2010 B.E.T awards The best show ever. Chris Brown shuts it down

I have been watching the B.E.T awards probably before some of you were even alive and i have seen every one of them and this is by far to me the best one yet. A year to date of the shocking death of Michael Jackson and probably the worse B.E.T awards show   ever  this just may have been the best. Hosted By Queen Latifah and Big Tigger formally of 106 and park.  The show had its surprises it’s surprises and surprisingly not many flaws. Noticable right away No Jay-z and No Beyoncé, so we knew one thing  there would probably be Chris Brown.  All of 2009-2010 heavy hitters with the exception of Jay Rhi and Bey were present.  This years show flowed along beautifully, a lot more performances and much better performances. The most emotional moment of the night by far came when Jermaine Jackson  came on stage to thank everyone for all their love and support over this past year” then Jackson said ‘there is one tribute that hasn’t been seen yet and we are gonna see it tonight”  please welcome  him”   The curtain was down and appeared behind the curtain  was none other than Chris Brown. Chris started off with a rendition of “The way you make me feel”  then broke into the dance part of ” remember the time”he then  went into an unbelievable performance of Billy Jean  both the Motown 25 version and of course the concert version. Chris Brown was  so amazing in his performances that at least for 2-3 minutes you forgot M.J was dead  and for that i give Chris respect. However the highlight of the performance is when Brown went to sing his rendition of Man in the Mirror one of Jackson’s most personal and emotional songs. After letting it sit in where he really was Chris Brown broke into tears as his verse was supposed to start. Brown tried to work his way through it but the tears kept coming and he had to ask for the crowd help with hand gestures but they were also crying and were not much help. Chris Brown did what no one else had been able to do  he made u forget if only for a minute that the king of pop was gone and for that Chris I  Thank you