Mister Cee Arrested For “Public Lewdness” … With A MAN!!???

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The rumor mill is spinning outta control about legendary hip-hop DJ/ Hot 97 on air personality DJ Mister Cee being arrested last Wednesday for “Public Lewdness.” And although it is not specified as to what the act is, the allegations are swirling that Cee was in fact busted receiving oral sex from a tranny hooker.

Naturally, Cee is denying it. According to the hip-hop vet- who introduced the world to Big Daddy Kane & Notorious B.I.G. – he was alone in his car when he was detained.“Never was i in a car with anyone when i was detained.. The facts will come out and show what is being reported is totally untrue,” said Cee via his twitter account.

We gonna see …

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DJ Megatron Shot & Killed In Staten Island.

DJ Megatron

DJ Megatron, born Corey McGriff, was found dead in the New York City borough of Staten Island Sunday morning.

The 32-year-old BET host and radio personality was reportedly killed while walking to the store near his home in Staten Island. Police say it was a gunshot wound to the chest, and no arrests have been made yet.

McGriff hosted BET’s “What’s Good” segment on 106 & Park, and was also a notable on hip-hop and R&B radio stations in New York and Boston. He’s also appeared in the movie State Property 2 in 2005.

His manager Regg Rocc released this statement to E! News: “Mega’s family is grateful for all of the condolences and warm thoughts of his fans and friends. Please continue to uplift your prayers of support as an ongoing investigation is currently being conducted by law enforcement officials.”

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Madonna’s Boy Toy Gets Splashed In The Grill & Cries.

Jesus Luz had a bad night in Rio on Sunday. Madonna‘s boy toy was deejaying at a party for the best samba schools that participated in Carnival when a guest came up and threw beer in his face, saying, “Get out of here, I don’t wanna see your face here anymore!” As reported by iG Gente magazine, Luz “went to a corner and started to cry.” He only finished the gig when four bodyguards were assigned to flank him. But Luz might have the last laugh — he just signed with Warner Music, Madge’s label, and will release his first record in April. smh.

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Lindsay Lohan Surprised By “Lesbian Allure”

One day after she opened up about her drug-filled past, Lindsay Lohan is discussing her troubled relationship with gal pal Samantha Ronson.

“I never really thought about women before, it kind of just happened with Samantha,” the troubled starlet told the U.K.’s The Sun. “It surprised me.”

She added, “If I wasn’t with Samantha, I would probably be with a boy next. She’s the only woman I’ve been attracted to.”

Though the couple’s year-and-a-half long relationship ended last April with plenty of public tear-filled fights, Lohan still says she has “love” for her ex.

“We might reconcile the relationship, maybe. I don’t know,” admitted Lohan, who noted that the pair still regularly sees other because they live in the same Los Angeles apartment building.

Lohan, who describes their love as “passionate,” points her finger at Ronson’s family and friends for being the root of their failed relationship’s problems.

“Her family is very involved in her relationships and that was difficult,” LiLo said. “All the fighting stuff was just because all her friends had got involved and made me an outcast, which wasn’t fair to Samantha. I think it was a jealousy thing in terms of her becoming more famous than the rest of them.”

The 23-year-old actress continues to question whether or not she and Ronson will rekindle their romance now that she claims the celebrity DJ has “changed.”

“I’ve never had a relationship as public as that, especially being with a girl for the first time,” she said of Ronson, 31. That was really scary for me. But I didn’t care because I love her.”

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D.J KAYSLAY Album release party Shut down by 5-0


While I’m out here in South Beach finishing up coverage of the Bowl and the Events that surround it, I sent one of my Blok Tv Street scoopers  to Y.O baby to check out the Album Release Party for the One and ONly D.J Kay-SlaY. My scooper got there about 1230am she said it was about 30 minutes or so before The Drama KIng himself walked in. The party seemed to be popping she saw sheek and styles in the building but just as The drama king walked in here comes the drama. Less than a Hour later the Police shows up in the club and decides they are gonna search the spot. They bust in the spot seemed like at least 35-45 police officers and they are frisking and checking EVERYONE in the club  WTF. There was no fighting,no problems and all of  a sudden the PIGS shut it down. I guess Black Folks having a good time was enough for the cops   SMH oh well  Kay Slay cd “More Then Just  Dj” will be in stores Feb 09   Go get Em Kay