!

Rumor had it that rapper Game was shot and killed at an altercation which popped off at the Beverly Center in LA last night.  “All these rumors that I’ve been shot are phony just like half the rappers in the game,” Game told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive statement. “I’m still here, promoting my R.E.D. Album, so when it drops, go get it or else you might end up dead like me (laughs).”

His latest project is due to be released August 24.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Absolutely Perfect!!! Dallas Braden Throws Major league Baseball’s 19th Perfect Game

Hey A Rod!! Do you know who Dallas Braden is now? Hey New York fans is Dallas Braden worthy of saying anything to the great A Rod now?

Dallas Braden yesterday Tossed only the 19th Perfect Game in Major League Baseball history by beating the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 4-0 in front of their home crowd on mother’s day .  Braden who loss his mother while he was a senior in high school  was  raised after that by his Grandmother. At times him and his grandma had to live in Hotels to make ends meat. His grandma was in the ballpark yesterday when “her Son’ threw the perfect game. ” You can tell Tom Hanks he was wrong there is Crying in baseball” Braden said at the press conference

MY WORD   Doesn’t get any better then that (tears)