RAP Video Of The Day 50 cent ‘Hold On’ 5o is back!!!!



When 50 cent dropped the Hip Hop classic Get Rich Or Die Trying in 2003  it was playing out of every single car,Walkman,iPod and computer everywhere. When he dropped his next CD Massacre  the craze continued. Not since then have we seen a reaction to a 50 cent song that I am seeing and hearing after his latest joint ” Hold “. 50 basically takes it back to the essence of 50 cent  I’m tougher than you  I’m realer than you  I’m harder than you  and what you gonna do about it?  50 tells the story of what he used to do and how he came up from nothing. It’ gives you that late 90’s early 2000 feel as 50 just drops a hard beat  no gimmicks a few chicks  but mostly a video full of his hitters looking like  if you step within 50 feet of  their big homie  you are getting aired out.    50 is back  and hopefully New York is on its way

Confirmed: 50 cent and Diddy had an altercation that nearly came to blows over a Comment about Floyd Mayweather



50 Cent at the 2009 American Music Awards Red ...


Diddy 13




I swear 50 cent was on one the night of the B.E.T/Hip Hop awards


First he buried the hatchet with Fat Joe so we thought it would be a peaceful night


However inside we hear 2 of the richest most successful  Black businessmen that we have  in the music business  were in each others face  about to come to blows.. According to My man  C  who was in attendance for the awards he also is a good friend of one of the Ciroc Boys  who were rolling with P Diddy that night. According to my source  Diddy and 50 cent were joking  around  and everything was fine but then Diddy made a comment about Floyd Mayweather “leaving” 50  or their bromance being over” and how Floyd punched 50 in the face,  50 did not find that funny   ” You a bitch ass nigga for  that comment’ 50 allegedly said ” you questioning my manhood? why don’t you punch me in the face”?  I was told everyone got real quiet because they did not know whether 50 was kidding or not  because ” they were just getting along”  When Diddy was making comments about 50 doing the same thing Jarule was doing” you can see 50 getting agitated but he brushed it off and came back with his “How does it feel to be Beyonce’? ” comments  referring to Diddy being the lead singer of Dirty Money. I heard Diddy brushed it off and they kept joking but when Diddy came with the Mayweather comments 50 allegedly  got really offended.Eventually Diddy realized where it was going and said  you know what  I got too much money and im much to grown to be out here fighting” Peace!!


They say these are the pictures  from that night  it is from Mediatakeout  so who knows?









Do you think 50 was wrong for overreacting  or was Diddy wrong for the comment





Full video Gunplay gets jumped by 50 cent and G unit

Gunplay MMG



You knew more footage was out there  well here it is. As You know Gunplay has been going around  radio stations and Blogsites claiming that 50 cent and his crew jumped him and he was trying to get to 50 but  he was hiding behind his security, well this footage shows a little something different. You be the judge

From what I hear Gunplay was talking reckless all night  and months leading up to the awards show. 50 went walking towards his trailer and saw the opportunity to get back at him  and that is what he did. You can hear Tony Yayo screaming Yeah N…a  Yeah N…a  and it was Yayo who allegedly snatched Gunplay’s MMG chain

Exclusive: Gunplay says 50 cent laid grown man hands on him and his chain got taken


Here is more. Gunplay the member of M.M.G that got jumped by G unit members have now said  that it was not Yayo or Banks it was actually 50 and his security  that jumped him. Gunplay called up The Breakfast Club in New York and set the record straight  and said “if it was Miami  50,jeezy and  the rest would have been laid out”


I give him props for being 100 but damn Gunplay come on dog you need your people  with you  you know how dudes get down these days



Rick Ross and Jeezy gets dissed at the Hip Hop awards show Black people blamed

Rick Ross

We have seen this before and it seems like  it will never end. Rick Ross& Young Jeezy got into an altercation inside the awards  meanwhile G Unit and Gunplay got into outside the awards   SMH

English: Young Jeezy performing in July 2005.

IRS Rolled Up In Young Buck’s House For 300k Tax Debt.

According to Young Buck’s rep, IRS agents rolled up to the platinum-selling rapper’s house in Nashville this morning to go on a repossession rampage over the alleged tax debt, seizing assets like recording equipment, jewelry, furniture, his platinum wall plaques … and even his kids’ PlayStation. WHOA! The rep tells us, the feds in question were packing heat – in the form of a shotgun – and warned Buck not to interfere with the raid.

As for how he fell so far behind in debt, the former G-Unit member tells us, “This IRS situation came about because I trusted accountants, lawyers, and managers to handle my business for me while I focused on making music. From now on, I am going to stay on top of my own business.”

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Lloyd Banks Allegedly Assaults Promoter.

Word on the Blok is Rapper Lloyd Banks and three associates were arrested in Ontario, Canada this weekend for assaulting a promoter. Damn. Banks, aka Christopher Charles Lloyd & the three other men were arrested for allegedly assaulting promoter Chris Hines of Chris Hines/Ultimate Entertainment. The G-Unit rapper was allegedly booked at Club N.V. in Ontario, Canada to perform select cuts from his catalog. Banks was allegedly late to the venue and only performed one song and walked off the stage, further inciting an already agitated crowd. According to reports, Banks and the three other men assaulted Hines in a hotel room near Kitchener, when Hines reportedly refused to pay Banks for the performance. Wurd!? Hines was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated and released for multiple contusions and head trauma. Ouch. As of yesterday Banks, Shaun McGee, Tyrell Cooper and Nicholas Sloan are in custody in Kitchener’s District 1 police station. They will be charged with assault, robbery and forced confinement.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Beanie Sigel’s Serious Car Wreck.

After leaving a recording session, former Rocafella artist Beanie Sigel was in a car wreck in Baltimore this past Saturday. Sources say Beans was in the passenger seat of the car when it was sideswiped by a tractor trailer which also ran him & the driver off the road. Beans is said to have suffered injuries to his face, legs, and arms, but he’s okay. He refused medical attention, and traveled on to Norfolk Virginia where he was scheduled to perform on Sunday.

-“The BklynBandette”. Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant!

KRS-One Co-Signs Jay-Z/50 Cent Battle!

“The two people that should be battling are Jay-Z and 50 Cent…I think it would be great for Hip-Hop.”


Who knows battles better than KRS-One? KRS-One burst on the scene in the 80’s after being initially scorched by the Juice Crew’s leaders the late Mr. Magic and DJ Marley Marl. After that, he set it off on the crew with Boogie Down Productions in what would be one of the most storied battles ever. Those were the days!

But now, today, it seems as though the two mega entities about to go HardBody are Jay-Z & 50 Cent!  50 Cent has been calling out Jay-Z in a number of songs and interviews in an attempted to lure his fellow Hip-Hop mogul into a lyrical championship bout. For the most part Jay has been ignoring dudes.

On Beanie Sigel’s “I Go Off,” 50 Cent says, “Yeah, you changed, man. You let the money change you, Jay. You used to be from Marcy, [Brooklyn] n***a. Now you a pass the Grey Poupon a** n***a. You don’t want the shooter? I’ll take him. [laughs] N*gga, feed the wolves or else the wolves feed off you. Eat your a** alive! I live by a combat’s creed. Strategy. Your move, n***a.” Ouch!

Like I said, Jay has yet to respond. But it seems as though KRS-One, a man whose insights seem to know no bounds, is all for it!  Furthermore, KRS theorizes how it all could make dollars and sense for the two moguls.

“The Teacher” may be on to something. At any rate I’d pay money to see it go down!


-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.