SEXclusive Porn Star/Escort Puts Chris Brown Penis On Blast


I have been watching this timeline since last night. Kagney Linn Karter is claiming that Chris Brown was a client of hers and he became controlling and tried to bully on  the internet. To prove it  she has allegedly put a picture of a penis  on her timeline that she says belongs to Chris Brown

She is going off on Chris Brown too   check out her timeline @kagneytweets

Exclusive Meagan Good Releases Statement About Nude Pics Were They Her?

The Internet is still buzzing after seeing nude selfies of Meagan Good yesterday, as she was the latest to get hit by the celebrity hacker.  The big question everyone wanted to know  is where they real or photoshopped? Meagan put out a statement today answering that question Continue reading

Kendall Jenner exposes Breast wow

Check out Kendall Jenner just a few days after she turned 18   She is looking more and more Like her big sister Kim

Here is a pic compliments of Perez Hilton  of Kendall’s bootie behind the scenes


MY WORD:  I believe Kendall will pose for Playboy before she turns 19 years old and get one of the biggest pay days in Playboy history


Ok Heaven Hollywood exposes Blogger Jacky Jasper and threatens to do more

Heavenhollywood  is at it again. He is letting lose on some unfortunate soul and this time  it is former artist turned Blogger Jacky Jasper.  Jasper is said to own http://www.diaryofahollywoodstreetking.. Turns out he does not own   this website at all, The site is own  by  a man name  Darrick Angelone  he is  the lover and business partner of Jacky Jasper aka  Greg Comeau.. Angelone is a two-bit  nobody loser who is originally from Florida ,He  came here to run a series of capers with Jasper  which included  theft, child pornography,  money laundering and a host of other things.. Sometimes in this small thing called a world when you do enough dirt in enough places you will eventually run into someone who you have done dirty or committed a crime against who just could be a friend or relative of a industry writer/blogger that  can pretty much go where he pleases at any given time or day, Follow me? If not  when I blast off my show  you will fully understand.. Until then  just check out  my video and I will send my warning shots.. MY G u better keep it cute



Revealed:The steamy photos that exposed Kristen Stewart


Sometimes even trash mags like The National Enquirer The Star and um The Sun luck up and actually run into a REAL story, I mean the odds are if you have paps posted out on every damn corner of the world 24 hours a day that one day your going to actually have a legit and sometimes damaging story falls in your lap  and that is what happen with Kristen Stewart. As we know a week ago Kristen admitted to the world that she had cheated on her  co-star boyfriend Robert Pattinson whom she had been dating since the 2 met on the set of Twilight in 2008. Here are the steamy revealing pics that made Kristen feel like” well i don’t want him to find out like this and these f****ng paps  got me dead to rights”

Steamy Pics

Oh Well I got to admit it, I love when Hollywood couples break up well except the ones I like  such as Kim and Kanye, but that goes to show anytime those couples that meet on the set of films especially the young ones such as Kristen and just because they have steamy love scenes in the film they get all emotional and start thinking they really love that person. I can see if your already in the prime of your life like Angelina and Brad were but these 2 were youngins and she went to the old head for that SATISFACTION  I ain’t mad at her


Exclusive The year of the Jumpoff continues now Ja’Rules side piece Airs him out on Twitter then mentions Drake too

We had  Shaq’s sidepiece,Tiger’s jumpoff’s The Basketball wives,Sandra Bullock’s ex husband and the list goes on and on. Of course 2010 will be remembered as the year of the Bootleg Superhead Kat Stacks. Now on Twitter Ja’Rule’s alledged Jumpoff put him on blast yesterday morning

Check out what @missbellared had to say about Ja’Rule and his wife

I kept everything on the Low for years but his Fat ass wife fucked that up yesterday!! Smh Bitch I will see you in NY #BeleiveDat :)) about 14 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry

Relationship I remember he told me he wishes he wasn’t married anymore, She is old News!! about 14 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I’m not @Ruleyork‘s Jumpoff I was his Bitch for two years!! Even thow I know he had other Bitches he told me he was fucking with!! about 14 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

We used to cruise the streets of NY he even used to tell his fans that seen us together that he was married and I was his wife!!

I don’t care what anyone says I know what’s up my bitches know what’s up, Remember the nights we spent together in Manhattan Boo @Ruleyork


But there is more she then went on to notion that Drake and her were also involved in some 3some action sex

Im talking to my girl @RuthSydney she just told me that she just spoke to @Drakkardnoir and told him that i aired out what happened between

The 3 of us and these were his exact words Wtf ,Im just gonna Deny it>> #Typical Lying ass Nigga!! LMFAO @Drakkardnoir Shame on you 😉 about 6 hours ago via web

wowww then i heard she had done a interview with Lil Mo (and we know mo has no love lost for Rule) and she airing it all out between 2-6pm Wed  Of course Ja’rule is responding back via twitter saying that she is lying, he would never touch her blablabla but we all know Rule was dating and fuckin Superhead for years so we know Ja isn’t faithful. Wow we will have more details another Kat Stacks? at least she can talk and look goood. Kat Stacks is tore up and fukks z list rappers

Here is some more from who broke the story

JaRule you are in trouble friend  I already have people confirming that it’s true  lmao pack your bags bud

Derek Jeter named SportsMan oof The Year

Derek Jeter yesterday was named “Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman Of the Year”. Ironically this was not only Derek Jeter’s first time winning this award, but this was any Yankee’s first time winning this award. Jeter is well deserving of this award because it is kind of a thank you to Derek for being everything a Role Model  should be especially in New York. Derek jeter has been a New York yankee since the age of 18 when he was first drafted as a  New York Yankee.In the era of Steroids,Thug Athletes, and celebrity Rape and Sex Tapes ,Jeter who has been one of the most sort aftered bachelors since he stepped foot in Yankee stadium has maintained a nearly perfect reputation in the biggest spotlight in the united states especially in sports New York City. He has now 5 world titles and has continuously displayed professionalism,leadership and class on and off the field. So when we hear the stories about Athletes cheating on their wives,being accused of rape, nightclub fights and drug and possession charges and we tend to say ” well their athletes they are in danger all the time” Why hasn’t Derek Jeter one of the most sort aftered bachelors and one of the most popular athletes in sports playing on the biggest stage in sports gotten into any trouble? Exactly!! Derek Congratulations and even though I am a met fan Thank you for being a Role Model that not only children can look up too but grown men and women can all respect