Did Gabrielle Union Expose Beyonce’s true age?

So I was doing some research on the Gabrielle Union story and by mistake  I came across this old interview with Gabby. In the Interview Gabby ( who at the time  was 36 ) made this statement ” Bey and I have been friends  since we were teenagers”  hmm  At this time  she was 9 years older  than Beyoncé ..   Here is the story judge for yourself. There was also some dude on GMA who said he went to high school with Beyoncé and he is 35 ..  WE report you decide  Click Here


MY WORD: Remember in the legendary Jackson Five movie when Barry Gordy told Michael to lie about his age because you appeal more to a younger  crowd  .. I also heard  long time ago she was older  and I always thought she was the same age as the lead singer of Allure. hmm Isn’t she around 35?  Just Saying      Embrace your age Bey

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Breaking News: Gunshots Fired During Jennifer Lopez Inerview


Got some breaking news. In Ft Lauderdale Florida Entertainment Tonight was doing an interview with Jennifer Lopez when gunshots sprung out  during the interview .. It has not yet been decided where the gunshots came from  but J-Lo was whisked away Immediately and was not hurt



Co-Host of E.T tweeted about the incident

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