Confirmed: 50 cent and Diddy had an altercation that nearly came to blows over a Comment about Floyd Mayweather



50 Cent at the 2009 American Music Awards Red ...


Diddy 13




I swear 50 cent was on one the night of the B.E.T/Hip Hop awards


First he buried the hatchet with Fat Joe so we thought it would be a peaceful night


However inside we hear 2 of the richest most successful  Black businessmen that we have  in the music business  were in each others face  about to come to blows.. According to My man  C  who was in attendance for the awards he also is a good friend of one of the Ciroc Boys  who were rolling with P Diddy that night. According to my source  Diddy and 50 cent were joking  around  and everything was fine but then Diddy made a comment about Floyd Mayweather “leaving” 50  or their bromance being over” and how Floyd punched 50 in the face,  50 did not find that funny   ” You a bitch ass nigga for  that comment’ 50 allegedly said ” you questioning my manhood? why don’t you punch me in the face”?  I was told everyone got real quiet because they did not know whether 50 was kidding or not  because ” they were just getting along”  When Diddy was making comments about 50 doing the same thing Jarule was doing” you can see 50 getting agitated but he brushed it off and came back with his “How does it feel to be Beyonce’? ” comments  referring to Diddy being the lead singer of Dirty Money. I heard Diddy brushed it off and they kept joking but when Diddy came with the Mayweather comments 50 allegedly  got really offended.Eventually Diddy realized where it was going and said  you know what  I got too much money and im much to grown to be out here fighting” Peace!!


They say these are the pictures  from that night  it is from Mediatakeout  so who knows?









Do you think 50 was wrong for overreacting  or was Diddy wrong for the comment





DJ Christion’s B’Day Celebration In Miami.

Last week Hennessy sponsored DJ Christion‘s star-studded birthday bash at Skye nightclub in Tampa, Fl.  Celebrities in attendance included Cam’ron, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, DJ Drama, Ace Hood and Cool from Cool & Dre.  Fat Joe performed his new single “If it ain’t about the money” from his LATEST CD Darkside, and DJ Khaled took the stage and performed “All I do is win”. Check out the pics & witness how it went down in Miami.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Gina Torres,

Bivens’ Photography.

Fat Joe Cleared Of Sexual Assault Claims.


Good News: word is that Fat Joe has been cleared of sexual assault allegations. The Madison, Wisconsin police have closed the investigation concerning sexual assault claims involving Joe & his entourage. According to reports, a woman made a claim that Joe & his peeps groped her inside him limo as they left a venue, heading to a hotel. Other reports claim that Ol’ Girl was with it, but once she realized there would be no exchange of funds she cried sexual assault. According to Joe’s attorney, HE is the real victim in this sordid tale.

“Making a false claim of a sexual nature in order to extort money is one of the most horrific accusations because it not only tarnishes reputations but has the potential to destroy families,” Fat Joe’s lawyer Dawn Florio Esq. said in a statement. “Mr. Cartagena wholeheartedly thanks his family, friends, and fans for their continued support, loyalty, and words of encouragement throughout this ordeal.”

Congrats Joe! now stay outta trouble & bring us some NEW music.

-“The BklynBandette.” Mr. Hollywood’s Co-Defendant.

Uh-Oh Joe Joey Crack In a Little bit of trouble

Fat Joe and his wife Lorena Cartagena

Fat Joe was detained last night for ALLEGEDLY feeling up a woman  on the way from a concert. Now the details are said to be a little SUS (does the Omarion touch dance ) SUS  doom doom doom SUS doom doom doom SUS doom doom doom SUS doom doom doom  Turn the lights on!!

Oh sorry Anyway here are the SUS details according to NBC News

According to NBC reports, an undisclosed female filed a report with the Madison Police Department. She claimed that Fat Joe and his entourage touched her inappropriately while they were on their way to the hotel at 1:00 in the morning.

Hmmm wonder where she thought they were going to do? A round of shuffleboard? scrabble?

Incident Type:
Sexual Assault

Incident Date:
06/21/2010 – 12:46 AM

400 Block North Lake Street

Ongoing Investigation


33-year-old female of Madison

At approximately 12:46 AM, Madison Police were dispatched to the 400 block of N. Lake Street reference allegations of a sexual assault.

After police arrived on scene, allegations by a 33-year-old female involved the entourage of Joseph Cartagena (AKA “Fat Joe”), after a hip hop concert at the Orpheum Theater on 6/20/2010.

The concert started at 7pm at The Orpheum Theater (located at 216 State Street), and shortly after the concert had concluded, a 33-year-old female found herself inside of a Cadillac Limousine with Joseph Cartagena and other male subjects all with the destination of a hotel located on Madison’s west side.

There were allegations of inappropriate touching involving the female, and after some time had elapsed, the female reported this matter to Madison Police.

This investigation is ongoing.

Details are continuing to be developed in this matter.

Cartagena was questioned along with others in his entourage.

SMH…  Joey what will your wife say?

Oh and ladies usually if you’re headed to a hotel with a rapper there is a 99% chance somebody is about to get touched! NEWSFLASH